Congratulations to the Duchess of Cambridge!

Kensington Palace has announced that the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby girl - congratulations to the royal couple!

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Why can't I be sterilised at 29?

Holly Brockwell has made a controversial decision. She is adamant that she will never have children, and can't understand why at the age of 29, she can't have a procedure to be sterilised and remove the option forever.

Doctors have told her that people can change their minds, but for Holly she thinks the decision should be hers to make. She's joined by Dr Dawn, who will give us her medical insight on the issue.

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Nigel Farage takes your questions

Are you a stay at home mum and want to know what he'll do for you? Maybe you want to know what UKIP's policies on immigration really are and how they affect you? Perhaps you want to know about how he would change education if they led the country? Or do you want to know if he's right to scrap university fees for some courses, but not others?

He's here to answer your questions.

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Why Nigel Farage wants your vote

I'm feeling confident

– Nigel Farage on how he's feeling after losing seats

The General Election is less than a week away now, and love him or hate him, there's no denying Britain's most controversial politician Nigel Farage has spiced up the campaign. He joins us today to answer your questions and tell us why he wants your vote.

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Suffering from depression? You're not on your own

Today said: if you've got a problem, you're not on your own - talk about it

– Phillip Schofield

Lil' Chris' sister Hannah bravely talked about her beloved brother on today's show, and then stayed to hear our phone-in about depression and mental health.

And while a lot of people shared their issues with us, help wasn't just at hand from Denise Robertson and Hannah - online, viewers started helping each other. That's today's #BestBits.

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