First date dinner... who should pay?

Lady Lara Asprey runs exclusive dating agency Sloane Arranger, where she matchmakes the creme de la creme of British society.

She'll be joining us on Wednesday to give us a glimpse into the dating world of the rich and famous as well as to give us tips on what to do make sure you leave a food impression on your first date.

But what about the oldest question in the dating book: Should a man pay for dinner on the first date? Take part in our poll below before 10am on Wednesday 5 August.

Cilla's first married couple

I was very nervous, but she totally made it look easy. She was very welcoming and lovely, she was the same to everyone.

– Sue Tatham remembers Cilla Black

Sue and Alex Tatham met 27 years ago on Cilla Black's Blind Date and were the first couple to wed from the dating show. Cilla and her husband Bobby attended their wedding in 1991 as guests of honour. The whole ceremony was filmed for a special edition of the programme and police had to erect crash barriers to cope with the 3,000 well-wishers who turned up!

Jenni Falconer was also a contestant on the show 20 years ago, before she started her career on TV. She also interviewed Cilla on the red carpet before she collected her BAFTA in 2014. The three of them join us to talk about their memories of Cilla.

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Eric cycling 3,000 miles to save his marriage

I'm doing something big to prove to her

– Eric on how he cycled to win back the heart of his wife Angie

Originally weighing in at 560 lbs (40 stone), Eric Hites created a blog called Fat Guy Across America to share his journey of losing weight and winning back his wife Angie, by deciding to ride his bike across the United States to prove to her that he can change.

Partially inspired to embark on the adventure by the Proclaimers song, I''m Gonna Be (500 miles), Eric will be riding much more than that as the distance from coast to coast is approximately 3,000 miles (4,800km).

Eric joins us via a studio in Rhode Island while his wife Angie joins us on the phone from their home in Indiana.

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Local gridlock caused by Calais choas

Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday warned the UK would not become a "safe haven" for migrants amid the worsening crisis at Calais. His comments came following reports that more than 3,500 attempts have been made to get into the Channel Tunnel terminal.

The situation has also had a ripple effect on the economy and local residents in Kent, with lorries unable to cross the channel leading to gridlock on the M20. This morning we're joined by investigative reporter Mark Williams-Thomas live from Calais and mum Vanessa Challess live from her home in from Kent, who fears she may give birth on the roadside due to local gridlock.

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