Girls in gangs

Reformed gang member Tracey Miller owned her first knife at just 13-years-old, and carried a gun around in her school bag.

Hitting rock bottom after being shot in the arm and leg, Tracey decided to turn her back on the world of guns and gangs and is now determined to use her violent past in a positive way.

Putting pen to paper, Tracey has written an autobiography, hoping that she can lift the lid on the terrifying underworld that nearly claimed her life.

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Coping with back to school anxiety

As millions make their way back to school next week, either for the very first time or moving up to secondary school, we have conducted our own This Morning Back to School survey to find out what kids and parents are most worried about.

Jeff Brazier, whose son Freddie starts secondary school next week, went to meet with some youngsters and parents to find out their concerns.

Parenting expert Sue Atkins also joins us with advice on dealing with the associated anxieties.

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Does marriage matter?

After nine years together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally tied the knot last Saturday in a secret ceremony in France.

Ross King is live from LA to talk us through all the juicy gossip from the wedding.

Plus Editor of Cosmopolitan Louise Court, and our very own Denise Robertson will be discussing the question 'does marriage matter?'

Use our helplines to find out more information and advice on relationships

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Overcoming a stammer

I'd rather have someone cut off a limb than lose my speech

– Vicky Croft, who has suffered with a stutter since regaining her speech after a stroke

Many of us take speaking for granted. But what if the words in your head just won't come out? For over half a million people in Britain, a stutter affects their lives every single day.

Stammer School follows a cast of struggling stammerers as they enrol on an intensive four day course called the McGuire Programme.

The programme features Vicky Croft, who was a fluent speaker until she suffered a minor stroke last December, and Debbie Rasaki, a nursery nurse who has stammered since the age of 4. Vicky and Debbie are here today, along with Rich Whincup who was himself a chronic stammerer but is now a course leader on the McGuire Programme.

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Search for Allan goes on despite cruel trolls

On Saturday November 2 2013, Allan Bryant Jr. went missing after leaving a nightclub in Fife, Scotland.

Allan's family immediately started a massive internet campaign ('Find Allan Bryant Jnr.') to track down their son.

The Facebook page has over 10,000 followers, getting significant attention in the local and national press. However, in April this year internet trolls took advantage of the page to send graphic messages to the Bryant family, falsely claiming he had been tortured and murdered.

Allan's mum, Marie Degan and sister Amy Bryant are here to talk about their search for Allan and how the trolling has affected them.

Missing People - Help find Allan

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Not so cuddly creatures!

When you think of meerkats you may think cute, cuddly and Russian. Well no! They can actually be pretty destructive if not in the right environment.

Their demand as domestic pets has boomed since the 'Compare The Meerkat' advert campaign launched, causing a 191% rise in calls made to the RSPCA regarding cruelty towards them.

In the studio we have Kimmy Rudland, a Zoology graduate who owns two Meerkats to explain the pros and cons.

Plus vet Zara Boland who will gives her view on the surge in exotic pet ownership with the help of some not so cuddly creatures.

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