Holly and Phillip are proud doggy parents

Our baby went to school!

– Phillip Schofield

Holly and Phillip are bursting with pride in Thursday's Best Bit, as This Morning's guide dog puppy Clover had her first proper training day, alongside some other canine companions who joined us in the studio.

Clover did very well in her lessons and Phillip and Holly called her over to demonstrate what a good girl she is!

Watch: Clover's first day at school

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On Thursday's show with Holly and Phillip, the Baywatch superstar who's back saving lives - minus his surfboard - David Hasselhoff joins us in the studio!

And Gok's here with his pick of this season's most-fashionable fabrics - everything from velvet to corduroy.

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When's your wine o'clock?

Cathy Kelly's new novel Between Sisters, focuses on sisters Coco and Cassie who were bought up by their grandmother and father after their mother walked out.

The novel explores how this has affected them as adults, in particular Cassie, whose wine o'clock seems to be happening earlier each afternoon. But when does a glass or two of wine in the evening start to become an issue? According to the NHS, nearly 130,000 women in the UK are alcohol dependent.

Cathy joins us to discuss her research into women who use alcohol to help them cope, along with former habitual drinker Lucy Rocca who tells us how her evening tipple turned into a problem.

Alcohol addiction helpline

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Confronting a cheating partner

The pain inside you is so hideous you'll do anything to get rid of it

– Tessa Cunningham on reacting to the news her husband was having an affair

The nation has been gripped by the BBC drama Dr Foster, the story of GP Gemma Foster who has her life torn apart when she discovers her husband has been unfaithful.

One person who is able to relate to this heartbreaking tale of lies and betrayal is Tessa Cunningham. After struggling through serious ill health, Tessa discovered her husband of 11 years had been having an affair. Tessa's husband denied his infidelity and for 10 months she lived with a dark cloud of doubt until she was strong enough to confront him again.

Tessa joins us along with agony aunt Denise Robertson.

Divorce and relationships helplines

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Are you First Dates' Louis' Ms Right?

Normal everyday situations I’m fine, but it's usually situations where I’m having to make a good impression, so something like a job interview, and driving tests have been a bane of my life - I’ve tried four times now!

– Louis Gill

Since Louis Gill appeared on Channel 4's First Dates, the 26 year old has been hailed as a modern model of gentlemanly behaviour, despite nerves often preventing him from speaking.

He joins us today to discuss love, life and overcoming his crisis of confidence along with dating expert Eden Blackman.