Spot the (two-tonne) rhino on Schofe's South African Adventure

Last week we arrived at Founders Lodge Game Reserve and our lovely hosts Vicky and Wayne Nel, and their ranger Phillip, made a dream come true by taking my wife, Steph and I to see giraffes in the wild.

How could we top that? Well, knowing my fascination for another African animal - the rhino - Wayne took us to the Amakhala Game reserve to meet a remarkable man, Dr Will Fowlds.

Will is a vet and rhino expert and took us out on a game drive to try and find rhinos. So began a game of cat and mouse, although in this case the mouse was a two-tonne rhino.

Short skirts and sexual assault: Shocking survey results

Picture the scene: It's Saturday night with the girls and you're wearing an outfit which hugs your curves. But wait - is your skirt too short? Have you been drinking too much? Could you be blamed for inviting a sexual assault?

According to a new survey, a third of women say yes, you could - and believe their female friends should be held responsible for enticing unwelcome sexual advances.

Debating the issue today are journalists Angela Epsteen and Alison Phillips.

Rape and sexual abuse helplines

The Khans: Someone close to us leaked sex tape as revenge

The marriage is brilliant, it's going really well ... everything is fine between us

– Amir Khan

World champion British boxer Amir Khan's private life has become very public after scandals surrounding a leaked sex tape, and the ongoing bitter feud between his wife and family continue to dominate the tabloids. But what is the real story? And will the couple stand by one another despite the odds being stacked against them?

Amir and Faryal join us from San Francisco to have their say.

Amazon Music trick, £1 kids’ books and TAX RETURN!

Amazon Music trick, £1 kids’ books, get paid to borrow, self-assessment deadline warning. These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

We were mother and son... now we're father and daughter!

Finding out your child wants to have a sex change must be hard for any parent to hear, but most would eventually accept it and offer their support. However, one mum has gone even further than that.

After watching her son become her daughter, mother Erica Maison has herself decided to have a sex change and become the man - now known as Eric - she always wanted to be.

We speak to them both live from Michigan, USA to find out how mother and son are now father and daughter.

I'm 39... and I've got dementia

I've always loved America, and I had this mad idea to travel across America, to do something that is going to stick with me ... and to raise money, for research for other people

– Laura Borrell

At the age of just 39, Laura Borrell is one of the youngest people to be diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, a condition that usually affects pensioners.

Since her diagnosis five years ago, Laura’s been forced to give up her beloved law degree and come to grips with her life-changing condition. Her story hit the headlines after her mum created a GoFundMe page so that Laura and her husband Phil could go on a trip of a lifetime to make new memories - before her memories are taken away.

Laura on her wedding day

Whilst I can be an ambassador and get the word out, that's what I want to do

– Laura Borrell

Having raised over £2,900 the couple join us on the sofa before they embark on their road trip around America - and Holly and Phillip have got a surprise lined up for the couple in Boston.