Alice Beer looks at the best tech deals for students

With just a week to go until most university terms begin, today marks one of the most colourful events in the student calendar: Fresher's Week.

And, with a nation of misty-eyed parents waving off their beloved children as they embark upon 3 years of education and self-discovery, it's the perfect time for Alice Beer to give us the lowdown on the best tablets, laptops, phones, shopping deals and insurance options on the market to ensure their student experience isn't stuck in the 1970s.

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Whatever your money worry, Martin's here to help

Worried about your finances? Got a question about anything relating to money? Martin Lewis is here to help with today's phone-in.

Phone 08000 30 40 44 with your comments. Calls are free from BT Landlines. Calls from some mobiles and other networks may be charged. Terms and conditions at We need your calls by 11.20 Phone in room lines staffed until 12.30pm. You must be 18 or over.

Get Martin's tips on how to change energy providers

Terms and conditions

It's time to change your energy provider

The sun may be shining now, but switching energy takes around two months, so in ‘energy time’, we’re actually in November.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here with his top tips to help you pay the cheapest price for your energy in time for when the central heating’s on full tilt.

Many people say “there’s no point switching, they’re all the same”, yet as I’ll show you, both onprice and service there are big differences. If you've been mistreated or pay too much, take providers on by denying them your custom – and do it now.

What next after Haines' beheading?

David Cameron yesterday condemned the beheading of British aid worker David Haines, describing it as an act of pure evil. The video of the 44-year-old's beheading released on Saturday night comes after the deaths of two US captives by Islamic State militants.

The Prime Minister has said Britain will take "whatever steps are necessary" to keep the country safe. Here to explain what ​this mean​s​ for British citizens is security expert Will Geddes. We’re also joined by aid worker Zia Zalik who ​returned from​ ​northern ​Iraq just three weeks ago​.​

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A whole lot of love for Friday's Best Bit

Today Ruth and Eamonn met a very special couple indeed. Jackie and John McClelland are set to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary at the beginning of November and have been together since the age of 14. Jackie has suffered with health problems recently and so the couple definitely deserved a special TM Makeover - and don't they look fab?

Here we take a look back on a solid marriage that started 40 years ago.

Watch Jackie and John get their makeover from This Morning

Sound your horns for this year's record breakers

This week the Guinness World Records announced the new records that have made it into the 60th anniversary edition of the world's bestselling book.

From the highest mountain to the fastest land-speed vehicle, the largest hamburger to the greatest sporting achievements like the first sub-four-minute mile by Roger Bannister, The Guinness Book of World Records has always celebrated the best in record -breaking achievements.

A few weird and wonderful record holders join us today to discuss their titles alongside Guinness expert Craig Glenday.

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