Ebola alert - should we be worried?

Since March of this year, the issue of the Ebola epidemic has swollen from slight concern to a state of global emergency with over 4,500 deaths to the killer disease. Despite no confirmed infections in the UK, sales of gas masks, freeze dried food and protective suits have reportedly rocketed as a growing number of 'preppers' do all they can to safeguard themselves against a possible UK epidemic.

Today we are joined by one such 'prepper', survivalist Peter Stanford and Dr Chris Van Tulleken who believes the hype is unnecessary.

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A Christmas getaway to suit you

Christmas is coming and while the streets of the UK are soon to be packed with eager shoppers, thousands of us will be travelling abroad over the next couple of months combining a short break with that all-important gift buying spree.

From European Christmas markets to more international shopping destinations, Travel Supermarket's Bob Atkinson is here with some of the best deals in town.

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Is gender neutral the future of parenting?

Today the most controversial and strangest crazes in pregnancy, birth and child rearing have been revealed. While some have already hit the UK, others are only just catching on - but all are set to influence how British parents behave in 2015.

One of these trends is gender neutral parenting. Beck Laxton decided to bring up her son as gender neutral for the first five years of his life and she's here today along wIth Siobhan Freegard, who is behind the parenting crazes research.

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