Lord Sewel quits House of Lords after drug claims

I'd scrap it!

– Kevin Maguire

Daily Mirror associate editor Kevin Maguire and Daily Mail columnist Andrew Piers join us to discuss the news Lord Sewel has resigned from the House Of Lords this morning after sex and drug claims.

The Daily Mirror are today calling for the abolishment of the 'medieval institution that has shaped the country's politics for over 700 years' while Andrew says it needs a reform.

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Three day nanny cures teens to troublesome tots

Let your children grow up and let them do as much for themselves as they possibly can. It's very rewarding.

– Kathryn Mewes' top tips for troublesome tots

She’s the former Norland Nanny who claims she can sort out troublesome tots in just three days! That’s 72 hours to be precise.

Kathryn Mewes joins us ahead of her brand new Channel 4 show, alongside one of the families who have called for her help.

Parenting helplines

Troubled teen helplines

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Martin Lewis's staycation savers

Schools out, summer’s here, and millions want to take a break or entertain the kids. So we asked our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis to come up with his staycation savers. What is a staycation?

Actually there’s a fierce argument about that, I’ve always believed it’s holidaying based at home with day trips, yet many say it’s holidaying in the UK. The dictionary allows both. When I tested this by asking on my Facebook page, a mammoth 17,000 people replied, roughly a third said it's a UK holiday, the rest were with Martin. So here are my top tips to keep both sides happy…

Legal highs and drugs: a school holiday warning

Another teenager lost their life this weekend after reportedly inhaling the legal high laughing gas - often referred to as hippy crack.

The eighteen year-old apparently had a heart attack after partying with friends. Sadly his death acts as a timely reminder that over the summer holidays especially, it's often impossible for parents to know what their children get up to.

Dr Ranj and Drugs Counsellor Mark Dempster are here to talk us through the dangers and signs of drug taking.

Drug addiction helplines

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