How to get your bank account to pay YOU

The bank price wars is back. It’s the start of 2017 and many banks are already so desperate for your custom they're willing to bribe you (legally of course) with big incentives to move to them. Play it right and you can profit large – sometimes grabbing even more than one.

Our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here, going back to basics, with his guide on how to get your bank account to pay YOU.

Have our sugar addicts quit the sweet stuff?

Last week we saw This Morning viewers Alexa, Stephanie and Emma all facing up to their sugar addictions. They were tasked with changing the way they think about their relationship with the sweet stuff by hypnotist Paul McKenna.

Today they're back alongside Paul to tell us how they are feeling since taking a different approach to what they eat - a tricky feat considering their task was set before and during the festive period!

When patients attack: How safe are our paramedics?

Paramedic Heidi was left feeling vulnerable and anxious at work after being sexually assaulted by a 75-year-old patient.

193 NHS workers are assaulted every day and radio host Nick Ferrari is determined to change this. He’s launched a petition to make it a specific offence to attack an NHS medical worker, just as it is a specific crime to assault a police officer.

Phillip and Holly get up close and personal with an orangutan

On today's show, Phillip and Holly were joined by some very wild guests... an orangutan, a sloth and even a crocodile!

These animatronic creatures were developed to get up close and personal with their real life counterparts for the new wildlife series 'Spy in the Wild'.

Producers Philip Dalton and Rob Pilley reveal the extraordinary ways these creatures were brought to life.

'I'm standing by my paedophile husband'

What would you do if your husband told you he was a paedophile? Well, this was the situation Dr Tabitha Abel found herself in 2010 but she stood by her husband who claims he's never acted on his desires.

She says Gary Gibson's sexual attraction is a mental health issue and even encouraged him to set up an organisation to help other non-offending paedophiles.

We're joined by Tabitha live from a studio in Portland, USA and also by child protection expert Mark Williams Thomas in the studio.