Unsolved: Where is Madeleine McCann?

In the latest of our Unsolved series, we're asking what happened to Madeleine McCann - in May it will be 10 years since she vanished from her Portuguese holiday flat.

And the case is more relevant now as Kate and Gerry McCann have been in the news this week with yet another court battle in Portugal.

Mark Williams-Thomas has been investigating

Could you offer a home to one of Britain's loneliest dogs?

They’re lonely but all are lovely and need a loving home. Today we meet some of Britain’s loneliest dogs from four of the UK’s biggest rehoming charities. Floyd is a four-year-old Jack Russell who has been waiting for his forever home for 302 days. 13-year-old Maddie the Labrador wants to prove there is life in the old dog yet, Tia the Staffordshire Bull Terrier just wants a the right family to spend her days with and Snowy the Siberian Husky, who wants to prove she would be a welcome addition to any family.

Meet Harlen, the world's most followed baby

Is this the world's most followed baby? Harlen Bodhi White has almost 200,000 Instagram followers - and he's just 15 months old! Harlen is sent tons of free clothes, toys and prams which companies are desperate for the social media superstar to model. In fact, his mother Chelsea is sent so much free stuff, that she rarely spends any money on him at all. But is Chelsea exploiting her baby to make money? Or is she just taking photos of her baby like any other doting mother?

Chelsea joins us this morning alongside baby social media star Harlen!

Swinging with other couples keeps our marriage alive

Holli and Michael Bell say inviting new partners into their relationship has made their marriage stronger. Known as swingers, the Bells use dating apps to discover other couples and singletons, but maintain that they are emotionally monogamous.

Holli and Michael join us from LA as they defend their decision to swap partners - which they say keeps the passion alive.

Are you missing out on the cash you're entitled to?

What are you missing out on? Last week our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis mentioned the marriage tax allowance and many of you got in touch straight away to say you’d successfully claimed, like Fran “@MartinSLewisthanks Martin for info on marriage allowance claimed and got over £400!! You’re a star, keep informing the folk of Britain!! :)”. Read our info on the marriage tax allowance again.

So this week he’s put together six more important areas where parents, grandparents, nurses, pensioners and many others may be missing out. For full details and help on all of these see Martin’s full what are you due guides.

Meet the real-life mermaids

Ever wondered if life really would be better under the sea? Well these women stopped wondering and took action - as they became real-life mermaids! By day they walk among us on land, but in their free-time they strip off their jeans, slip on silicone tails and transform into their magical mer alter-egos.

The mermaids have spent the last few weeks swimming across the ocean to join us live on the banks of the Thames, just outside our studio.