Victims of Harold Shipman speak out

It's been 10 years since the suicide of one of the world's most prolific serial killers - Harold Shipman. During a 23-year murder spree, over 215 patients are thought to have perished at Shipman's hands as he administered fatal overdoses of painkillers.

Ten years after his suicide in Wakefield Prison in West Yorkshire at the age of 57, Shipman's crimes are the subject of a powerful new two-part TV show, starting tomorrow night. Two relatives of Shipman's victims, Jack Shelmerdine, 83, and Deborah Bartlett, 53, join us with their memories of the twisted killer.

Harold Shipman: Driven to Kill is on April 17 at 9pm Channel 5

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'Meeting Jordan inspired my gender transformation'

After feeling unhappy for years with her gender, Chelsea Attonley (born Matthew) was inspired by glamour model Jordan to become a woman.

A chance meeting with Katie Price's alter ego in a nightclub gave Chelsea the go-ahead she needed to pursue her sex change dream and - after overcoming various obstacles, including issues with her weight and death in her family - she had gender reassignment surgery and now lives very happily as Chelsea.

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The dad who forgot his family

Two years ago, Damian Hammond, 35 left for work as per usual. It was the night of May 18th 2012, but he didn't make it to his shift and ended up in A&E after completely losing his memory due to a combination of stress and trauma.

When she realised he was missing, his wife Cathy sent out a police search party to look for her husband and discovered he was at a local hospital. At first Damian didn't recognise her or know who he was, but came to accept the truth in time.

When I was shown our baby books that had pictures of me with the children, it was very very tough to start with because I couldn't remember it - I just sat there and burst out crying

– Damian Hammond

The past two years have been tough for the couple and their two boys, but with some of Damian's memories having returned, they are moving forward as a family. Damian and Cathy join us now to share their amazing story.

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