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POLL: Should parents pay for things their children damage?

Following the story of a couple in America who are facing a $132,000 bill for an art sculpture that their child knocked over, we're asking - should parents pay for things their children damage?

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Having your child break something that doesn’t belong to them is every parent's worst nightmare, but for Sarah Goodman that nightmare became a reality when her five-year-old son damaged an art sculpture worth $132,000 whilst attending a friend’s wedding.

Although the incident happened in Kansas last month, the parents are still living with the consequences after being sent a bill for the 'destroyed' sculpture. Sarah says that she’ll never pay up as long as she lives, but the insurance company say something different. Who’s in the right? Sarah joins us live from Kansas.

'I spent £16K on my grandson's 1st birthday party'

We’re all guilty of spoiling our children and grandchildren on their birthday, but grandmother Sharon Moseley may have just outdone us all! Spending over £16,000 on her grandson Danny’s first birthday party, she had everything from 12ft balloons, to a golden highchair, a seafood buffet and even a open bar for the parents!

More than 170 guests were treated to a no-expense-spared soldier-themed party, which even included guest appearances from TOWIE stars!

But with such a huge online backlash, we’re asking: is this a little harmless indulgence or just plain OTT? We’re joined by the ultimate doting grandmother, Sharon, as she tells us about planning the party of the year and why she’d do it all over again!

This Morning Investigates: Teens as young as 14 are taking illegal smart drugs

Students used to take drugs to get high... now they take them to get higher grades. In a special This Morning investigation, we found that teenagers as young as 14 are taking prescription drugs illegally in a bid to cope with the pressures and demands of “tougher” exams

Sharing tips on where to buy these drugs and how much to take, we uncover the conversations taking place in the UK’s biggest student chat room. We’ll also be talking to one teenager who became reliant on amphetamines throughout her A-levels.

She will be joined alongside This Morning researcher Enya Quinn-Jarvis who investigated the story and Dr Ranj as he tells us about the severe side effects of ‘smart drugs’ and how to spot if your teen is taking them.

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POLL: Would you go to the hotel breakfast buffet in your PJs?

Holidays are a time to kick back and relax - but with pictures surfacing online, ‘shaming’ people in their pyjamas at the hotel buffet breakfast, we're asking has comfort and convenience gone a step too far?

Absolutely not, says Nicola McLean who regularly does the school run and supermarket shop in her PJs! But etiquette expert William Hanson is appalled and says this is slovenly behaviour which should be discouraged at all costs!

Outrage as upskirting ban backed by Holly is blocked

Today we were looking forward to congratulating Gina Martin on a victory for women. A victim of upskirting, Gina had taken her campaign to put a stop to it to parliament. On Friday, it was announced it had government support and would become part of a bill to make upskirting a criminal offence. But when the bill was read out, Tory MP Sir Christopher Chope shouted ‘object’. That’s all it took to stop the campaign in its tracks. Sir Christopher's objection was met with cries of ‘shame’ and has caused national outrage, with even the PM getting involved.

Today, Gina is back to explain why he did it, and to reveal what happens next for the campaign.

Martin Lewis: Could you spot a scam?

It’s Citizen’s Advice Scam Awareness month. And the timing is crucial after it was revealed TSB’s meltdown meant 1,300 TSB customers had money stolen by fraudsters. Scammers are getting more professional, and they love to target the most vulnerable. So our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here to explain what to look out for and how to protect yourself.

The world reacts to Thomas Markle's interview

It was his little princess. He wanted to be there and give her away. I think in the end he blames himself a little bit, he wishes he’d never done the staged photos with the paparazzi guy. That’s why it’s so important he got the chance today to really explain this stuff.

– Piers Morgan talks Thomas Markle

Meghan Markle's dad Thomas has stunned the world this morning by giving his first-ever television interview.

Joining us now is the man who was asking the questions - Piers Morgan. And what will the Palace be making of it all? We ask royal editor Camilla Tominey.

Father's Day of Dreams goes up, up and away!

This weekend is our opportunity to say thank you to our dear old dads and father figures. Alison Hammond is surprising one World War II enthusiast who’s always wanted in an authentic aircraft which trained pilots at the time.

Well today's the day, as he’s been nominated by his two children to live out his dreams.