Working together to protect children

Three years ago Hertfordshire Constabulary became the first police force to launch a Joint Child Protection Investigation Team made up of both police officers and social workers. There are 48 police officers and 13 social work staff in the team and each year they handle around 4000 cases.

Criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas is given unique access to the unit and its investigations into neglect and child abuse, and in the studio Phillip and Amanda are joined by social worker Beverly Ford and Detective Sergeant Sue Warren to discuss how they are working together to help protect neglected and abused children.

For advice see our child abuse and survivor support helplines and child neglect helplines

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What do your dreams mean?

In an average lifetime it's estimated we spend an astonishing five to six years dreaming. But your dreams shouldn't be something to ignore, as they could be the key to understanding what you really want in your life!

Psychologist Ian Wallace, who has analysed more than 180,000 dreams, joins us to dispel the myths surrounding our most common dreams. Ian will also explain how once you understand the meanings behind your dreams you can take action in your waking life.

The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace is out now

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Has my niece become a jihadi bride?

We love you, we miss you ... just come home

– Sucdi Ali

After Britain's most senior police officer announced last night that at least five Britons a week are travelling to Iraq and Syria to join Islamic State, today we meet Sucdi Ali, the aunt of 15-year-old Yusra Hussien.

Yusra is believed to have fled with another girl to Syria as jihadi brides, young women who marry IS fighters in the battle-torn areas of Syria.

Sucdi, family spokesperson Anira Khokar and radicalisation expert Dr Brooke Rogers join us to talk about Yusra leaving, what drove her actions, and to appeal for her to come home.

For advice see our missing people helplines and missing abroad helplines

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Does marriage matter?

Marriage is outdated and should be killed off, a High Court judge claimed this week. And recent figures show we're going off marriage - in the last census in 2011, married couples became a minority for the first time.

But that's only half the story. This year, same-sex marriages became law, leading to a rush of couples tying the knot. And almost all of today's teenagers expect to get married some day.

Today we are joined by two mums in happy, long-term relationships with one big difference - one is married, and the other says that weddings make her shudder.

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I'll always choose my cats over a man

Former glamour model Tabby Miles has everything that men fantasise about, long legs, great curves and a flawless face, but she also has two things they run from - her two spoilt cats Wolfie and Foxy.

Tabby has never had a long term relationship because men can't tolerate her obsession with her babies, which include sleeping with them, pampering them and even taking them on dates.

Tabby's beautiful cats Wolfie and Foxy make themselves at home

Tabby joins Phillip and Amanda to explain why she will always choose her cats over men and is even going into business with them...

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