Cannabis concerns phone-in

Are you worried that your child might be using cannabis? Do you need advice about what to do if you're concerned about your child? Whatever your concerns about cannabis we would like to hear from you.

Get in touch with here at This Morning by emailing your name and phone number to by Tuesday 3 March at11am.

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The rise of the blue rinse biker

Joy Smith is a nan to four grandchildren who loves pottering around in her garden and dancing to rock'n'roll music with her husband. But Joy has another pastime, one that's seen sales of motorbikes soar among women over 60. Nicknamed the Blue Rinse Biker, Joy loves nothing more than jumping on her Harley Davidson or Kawasaki and hitting the open road on her two wheels.

Joy joins us today along with her bike to tell us what on earth possessed her to take up biking in her 60s!

Our canine audience just increased...

Today's show has been all about performing pets and it looks like your canine companions have been watching to brush up on their doggie skills!

Watch top dogs show off their skills

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I fall asleep up to 50 times a day

Jacky Lloyd's life has been ruined by her narcolepsy and cataplexy conditions. And despite being one of the most severe cases in the UK, falling asleep up to 50 times a day, Jacky has been refused a drug that could dramatically improve her life.

Jacky joins us today, along with her husband Darren, to tell us what living with these conditions is like.

Get help and more information with our narcolepsy helplines

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New drug driving legislation comes into force

A new drug-driving legislation comes into force across England and Wales today. It's the biggest shake-up of the law for 85 years, and will make it easier for the police to catch and convict drug drivers.

We're joined by sisters Natasha and Michaela Groves, whose daughter and niece Lillian was tragically killed at the age of 14 by careless driver John Page who was found with cannabis in his system. The family has been campaigning for changes in the law since Page was convicted in 2011.

Michaela Groves shows the drug testing stick that will be used by police

It's time to get serious: have you made a will?

It’s time to take a deep breath and talk about some unpleasant issues. The fact we don’t like to talk about death or dementia makes it even more important to do so. The consequences of ignoring this may happen sooner than you think, and it can be catastrophic for your family and their finances. Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here to tell us the key points.

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