Wanted: A Family of My Own

It's good to know where you came from, but the important thing, the thing that makes you, is your mum and dad

– Nicky Campbell

Adopted at just a few days old in 1962, Nicky Campbell believes that there are thousands of prospective parents out there who could provide a loving home to children waiting in need of a family, but that many are put off by the myths and misconceptions surrounding what is often seen as the 'complicated' process of adoption.

In his new ITV series Wanted: A Family of My Own, Nicky goes behind the scenes of adoption. Granted unprecedented access to the workings of eight local authorities, as well as the lives of parents and children at various stages of the adoption process, Nicky hopes the new series will dispel some of the inaccurate perceptions many still have about adoption. He joins us now to tell us more about a subject which is very close to his heart.

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Selfless supermum

When Jane Plume's best friend Gina Hibberd's husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2009, she made a promise that she would help them in any way she could. But, when a year later Gina was suddenly killed in a tragic car accident, she had to turn her words into actions and became the legal guardian of Gina and Shaun's two sons Lewis and Ashton to add to her own brood of three children.

As a single mother, this is no mean feat. As a memory to pass onto Lewis and Ashton, she has penned her astonishing story in a book which is out now called Please Don't Cry, and she joins us today along with four of her children.

Please Don't Cry is available now on paperback

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'Ken doll surgery addiction almost killed me'

Everyone likes to look their best, but Rodrigo Alves has taken it a step further than most. He has spent over £100,000 on cosmetic surgery to build his perfect body, with liposuction, jaw restructuring and even a silicon six-pack, leaving him resembling a human Ken Doll.

But his addiction almost came with a greater price. A botched operation to enlarge his arms with gel filler left Rodrigo close to death, but even that hasn't stopped his obsession with looking good. He's here to tell us more.

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