A whole lot of love for Friday's Best Bit

Today Ruth and Eamonn met a very special couple indeed. Jackie and John McClelland are set to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary at the beginning of November and have been together since the age of 14. Jackie has suffered with health problems recently and so the couple definitely deserved a special TM Makeover - and don't they look fab?

Here we take a look back on a solid marriage that started 40 years ago.

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Sound your horns for this year's record breakers

This week the Guinness World Records announced the new records that have made it into the 60th anniversary edition of the world's bestselling book.

From the highest mountain to the fastest land-speed vehicle, the largest hamburger to the greatest sporting achievements like the first sub-four-minute mile by Roger Bannister, The Guinness Book of World Records has always celebrated the best in record -breaking achievements.

A few weird and wonderful record holders join us today to discuss their titles alongside Guinness expert Craig Glenday.

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Need a new EHIC or passport?

Now’s the time to renew your passport and EHIC - just make sure you don’t do it via Google, 40% off Odeon Cinemas voucher you can use again and again until October, plus there’s a restaurant vouchers bonanza at Domino’s, PizzaExpress and more – these are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ 90 Second Savers.

Get homework sorted with Jeff's top tips

Homework issues? Here are Jeff Brazier's seven tips for helping your child to help themselves.

Environment is key...

You wouldn't be able to work with people screaming and shouting so why would our kids? Set up a homework-friendly / sibling-proof area. Make sure kids have a well-lit, quiet, calm and comfortable place to complete homework. Keep supplies - paper, pencils, glue, scissors - within reach. This will help them to focus on what they are doing and limit the amount of distractions that might disturb their masterpieces!

A big problem for me personally as a single parent, is how do I divide myself between two kids of two different ages at homework time, especially when they both need my attention? Depending on their mood sometimes it works great to just separate them and spend a few minutes rotating between them. In an ideal world they both complete their tasks on their own but in reality, or certainly for me it doesn't really turn out that way! If they are stuck I help them move on past the problem until they are done.

Mark Williams Thomas sums up Oscar Pistorius case

As the judge begins delivering her verdict in the Oscar Pistorius trial, Mark Williams Thomas, the only journalist to have spent time with the athlete during his arrest, sums up the case for us.

South Africa is a country steeped in history - but from what I have observed over the past year it could not be further from the old regime and that of apartheid.

The case against Oscar Pistorius is one of the largest - if not the largest - of the decade , not just in South Africa but around the world.

The new South Africa is evident in Judge Thokozile Masipa, who is presiding over such an important trial. She is a former social worker turned journalist who was once arrested and jailed for taking part in a protest.

Her significance in the trail will be played out tomorrow - when along with her two assistants she will decide Oscar's fate, giving her verdicts on all the charges that he faces.