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Putting vibrators to the test

The Good Housekeeping Institute is best known for putting kitchen appliances through their paces but now Britain's leading consumer research centre is putting 27 vibrators to the test to find out which ones really hit the spot and which ones are a bit of a flop. We'll be looking at the top 5 toys from the list with Sexpert Tracey Cox and we'll also be hearing reviews from our own personal testers.

Alice Beer investigates... airline charges

A campaign to take action against budget airline Ryanair for their exorbitant 'hidden' charges is growing momentum. But are they the only airline guilty of luring in customers with cheap flights before slapping on hefty extra charges? And do we actually pay more for our breaks than our European neighbours?

Consumer Expert Alice Beer is here to tell us how to avoid extra charges this summer and ways to get more holiday bang for your buck.

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My secret life as a human pup

It's not sexual at all, it's escapism

– Tom Peters

A quarter of British households have a dog. But some people don't just want to own a dog, they want to be one.

Channel 4's one-off documentary The Secret Life of Human Pups explores the hidden world of ordinary men who lead extraordinary double lives. But what makes these grown men want doggy treats, belly rubs and squeaky toys?

We're joined by human puppy Tom Peters along with his ex-fiancée Rachael Watson.

TV: The Secret Life of the Human Pups is on Channel 4 at 10pm on Wednesday 25 May

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Reunited with our long-lost son after six years

He was walking towards us and I knew straight away that it was Matt

– Pauline Green

Last Wednesday, in a moving interview on This Morning, Pauline and Jim Green revealed the latest in their battle to be reunited with son Matthew, who had been found in Spain after going missing in 2010.

The couple's elation had turned to further heartache when they were told they couldn't be put in direct contact with him or even be told exactly where he was. But just moments before we went on air, they revealed they had heard from a doctor, who had asked them to fly out to help their son's recovery.

Yesterday Pauline and Jim were finally reunited with Matthew and they join us now from Spain - alongside Mark Williams-Thomas - to describe the emotional moment they laid eyes on their son for the first time in six years.

Our son has been found after six years

Missing people helplines

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