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Earlier on we met Darren Pidgeon, the young man whose life was changed in an instant when he was sprayed with acid in an unprovoked attack.

Following the news that Dr Tapan Patel would like to help him with his scarring, Dr Dawn Harper and self esteem expert Natasha Devon take viewers' calls.

Watch Darren talk about his attack experience

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The Manchester Dogs Home heroes

Last Thursday, animal-lovers across the country were left in shock when dozens of dogs were killed in an arson attack on Manchester Dogs Home.

In total around 60 dogs died in the fire but that number would have been even higher were it not for three local heroes: Jason Dyer, his son Danny Vere and nephew Dean Rostock, who risked their own lives by running into the flames and pulling pets out of the blaze. Today we're joined by Jason, Danny and Dean plus Anna Stansfield: manager of Cheshire Dogs Home which has now taken in all of the homeless pooches.

Visit the Manchester and Cheshire Dogs' home website for their message of thanks

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Scarred in an acid attack

Three months ago Darren Pidgeon was the victim of an attack which left his life shattered. Sprayed in the face with acid in an unprovoked attack by a stranger, the attack has left him in excruciating pain, permanently scarred and even to scared and ashamed to leave the house.

Worried that he will never find love or that he will ever lead a normal life again, Darren now just hopes for one thing - that the people responsible for the attack are caught and brought to justice.

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Scotland decides: Yes or No?

Tomorrow one of the biggest decisions in the history of the United Kingdom will be made as Scotland votes on whether to become an independent country.

Over the past week we've seen passionate political speeches, fierce protests and even catwalk campaigning (Vivenne Westwood at London Fashion Week) as both the Yes and No camps debate the future of the 'union.'

So with just one day left before the referendum - we're asking what's best for Britain?

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Alice Beer looks at the best tech deals for students

With just a week to go until most university terms begin, today marks one of the most colourful events in the student calendar: Fresher's Week.

And, with a nation of misty-eyed parents waving off their beloved children as they embark upon 3 years of education and self-discovery, it's the perfect time for Alice Beer to give us the lowdown on the best tablets, laptops, phones, shopping deals and insurance options on the market to ensure their student experience isn't stuck in the 1970s.

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