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Noel Edmonds: My stalking hell

Please stop! This will only end unpleasantly for you because I will go to the police

– Noel Edmonds' emotional plea to stalker

Earlier this week, The One Show host Alex Jones hit the headlines after her 17-month stalking ordeal finally came to an end when the perpetrator was handed a restraining order. One person who understands all too well what Alex has been going through is fellow TV presenter, Noel Edmonds.

He says he's been the victim of an online stalker who bombards him with threatening emails and tweets, but feels he doesn't want to bother the police with something he feels is the price of fame.

Opening up about his distressing ordeal on today's show, Noel told Ruth and Ben: "'She' sends me emails of an intimate nature. Then it got quite serious as she accused me of having an affair and she wanted to go to the media."

He called for a clampdown on cyberstalking, insisting that no one should be allowed to threaten or harrass online under a pernicious veil of secrecy.

There needs to be more transparency. Why should these people be allowed to get away with it?

– Noel Edmonds on cyber stalking

Say no to forecourt flowers!

This morning we're doing the UK a good turn, by sparing women (and men) the disappointment of receiving substandard petrol station flowers for Valentine's Day.

Join Alison as she comes live from a busy forecourt in Birmingham, supplying the men of the Midlands beautiful blooms to bring home this weekend!

With thanks to Interflora for supplying our flowers

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Tumble dryer danger: Know your rights

After travelling all the way to the US to track down the Hotpoint chiefs, Alice Beer is back to advise you on your consumer rights if you have an affected machine. We'll also be hearing from some of the many viewers who have contacted us about their potentially dangerous driers.


Model checker on two bespoke websites - and - and then register for a free modification if your model is affected.

Freephone helpline: 0800 151 0905

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Brotherly Best Bits makes Thursday's show special

During a chat about ambulance response times, Phillip was joined at the last minute on the phone by his brother Tim to explain how the emergency services helped to save Tim’s life last year.

Tim said, “They were absolutely amazing… absolutely fantastic, I cannot fault them. The support I have had has been unbelievable. Even the paramedics visited me when I was in hospital to say ‘this is what we did', and asked how I was doing. They have been absolutely phenomenal.”

How can that NOT be Thursday's Best Bits?

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How I Met My Son: A Journey Through Adoption

After four heartbreaking years of trying and failing to start a family, Rosalind Powell and her husband decided their only choice was to adopt a child.

Faced with the fear of whether they could love someone else's child - and whether that child would love them - Rosalind Powell joins us with her honest account of the leap of faith she took in adopting her son Gabriel, the rigours of dealing with social services, and what it means to be a parent of a child who isn't biologically your own.

BOOK: How I Met My Son: A Journey Through Adoption is out today

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