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Showering with your kids for the world to see
Perez Hilton sparked a backlash when he posted a picture of himself in the bath with his two year old son on Instagram. The snap was shared by thousands worldwide and the celebrity blogger was branded 'creepy', while others defended his behaviour and said there's 'nothing wrong' with parents bathing with their children. Agony aunt Denise Robertson, journalist Sonia Poulton and former men's magazine editor Martin Daubney join us to discuss the headlines.

Terri Dwyer's dkin cancer scare
Actress Terri Dwyer is speaking out for the first time about her secret skin cancer battle. In spring last year Terri was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, an aggressive skin cancer, which she believes was caused by using sunbeds in her teens. Terri is now making a good recovery after treatment, but the ordeal has had a huge impact and she joins us alongside Dr Chris to share her story in the hope of warning others to be sensible when it comes to sunbeds.

The Chasers
It's one of the biggest quiz shows on TV and has been so successful, it’s now made around the world. Bradley Walsh may host The Chase, but the real stars are the Chasers themselves. Masters of general knowledge, they pit themselves against members of the public and ensure that producers don't have to give out too much money! Today we are joined by two of the fabled chasers, Anne The Governess Hegerty and new Chaser Jenny The Vixen Ryan to talk all things Chase, and how they cope with the pressure of being the all knowing bad guy (or girls in their case!).

The facts behind your caffeine fix
Many of us can’t function without our daily cup of coffee and a recent study revealed that Brits guzzle 70 million cups of coffee each day. Whether it's a mug full of fresh-brewed coffee, a cup of hot tea, or a can of soda, consuming caffeine is the energy boost of choice for millions who want to wake up or stay up, but what else is caffeine doing to us?

Hair demo: In the pink
It’s a look that’s been threatening to go mainstream for the last few years but with everyone from Caroline Flack to Pixie Lott and even Helen Mirren joining the pink rinse brigade, now’s the time to embrace this autumn’s biggest hair trend. Perfecting the locks of three viewer models is stylist to the stars, Paul Percival.

Angela Griffin
Lewis is back on our screens tonight but is this the final ever series? Angela Griffin, star of soaps, serial dramas and now murder mysteries, is with us to tell us what’s in store for both her and the much-loved programme.

The million-pound domestic violence victim
When Matt Myles won £1 million on the EuroMillions in April last year, he thought all of his dreams would come true. A trip around the world with friends followed and he even had a visit to the This Morning studios. But things turned sour very quickly when his ex-girlfriend Carla Chamberlain turned violent. After she was found guilty of common assault and criminal damage, Matt is speaking out against the taboo of domestic violence against men.

Justine Pattison's time-saving tips

Get the look with Gok
Checks are all over the high street but there’s a fine line between looking lovely and looking like a lumberjack. This week Gok’s got the ultimate guide to looking pretty in plaid.

Sharon’s got the week’s soap goss plus she can reveal the new top dog of the soap world after last night’s Inside Soap Awards.

The world's most expensive pups
£10,000! It can buy you a brand new car, a boat or even a round-the-world trip, but did you know it could also, only just, buy you a puppy? Catherine Lane has become the first dog owner in Europe to breed the world's rarest puppies, Phu Quoc Ridgebacks. Catherine joins us with her four puppies, which are each set to fetch a small fortune.

Should guns be banned in America?

I get death threats on Twitter every single day about this because people are so passionate about it

– Piers Morgan

994 mass shootings in almost as many days. On Thursday, America suffered its latest gun related tragedy when eight students and one teacher were shot dead by gunman Chris Harper-Mercer at a community college in Oregon.

Later that day in a speech made by President Obama, the leader pushed for stricter gun laws to be finally put into place - stating that thoughts and prayers were no longer enough when mass shootings were becoming such a routine occurrence.

Passionate about the need for stricter gun laws in America is Piers Morgan who joins us today on the sofa along with pro-gun activist Wayne Allyn Root, live from Las Vegas.

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