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Off on holiday this year? If so, Gok may have some final call fashion fixes for you before you fly off!

Please email us at telling us where you are heading to, and what your holiday fashion dilemmas are. Please remember to add your contact telephone numbers as we may be in touch. Terms and conditions apply at You need to be 18 or over to take part and get in touch before midday on Friday 5 June 2015.

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Keep cool in Consumer Corner

When serving your cat or dog their next daily treat, you may want to think about how generous a portion you give them. A new report released today reveals many dog and cat treats rival the calorie content of fast food. Alice Beer is here with all the info you need.

And with the heatwave just around the corner she looks at some of the best products on the market when it comes to keeping you and your house cool.

Scared of dentist... so I superglued tooth back in

The British have often been mocked for our dental hygiene - in comparison to America’s bright white, even smiles, our gnashers can look creamy and crooked.

In a new two-part series The Truth About your Teeth, leading dentists meet Brits suffering from oral disasters and let us know where we’re going wrong as a nation.

Today we are joined by cosmetic dentist Dr Kailesh Solanki, who'll be giving tips and advice, and Angie, a woman whose reluctance to go to the dentist got so bad, she resorted to the most drastic of DIY dentistry - she started using superglue to put her teeth back in place.

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My ex-husband killed my kids

It was the story which shocked the nation - carpet salesman Darren Sykes lured his two children Jack and Paul into the attic of the family home, with the promise of a new train set, before setting 16 different fires around the house - killing the two boys and himself.

The boys mum Claire Throssell bravely joins us to talk about what happened on that tragic day, how she saw the signs and how she's coping with life of her own.

Bereavement after murder and manslaughter helplines

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Jim Davidson: The curse of alcoholism

You've got to share your problems, you've got to admit you've got a problem - there's no stigma to it

– Jim Davidson

After the tragic death of Charles Kennedy, those closest to him have been talking about his demons, and how drink could have possibly played a part in his demise. To battle with alcoholism in private is one thing but in public must be incredibly difficult.

Jim Davidson has spoken about his own personal battle with the bottle and how it played out in the public eye - he joins us to discuss the curse of alcoholism and how he broke the cycle.

Alcohol addiction helplines

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Phone-in: Do you have empty nest syndrome?

A new report out today says one in seven mums actually feel less upset about their children leaving home than they expected. But do you agree? Are you dreading the thought of your kids moving out? Maybe your children have moved back in and ruined your peace! Perhaps you feel guilty that you can’t wait for your grown up kids to fly the nest? Denise Robertson is here to take your calls.

Parenting helplines

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