'Free' mascara, 40% off Laura Ashley and EasyJet refund warning

‘Free’ £7ish Benefit mascara, 40% off Laura Ashley and EasyJet refund warning. These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

POLL: Should you ever tell someone they're fat?

Obesity expert Steve Miller doesn’t believe in mincing his words when it comes to weight loss, and says telling someone they’re fat is “an act of kindness”. It certainly worked for him. Previously four stone overweight, he went on to shed it all when an old friend told him he’d got “so fat” that he was losing his looks. But nutritionist Kirsten Davies is horrified by Steve’s militant stance and says being negative about someone else’s appearance only causes damage - as she knows herself after a doctor told her she was fat.

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Concerned about your child? Here's how to start the conversation

It's not necessarily what you say, it's that you keep saying it - you keep the lines of communication open

– Lucy Alexander

If you're concerned about your child, and finding it hard to start a conversation with them, watch this.

Lucy Alexander, whose son Felix tragically took his own life after being the victim of bullying, is now an anti-bullying campaigner.

Bullying and cyber bullying helplines

What's your Mum's Wildest Dream?

Many women all over the country have put their own dreams on hold to raise children, and - as their kids have got older - helped them to achieve their dreams. Now it's time to say thanks. Does your mum have a dream to be a singer? Perhaps she wants to run her own business, maybe she wants to play sport at a professional level. Was her dream to be a firefighter? Or even a dancer? Whatever her dream - get in touch.

Let us know in a short video (no more than ONE minute long) why you'd like to nominate your mum, and who knows - your Mum's Wildest Dream might just come true...

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Bullying drove our children to take their own lives

Megan Evans, 14, was found dead at her home two weeks ago after a secret battle against cyber bullies that she kept hidden from her parents.

Megan had taken her own life.

Her mum, Nicola Harteveld, only found out about Megan's torment when cruel messages were discovered on her phone after her death. Nicola is choosing to speak to us - just days after her daughter's funeral - in a desperate bid to raise awareness of cyber bullying and spare other families such heartbreak. She joins us alongside anti-bullying campaigner, Lucy Alexander, whose son, Felix, also took his own life after being bullied.

Bullying and cyber bullying helplines

Whirlpool admits their dryers ARE dangerous

Yesterday, following our 15-month campaign, Whirlpool did a dramatic u-turn and finally caved in to mounting pressure - and an enforcement notice from Trading Standards - and admitted that the five million tumble dryers they sold were NOT safe to use.

More than a year after the company first issued a safety alert, consumers have now been told to unplug their tumble dryers until they can be properly modified, for fear they pose a potentially lethal fire risk.

Today we are joined by our consumer editor Alice Beer and Charlie Pugsley, head of investigations at the London Fire Brigade, who say the move by Whirlpool chiefs is very welcome and long overdue.

Hotpoint safety notice

My body odour smells like fish

Kelly Fidoe-White has suffered from an embarrassing condition since she was a teenager, which makes her smell of fish. Despite obvious presumptions, Kelly's condition isn't caused by bad hygiene but a rare disorder called Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) which causes her sweat, breath and general odour to smell of 'fishy-onions'.

Because of this rare and misunderstood condition, Kelly has battled anxiety and frustration her entire life. She joins us today along with her husband Michael, to discuss the struggles she faces both at home and work and the desperate efforts she goes to, to live a normal life.