Being polyamorous spices up our marriage... and makes it stronger too

Have we been doing it wrong all along? Society says we grow up, find a partner, settle down together, have kids and grow old - the end. Or is it? Meet the couple who decided to open up their relationship while they were expecting their first child, and who say being in a polyamorous relationship actually improves their marriage!

Maya and Ed Leishman join us to talk about their unconventional relationship.

'Please don't bye him' pleads boy over £15 toy panda

Ten-year-old Leon fell in love with a cuddly toy Panda when he saw it in a supermarket, however, in a sad turn of events, it was the last toy on the shelf, and his mum said he couldn't have it as she couldn't afford it until her next pay day.

So Leon found an empty box, and hid the panda inside, hoping he would still be there when he next visited. He wrote a message on the box, which said:

Pandy the Panda and Leon's handwritten plea

‘My mum doesnt have anuff money, so she’s byeng me Pandy next week 15 June. So please don’t bye him it will make me cry – thank you so much from his hopeful future owner. Pandas name is Pandy.’

Luckily, his note was later spotted by some kind-hearted staff members, who decided to buy the toy for him - later putting an appeal out to try and track down Pandy's 'future owner'.

Leon's mum Debbie said: 'As he was walking out, he said to me ‘this is the best day of my life’. It meant the world to him!'

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The angry residents of Chalcots Estate: We just want to go home

Imagine you're settling down for the evening and suddenly there's a knock at the door. You're told the building you live in is a fire risk and you're asked to leave immediately. Do you stay and take your chances? Or uproot your family and evacuate?

That's been the reality for some of the residents of the Chalcots Estate in Camden after it was found that four of the estate’s tower blocks were covered in flammable cladding similar to that used on Grenfell Tower.

We’re joined by three of those residents; 72-year-old Shirley Phillips (and her dog Tilly), mum-of-three Michelle Gilmore, and Iola McCarogher, who are all living in cramped temporary accommodation which is starting to take a toll on both their physical and mental health.

Meet Martha, the World's Ugliest Dog (although we think she's gorgeous!)

We always say her dog suit is too big

– Martha's adoptive mum Shirley Zindler

There’s a few dog treats (and possibly a little wrinkle cream!) in order for Martha the Neapolitan Mastiff as she celebrates being crowned the ugliest dog in the world!

Martha was declared the winner of the 29th World’s Ugliest Dog contest on Friday in California. Yet despite being deemed a little challenged in the looks department, Martha is a true beauty in the eyes of her adoptive mother Shirley Zindler who rescued her just six weeks ago.

The triumphant duo join us live from San Francisco to tell us why - when it comes to finding the perfect pooch - beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!

Our son took his own life because of Snapchat bullies

Sam Abel was a bright and funny 14 year old all set to make his mark on the world - until he committed suicide earlier this year, falling to his death from a supermarket car park.

His parents believe he was bullied to death - tormented both at school and via social media app Snapchat.

It’s a story that closely echoes that of Megan Evans, who also took her own life this year following online bullying, and whose mum Nicola inspired our Be Kind campaign with a hugely emotional interview back in February.

Sam’s heartbroken parents Anita and Mark join us alongside Nicola to share their story.

Bullying and cyber bullying helplines

BE KIND. Pledge to support our anti-bullying campaign now

Term-time holidays fight dad: 'If I knew what I know today, I would have paid £60'

Genuinely it’s a badge of honour, I’m quite happy to be a criminal for taking my daughter on holiday. If it’s a price I have to pay, it’s a price I’ll accept.

– Jon Platt

It’s been going on for more than two years and has resonated with parents everywhere - but now the landmark legal battle between education chiefs and a father who took his daughter on holiday in term-time is finally over. Found guilty on Friday when the case returned to the magistrates’ court, Jon Platt tells us he will now pay the fine and admits that, with hindsight, he wouldn’t have challenged it in the first place.