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It's Prue love for these two!

Almost a decade after the death of her husband of 28 years, Prue Leith had become accustomed to life as a widow. But a chance encounter five years ago saw her meet John Playfair. And now the cookery legend is gearing up to get married at the age of 76 - giving both her and her fiancé a new lease of life; proving that you can find love at any age.

The pair, who describe themselves as feeling like love-struck teenagers again, join us to talk about their heart-warming love story.

Artist paints picture of Phillip and Holly... with his privates!

Tim Patch, otherwise known as Pricasso, is an Australian artist known for using his privates to paint portraits, landscapes and female nudes. He features on a C4 documentary, World of Weird, which goes out on Wednesday night - showcasing his very unique artistic style.

Tim joins us along with his paint set, to create our very own This Morning work of art - Phillip and Holly, painted... by Pricasso's privates!

First aid for pets

We're joined by vet Paul Manktelow to tell us all we need to know about delivering life-saving first aid to our pets.

Paul says:"Nobody likes seeing our pets distressed or in pain. If your pet is ever in a situation where it needs First Aid then the key is not to get emotional. You need to keep calm, take a deep breath and don't go into panic mode."

Student finance... sorted by Martin Lewis

It’s the start of a new university year, and many students have bags packed and are ready to head off. Yet it’s a year of big change for student finance, and as always many students and their parents are confused by mixed messaging. So our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here to answer some of your most common questions…

Student loans vary in different countries in the UK. Here we focus on English loans for English students, in the rest of the UK, both the living loans and tuition fee loans vary depending on where you’re from and going to study.

Should our children potty in public?

Toilet training your child is undeniably an important milestone, but should you ever let your little one use the potty in public?

We’re joined by professional potty trainer Amanda Jenner, along with mum of one Kelly Rose Bradford in a fiery debate!

Let us know your thoughts in our poll below.

Martin Lewis' Friday Quick Deals

Warning! Don’t ignore your household enquiry form, £25 off Airbnb, 3for2 Argos toys, and 40% of La Redoute. These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

Brownlee brothers: I would have helped anyone in trouble

I'm running around thinking Jonny's going to win the race, going to win the world title ... and literally 500 metres from the finish line, I see him stumbling around...

– Alistair Brownlee

In a video that went viral and warmed the hearts of millions, double Olympic gold medallist Alistair Brownlee gave up his own chance of winning the last World Series event in Mexico on Sunday to carry brother Jonny — on the point of collapse in the searing heat — across the line in an effort to help him win the world title.

Alistair has since insisted that he would have helped any exhausted rival triathlete - and not just his brother Jonny, and while Jonny finished second, this ultimate act of brotherly love and astonishing sportsmanship has definitely made Alistair a winner for us!