Have you woken up with Hangxiety?

Most of us have been there. We have a bit too much to drink of an evening and the next day, realise that you have said something you regret. Now a journalist for the Daily Mail has coined a term for that horrible feeling of anxiety mixed with a hangover that you get in the morning.

Today we are joined by some This Morning's favourite experts who will share their own stories of Hangxiety, and we want to know if you've ever woken up with Hangxiety!

Have you had a close encounter with alien life?

With Malcolm Robinson and Shaun Ryder sharing their stories of UFOs, we want your stories of unexplained phenomenon. Have you witnessed something strange in the night sky? Have you had a close encounter with what you think might be alien life? Do you think you have been abducted by aliens?

Malcolm will be listening to your calls and offering advice and support about your experiences.

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There's no such thing as a naughty child

It's a given that every child is naughty at one time or another. Well, not according to head teacher Rachel Tomlinson whose controversial approach to discipline and behaviour has hit the headlines.

The radical head of Barrowford Primary School near Nelson in Lancashire says no child should be defined as naughty and her school operates with no punishment and no rules policy.

Staff are not allowed to shout at disruptive children but instead must calmly explain how their actions "impact on emotional wellbeing". Whilst it sounds utopian, critics say it's a recipe for chaos with children desperately needing boundaries. Rachel joins us on the sofa today to explain her radical approach.

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Is there life out there?

When you look at planet Earth, it's a tiny grain of sand on a huge cosmic beach

– Malcolm Robinson

Have you ever seen a UFO and do you believe in extra-terrestrial life? Today is World UFO Day, and we're being encouraged to look to the skies and report any strange phenomena we might see.

We're certainly not alone in the universe

– Shaun Ryder

One man who dedicates his life to researching these strange phenomena is Malcolm Robinson, who says he has seen UFOs first-hand. We're also joined by musician Shaun Ryder to chat about his extra-terrestrial experiences.

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Are you feeling tattoo regret?

Are you feeling tattoo regret? Are you itching to remove the ink?

On Monday's show, we will have a tattoo fixer team live in the studio, and we're looking for volunteers who want to say bye to the bodyart. Do you want to remove an ex partner's name? Or did you ink first and think later? Perhaps you're going for a new job which requires tattoo removal.

Email thismorning@itv.com by Friday 3rd July at 6pm. Please include your name, telephone number and a photograph of your tattoo. You must be 18 or over.

Terms and conditions

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Need travel advice?

With so many problems around the world right now, we are here to answer your travel problems. Have you been caught up in Calais? Are you bothered by the situation in Greece? Have the tragic events in Tunisia left you worried about travelling abroad or any upcoming holidays?

Gov Uk – Travel Advice A-Z of countries

Gov UK – Travel Advice France

Gov UK – Travel Advice Greece

Gov UK – Travel Advice Tunisia

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