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Mum and daughter spend £60k for Katie Price look

I just love the fake look! I love Katie Price, Josie Cunningham. I just love the fake look!

– Mum Georgina Clarke

What lengths would you go to to look like your favourite celebrity? Maybe you'd get the same haircut or shop for the same style of clothes?

But for 38-year-old Georgina Clarke and her 20-year-old daughter Kayla Morris that wasn’t enough, as the pair have spent almost £60,000 on plastic surgery to look like their idol Katie Price. Georgina likes Katie’s current look while her daughter is a fan of the Jordan look!

Kayla and Georgina have transformed themselves... but they plan to go further

The great vape debate

The most common reason for trying an e-cigarette is smokers trying to quit.

– Deborah Arnott from ASH

Health officials in Britain have recently endorsed e-cigarettes, saying they are 95% safer than tobacco equivalents, and even suggesting doctors should be able to prescribe the devices to smokers trying to quit.

Today we meet Deborah Arnott from ASH (Action on Smoking & Health) who is pro vaping, and journalist Kelly Rose Bradford who in contrast strongly believes that e-cigarettes should be banned in public places.

Dr Dawn is also on hand with her medical opinion to set the record straight regarding these controversial devices.

I think the problem is that [e-cigarettes] are normalising smoking to a whole new generation of children.

– Kelly Rose Bradford

Do great white sharks live in British waters?

What we have seen is unprecedented...I actually got in the water with a whale!

– Ben Fogle

With great white sharks being reported in British waters, Ben Fogle has been on a mission to discover the beasts of the deep off the coast of Ireland - with the help of a 30ft dead whale as bait.

Ben's documentary is due to air in 2016, and we'll be talking to him from the Celtic Deep via satellite phone, to see what he's found out.

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What does Farage think of immigration figures?

Controlling your borders and looking after your own people is not about right or left - it's about common sense

– UKIP leader Nigel Farage

With the latest immigration figures from the Office of National Statistics estimating net migration to the UK as 330,000 in the year to March 2015, we'll be talking to Nigel Farage about why HE thinks our government has failed, and seeing what our viewers think about the latest figures and his beliefs on immigration.

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Been scammed or avoided one? Get in touch!

People are being scammed right now, while we're on air. It happens every day.

– Dean Dunham

People's Champion Dean Dunham is back on the show to help us avoid getting scammed, and we want to hear from you.

Maybe you've avoided a scam after seeing Dean on the show last week? Perhaps you think you have been scammed but are not too sure? Or have you noticed a new scam that could catch people unawares?

Email thismorning@itv.com by Thursday 27 August by 6pm. Please include your name and telephone number.

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