I finally married my first love... after finding out he wasn't dead

They say love conquers all and that was definitely the case for childhood sweethearts Gill Turner (née Smith) and Barry Turner. When the couple met as teenagers they fell in love and were engaged to be married two years later. Sadly life got in the way, the couple split and Gill was told Barry had died in a horrific motor bike accident.

Gill and Barry as teenage sweethearts

But 52 years after they set eyes on each other, the couple’s flame was reignited. So how did they find each other after such a long time and why did it take 52 years for them to get their happy ending?

Gill and Barry join us now to share their love story.

Who should pay on a first date?

On Monday night's episode of First Dates, Mary was left 'fuming' after her date Brian said they would split the bill 50/50. Some viewers said that women fought for equality and should not expect a man to pay. But should a gentleman always pay, or is it only fair for it to be split 50/50? Let's get this debate started!

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My millionaire dads and me! Britain's first gay dads, 16 years on

Millionaires Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow made history in 1999, when they became the first gay couple to father children by a surrogate mother.

Sixteen years and five kids later, their eldest twins Saffron and Aspen have just celebrated a milestone birthday. To mark the event, Tony and Barrie hosted a huge Sweet 16 party and even gave Aspen a £110k Porsche.

The couple join us alongside Saffron and Aspen live from New York to tell us why they think it’s important to spoil their children, whether they might have baby number six, and how their own reality TV show could be on the horizon.

Terrifying tower block blaze caused by faulty dryer

The findings of an investigation into a West London tower block fire that took 120 firefighters to tackle have all but certainly concluded it was started by a tumble dryer. Not only did the family living in the flat have their lives destroyed, but four others in the 18-story high rise have also been rehoused following the events on Friday. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The tumble dryer is believed to be one of millions that have been recalled by manufacturer Whirlpool. It's sadly a story we've reported on far too many times before. For nearly a year now, Alice Beer has been campaigning for consumers and she joins us again now - alongside Charlie Pugsley from the London Fire Brigade who says he would tell consumers simply to do away with Whirlpool’s current advice and turn off their defective tumble dryers off until they’re repaired.


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Freephone helpline: 0800 151 0905

My husband is 71, but I'm determined to have his baby

In all honesty I don't care what people think - it's not their relationship to worry about

– Samantha Delmege

We are often told that true love knows no boundaries and this is certainly the case for newlyweds Max, 71, and Samantha Delmege, 32. Their nearly 40-year age gap didn’t stop the couple tying the knot last year and now they are trying desperately for a baby.

Despite Max already being a grandfather twice over, and being old enough to be Samantha’s grandad, the couple have begun gruelling IVF treatment to achieve their dream of becoming parents. Max and Samantha now join us live from Australia.

Should the burkini be banned on the beach?

Images of French armed police officers ordering a Muslim woman to remove her burkini on a packed Nice beach has further fuelled a debate over the banning of the full-body Islamic swimsuit because of its alleged links to terrorism.

Critics claim the clothing is provocative in the current climate of fear, while those opposed to the ban say the beachwear does not cover the face, and is popular with non-Muslims seeking protection from the sun.

But should the burkini be banned on popular holiday beaches or does a woman have a right to dress as she wishes without being intimidated and asked to publicly remove items of clothing? We’re joined by practising Muslim Lauren Booth and broadcaster James Whale to discuss.