Parents who try to be their children’s best friends are 'doing more harm than good'

Parents who try to be their children’s best friends are doing more harm than good, a leading headmaster has said.

Mothers and Fathers are increasingly succumbing to “buddy syndrome”, according to Dr Martin Stephen, the principal of The National Mathematics and Science College.

The imposition of clear parent-child boundaries is crucial for a child’s development, he argues.

He joined us today to defend his views.

Simple steps to getting a good night's sleep

We’re in the midst of a 'sleep loss epidemic' says Professor Matthew Walker, and it’s 'the greatest public health challenge' we currently face.

Matthew's bestselling book, Why We Sleep, argues that we’re starving ourselves of adequate kip, contributing to a range of serious physical, mental and neurological problems including obesity, depression and dementia.

Sleep is the 'bedrock' of a healthy and long life says Matthew, and he joins us today to explain how we can all get a good night’s kip.

Coercive control: The abuse which leaves no bruises

It’s a patterned behaviour - startlingly similar in almost every case. It’s the sweeping you off your feet and the suggestion that you might improve yourself if you only listen to him

– Helen Walmsley-Johnson on her experience of coercive control

Coercive control is the abuse that leaves no bruises, breaks spirits and robs victims of their sense of identity.

It took Helen Walmsley-Johnson years to realise she was emotionally battered by one boyfriend who controlled her every move.

She joins us today in a bid to make others take a closer look at their own experiences.

The creepy museum... live in our studio!

We’ve had a haunted doll in the studio and who can forget our overnight shoot with the paranormal teddy bear - who made one of our producers sick?

Today prepare for even more creepiness as paranormal collector Neil Packer packs up his antique collection from his Leicester museum and brings them into our studio.

From a World War II wheelchair to a Victorian doctor’s bag - Neil reveals the stories behind the possessed possessions.

The carpool karaoke video that made James Corden cry

We wouldn't change a thing about our children, but we'd change the world for them. The barriers we come across are all because of perceptions of our children.

– Mum Rebecca Carless who started the campaign

James Corden has called it the most beautiful carpool karaoke he's ever seen and even admitted it made him cry - it’s the video of 50 mums lip-syncing and signing Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years alongside their children with Down’s Syndrome.

Since being uploaded on Friday, the video has been viewed over a million times and has been released to support World Down Syndrome Day tomorrow with the hashtag #WouldntChangeAThing.

Rebecca Carless who came up with the idea said she wanted as many people as possible to see it - and realise mums of children with Down’s Syndrome are just normal mums who love their kids and wouldn’t change them for the world.