Would you volunteer to go on your child's school trip?

A father from Essex has become an online hit after live tweeting a hilarious account of his day as a volunteer on his daughter’s school trip to the Science Museum. Simon Smith instantly regretted his decision to help, calling the day chaotic and like ‘carnage’! He's since deleted the tweets and has admitted to being a-bit flexible with the truth to make a funnier account of his day.

We are joined by mum of four Liz Fraser and mum of two Vanessa Feltz to give us their take on this viral story.

On a mission from heaven: Meet the women who believe they are Earth Angels

They’re mothers, wives and even ex-estate agents but Michelle Gordon, Sarah Rebecca Vine and Ruth Bradshaw believe they are also Earth Angels, who have been sent from Heaven to make the Earth a better place. Not only that, they believe they can identify fellow Earth Angels, and are fairly sure our very own Phillip and Holly may themselves be celestial beings!

They join us to tell us more about their rare gift and to reveal why being an angel isn’t always that easy!

Could your child see past a disfigurement?

Not everyone in the world is kind, and people online can be quite cruel

– Nikki Lilly

Shocking figures released today from charity Changing Faces reveal that less than a third of young people would be friends with someone with a visible difference such as a deformity or scar. The charity also found that concerns about looks start early, with children as young as seven worrying about their own appearance.

Joining us to reveal the reality of living with a facial deformity is 13-year-old-vlogger Nikki Lilly who was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation (resulting in a severe swelling and deformity of the face) when she was six, and our Toff, whose severe acne made her the victim of online bullies and trolls.

One year since the Manchester Arena bombing

Tuesday marks the first anniversary of the Manchester bombing after the Ariana Grande concert at the MEN arena.

Today we meet two of the brave fans who were there that night. Lucy Jarvis was just a few yards away from the bomber. She’s started to walk again 12 months after overcoming her injuries.

We also speak to Millie Robson, who met the Queen whilst she was recovering in hospital and whose mum has set up the charity Bee Happy 2gether to help children suffering from trauma and PTSD. Plus Mojo the dog is here alongside handler Phil, to tell us about being among the first on the scene that fateful night.

'It still felt like a family wedding'

On Friday’s show Alice Beer met 12-year-old Amelia Thompson who was given the full This Morning makeover treatment to get her ready for the royal wedding.

Plus - one lady called Dee told us about her 17-year-old son Cameron who bagged an invite too.

They’re both here in the studio as they reveal what it was like to be right in the heart of the action.

Manchester terror attack survivor 'very excited' to be going to the royal wedding

Amelia Thompson was caught up in the Manchester terror attack and is one of the 1,200 people invited to attend the Royal wedding tomorrow.

Amelia has also kindly offered her plus one to Sharon Goodman, whose granddaughter Olivia was tragically killed in the terror attack.

They join Alice Beer in Windsor to talk about their excitement ahead of tomorrow and Amelia’s makeover from the This Morning team.