Meet Roo the bouncing kangaroo dog

What do dogs and kangaroos have in common? Very little, except in the case of five-month-old mongrel puppy Roo, who bounces around on her hind legs and resembles one of the famous marsupials!

Joining us is Nikki Dick, who - along with her husband Ian - adopted Roo last December after she was rescued in Romania by British animal charity Safe Rescue For Dogs, to talk about her bouncing best friend's rehabilitation.

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Cheated on while pregnant

It's enough to have you reaching for gas and air - as if pregnancy weren't tough enough for most women, news from a recent study has revealed that one in 10 men will cheat on their wife or partner while she's expecting.

This happened to Lauraine Dineen. Her partner cheated on her while she was pregnant with their first child: at his stag do, and later when they'd reconciled. She joins Eamonn and Ruth to talk about her experience.

With her, and back-to-camera for reasons that will become clear, is serial mistress Susan, she admits to being the other woman to a married man whose wife was pregnant - and says that a lot of men actually feel turned OFF by their pregnant wives.

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My mum stole and spent my inheritance

Denvar Bathie was left on the brink of suicide after her mother Trudy Collins - whom she considered her best friend - stole her £5,000 savings and £15,000 of a £20,000 inheritance left to her by her beloved late father.

The money was set aside for Denvar's dream wedding, an event that her mum was helping her to plan.

Trudy received a suspended sentence and was ordered to pay back only £100. From drinking heavily and contemplating taking her own life, to anxiety attacks and depression, Denvar joins us to talk about the shocking impact this betrayal has had on her life.

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Need advice about debt from Martin Lewis?

Are you struggling with debt? Are the bills from Christmas piling up and you don't know how to pay them off? On Monday's show Martin Lewis will be taking your calls to help with your debt problems.

If you have a question email with your name and telephone number by 10:30am on Monday 26 Jan for the chance to have your question answered. You must be over 18. Terms can be viewed at

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Suffering from stress and anger issues?

A recent study has revealed that a startling 87% of working mums are suffering from stress and anger issues in what has been labelled The Female Anger Epidemic. We'll be taking your calls on this today.

Are you increasingly losing your temper? Perhaps you constantly feel as though you're about to snap or maybe things are so bad you're finding it difficult to control yourself when the red mist comes down. Maybe it's your partner who can't control her anger and you have concerns?

Dr Dawn Harper and stress and anxiety expert Richard Reid are here to take your calls.

For advice see our stress and anger helplines and our parenting helplines

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Thank you so very much...

Last night we picked up a National Television Award for the Best Daytime Show and it means the world to us because it was voted for by you.

As Phillip wasn't able to attend the awards due to recording his new ITV show You're Back In The Room and with Holly still on maternity leave, Phillip wanted to record this message for everyone who allows us into their home every weekday morning.

Our viewers mean the world to us. And if you're reading this we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your loyalty and support are what keeps us going. Thank you for making all the early starts and late nights totally worth it. We wouldn't have ths award if it wasn't for you.

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