POLL: Are you in favour of PM's plans to bomb Syria?

Today MPs will debate a crunch vote on whether to launch air strikes against Islamic State in Syria. Prime Minister David Cameron has urged all parties to back him but the debate has intensified in recent days, with anti-war marches across the country and warnings over civilian casualties.

We're joined by Afghanistan war veteran and double amputee Sergeant Rick Clement, who believes the only way to defeat IS is to 'take them on in their own backyard', and former MP and anti-war protester George Galloway, who calls Mr Cameron's plans 'ill conceived, ill intentioned and ill-fated'.

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Should prisoners ever be released for Christmas?

Around 100 prisoners serving life sentences for some of the most series crimes will be released on leave to spend Christmas with their families. That's the unnerving prediction behind figures uncovered by Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley. According to the Department of Justice, temporary licenses can be granted to prisoners to help them reintegrate into society. But is celebrating Christmas at home a pleasure they don't deserve?

We're joined by Pamela Martin, whose son's killer was photographed in a pub on Christmas Day while he was out on home leave in December 2008 and Juliet Lyon, the Director of the charity Prison Reform Trust, who believes that release on temporary licence, or ROTL, is an essential part of resettlement, and rehabilitation.

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Hot money-saving tips for the cold months

Baby it’s cold outside… so naturally energy use is rising – but most people are massively overpaying and can save £100s in minutes. Our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here to warm you up with his energy saving tips.

I don't know whether to GRRR or BRRR. It's cold, so energy use is rising, but 7 in 10 UK homes frustratingly still overpay by an average 35%. Yet it's EASY to sort. It takes minutes to find your cheapest, then it's switched in 17 days. And don't worry, there's no service break – your heating stays on.

Should there be a sugar tax?

With Parliament meeting today to debate the 20% sugar tax proposed by Jamie Oliver's campaign, we're asking whether or not this will work. Is this a nanny state move, should there be a tax on high sugar products or should labelling be clearer with teaspoons instead of grams so we can make our own informed decisions?

We're joined by paediatric nutritionist Jennifer Rosborough from Action On Sugar and Dr Uchenna Okoye, a dentist who says the rise in children being treated for sugar related dental work is shocking. However, strongly opposed to the sugar tax is the Daily Mail's Andrew Pierce, who thinks this is a typical example of 'nanny state junk'.

Michaela Strachan on why lion hunting should stop

Canned hunting is breeding lions in captivity to be sold to the hunting industry to be shot for trophies

– Michaela Strachan

On the 1st July, millions around the world were shocked by the death of Cecil the Lion who was brutally hunted by an illegal party of big game hunters.

Since then, lion conservationists have campaigned to expose the savage world of trophy hunting of lions.

Now, in a new documentary film Blood Lions, Michaela Strachan's husband, Nick Chevallier, goes undercover to reveal what really goes on at these hunting lodges.