Jailed for letting my kids play truant

Mother-of-six Claudia Ward was jailed last year for letting her children choose whether to go to school - saying being out in the sunshine was more beneficial than the classroom.

With her children registered absent for around a third of all school time, the authorities began to intervene - but Claudia stood her ground. After a suspended sentence in 2012, she still failed to act - and now says the jail sentence was the wake-up call she needed.

Claudia joins us to explain why it's only now that her children have 'perfect' attendance at school.

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Are you a stressed out parent?

A report out today reveals the top 10 things that stress parents out. They include being woken up early in the morning by your kids, bedtime, and tidying up after them.

This is the subject of our phone-in. Are you a stressed out parent? Perhaps you're at your wits end. Do you find putting your kids to bed a nightly struggle? Maybe there's a daily disaster at the dinner table, or is it dropping them off at the school gates that becomes an ordeal? Whatever your issue, we want to hear from you.

Broadcaster, family writer and mum-of-three Liz Fraser is here to take your calls.

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The crime that rallied the nation

He needs to go to prison because otherwise he might just do it to somebody else - he could still do it to somebody else afterwards so I would like the law to take its course

– Alan Barnes on his attacker's punishment

Earlier this year Alan Barnes was horrifically attacked, left injured and petrified to return to his own home, he didn't know how he'd move on with his life. But in an almost unheard of turn of events a local lady, Katie Cutler decided to help him.

What she did for him completely changed his life, they're both here today ahead of his attacker's sentencing this Thursday.

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