Take part in today's revenge phone-in

On today's show Denise Robertson is here to take your calls on revenge.

Are you the victim of someone's revenge? Or the loved one of someone who's been betrayed? Have you ever got your own back and regretted it, or do you stand by your decision? Perhaps you're unsure how to deal with resentment and need advice.

Whatever your revenge story, we would like to hear from you. You must be 18 or over. Please call 08000 30 40 44 (lines open now and close at 11:15 this morning). Or email with your name and contact telephone number to thismorning@itv.com. Terms and conditions apply. Go to itv.com/terms.

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I was a victim of revenge porn

Distributing sexually explicit pictures and footage of individuals on the Internet, or via text, has become ever more common, as people seek easy ways to exact revenge on former partners when a relationship has ended.

When community worker Thomas Samuel from Bristol posted revenge porn of his ex-girlfriend Folami Prehaye, it was viewed almost 50,000 times. Samuel set up a spoof profile of his former partner on a social networking site after a bitter break-up and sent links to her family and friends.

Folami says his actions have left her feeling violated, and she joins us today to tell us about her terrible ordeal and how she's trying to turn the negative into a positive, by making others think before they take pictures, and offering advice on how to get pictures taken off websites.

Sex and relationships helplines

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Holidays during term time - fine, or fined?

Let us know what you think about term-time holidays by voting in our Twitter poll below, and watch today's show to see the results.

In the week that the papers reported on one headmistress being allowed to book a term-time trip to the Caribbean, experts are encouraging schools to make a more "common sense approach" to parents taking their children out of school.

We meet mother of six Amanda Moss who was threatened with a fine and possible prosecution after her and her husband took their six children away during term time. The school eventually backed down, but Amanda says parents are priced out of family holidays, and the only way to afford a break, is to take the kids out of school.

We're also joined by Kelly Rose Bradford, who believes mothers like Amanda are selfish and compromising their children's education.

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Does penis size matter?

The size of a man's penis is often seen as a joke or banter in the changing room, but according to a recent survey, one in five British men are unhappy with the size of their penis. The average length is approximately 5.5 inches, which can create a psychological insecurity for any man who doesn't measure up.

US actor Patrick Moote

I have set the bar low and women are pleasantly surprised

– US actor Patrick Moote on his love life now

Three years ago, American comedian and actor Patrick Moote's public marriage proposal was turned down in front of a hundreds of basketball fans. The reason behind his girlfriend's rejection? His penis was too small.

Despite admitting he is only "just below average" it prompted Patrick to embark upon a personal quest of his own - making a documentary called UnHung Hero to ask the age-old question: does size really matter?

He joins us to discuss why he told the world the exact reason why he was dumped and reveals what his love life is like now.

He says: "I have set the bar low and women are pleasantly surprised."

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Should tattoos be allowed at work?

Should you be allowed to have your tattoos on display in the workplace?

Student teacher Charlotte Tumilty made headlines after she was sent home from school because her arms, neck and fingers had tattoos on them.

Sally Jones thinks they were right to send her home. But Steffi Rox doesn't know why anyone would have a problem with what someone else chooses to do with their body.

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Working together to protect children

Three years ago Hertfordshire Constabulary became the first police force to launch a Joint Child Protection Investigation Team made up of both police officers and social workers. There are 48 police officers and 13 social work staff in the team and each year they handle around 4000 cases.

Criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas is given unique access to the unit and its investigations into neglect and child abuse, and in the studio Phillip and Amanda are joined by social worker Beverly Ford and Detective Sergeant Sue Warren to discuss how they are working together to help protect neglected and abused children.

For advice see our child abuse and survivor support helplines and child neglect helplines

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