How far can the Missing People Choir go in BGT?

Everyday someone comes up and mentions Claudia so it's there all the time. It's the not knowing. It does just eat away at you.

– Claudia Lawrence's father Peter on the search for his missing daughter

The Missing People Choir is a choir with a difference. Each member of the choir has experienced the living hell of having a loved one go missing and never be found. But together they have found comfort, friendship and strength through the power of song.

This was never more apparent than The Missing People Choir’s incredibly poignant audition for Britain’s Got Talent back in April, which has been viewed over two million times on YouTube. This weekend the choir return to the show to discover if they will make it to the live final.

Joining us today are Peter Boxell, Peter Lawrence, and Denise Horvath-Allan, who tell us what the choir means to them, and the many others who have lost someone.

Meet the fairy godmothers for curvy brides

Wedding dress shopping can be as daunting an experience as it is exciting, but if you’re a plus-size bride-to-be, finding the dress of your dreams in a sea of sample-size-eight gowns can be disheartening.

But fret not - inspired by their own miserable experience shopping for their plus-size wedding dresses, Jo Cooke and Alison Law have created a paradise for brides above size 16. In a new show Curvy Brides Boutique, the self-proclaimed foundering members of the ‘Fat Bird Mafia’ help bigger brides find that perfect dress.

The men and women working to keep us safe every day

We are all potential surveillance officers and a front line defence to forewarn the authorities

– Security expert Will Geddes

The horrors of Monday 22nd May will stay firmly in our memories forever. It was the attack which slipped through the UK security services’ net and some critics rushed to question how counter-terror police could have missed the warning signs. But yesterday, a Whitehall source jumped to their defence, revealing that five significant plots have been foiled in just two months.

So with Manchester’s City game tonight, Saturday’s FA Cup final, plus the start of the half-term getaway, how can we be sure we will be sufficiently protected? Joining us today to discuss just how the security service and police are working to keep us safe every day, are security expert Will Geddes and terrorism expert Hannah Stuart.

Children's Hospice Week: Ferne visits Julia's House

There are 49,000 children and young people in the UK living with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition, that’s equivalent to one child in every school. This week is Children’s Hospice Week, and UK charity Together for Short Lives has been turning up the volume all week to celebrate all of the amazing services supporting children and families up and down the county.

Together for Short Lives says there's a worrying lack of public understanding of what children’s palliative care is, and families are often fearful about children’s hospices. So Ferne McCann is with families and staff at Julia’s House Children’s Hospice in Dorset today to open the doors and show us what it’s all about.

Heroes of Manchester: The emergency services

When a major incident like this is declared, everyone pulls out the stops

– Dr Ranj on the response of the emergency services to the Manchester attack

The Manchester terror attack has sadly claimed the lives of 22 people with many more seriously injured and still being treated in hospitals across Manchester.

With nurses and doctors working around the clock to help those injured, our own frontline hospital worker and paediatrician Dr Ranj joins us today discuss the courage of his colleagues and our NHS heroes.

'We're standing together in unity'

We both look towards the future - we don't see any colour and don't see any creed - that way, we may be able to come up with a more amiable situation

– Renee on her friendship with Sadiq

After the horrifying terror attack on Monday night, many people have come out to show their respects. But it's the image of 93-year-old Renee Black and her friend Sadiq Patel holding each other whilst reading the tributes and messages of support left at Albert Square in Manchester that has captured the unity of the United Kingdom.

One a Muslim, the other a Jew, Renee and Sadiq join us live from their hometown of Blackburn to tell us how we all need to stand together, despite our religious beliefs.

The homeless hero of Manchester

People do look at homeless people and tarnish us all with the same brush and think that we haven’t got a heart. I saw people stepping over children that night, stepping over them to get away and leaving children, and to me that wasn’t the right thing to be done

– Manchester’s homeless hero Stephen Jones

Homeless and forced to beg on the streets outside of Manchester Arena, Stephen Jones was one of the first to help those injured by the bomb blast on Monday night.

He joins us to give his harrowing account of the moment he rushed to help the severely wounded children.

And Stephen's message of love, not hate is spreading. His heroic actions have caught the attention of West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan and his son Dave Sullivan Junior, and Dave joins us in the studio to talk about how they managed to track Stephen down in the hope of rewarding him for his bravery.

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