Is a phobia ruining your life?

Are you living with a phobia that is ruining your life? Have you tried everything to fight your debilitating phobia and don't know where else to turn? Perhaps you are embarrassed to open up about it because it is an unusual or rare phobia? Whatever the phobia, however unusual it may be, we want to hear from you.

Schema conditioning psychotherapists Nik and Eva Speakman are here to help.

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Prime Minister, please save my life

Abi Longfellow was once a happy, outgoing child. But this all changed in 2013 when Abi was diagnosed with Dense Deposit Disease, a rare kidney condition.

For the last two years Abi has been through agonising treatment, facing ten hours of dialysis every day to keep her kidneys functioning. Her only hope now is a kidney transplant, but without the crucial drug Eculizumab it is simply too dangerous. However, Abi's condition is so rare, affecting just one in two million people, that the drug is not available on the NHS - leaving her family to fund the £60,000 medical bill themselves.

Abi joins us today with her parents Jo and Andrew to talk about her fight for this lifesaving drug.

Kidney disease helplines

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Julia Bradbury on motherhood and gruelling IVF

You have to remain positive, you have to try to be happy

– Julia Bradbury

She earned the nickname Walking Man's Crumpet after fronting numerous outdoor programmes including Countryfile and Wainwright's Walks.

But behind the scenes, presenter Julia Bradbury, 44, has had her own personal mountains to climb.

Desperate to give her four-year-old son Zephyr siblings, she endured five gruelling cycles of IVF. And in March she finally gave birth to twins Xanthe and Zena, but only after a complicated 11-hour labour where she lost more than four pints of blood.

Julia joins us today to discuss her latest additions to her bundle of miracles and why she is happy being a mum in her 40s.

Endometriosis helplines

IVF, donor conception and surrogacy helplines

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Addicted to social media phone-in

Does your partner spend more time on social media than with the family? Are you fed up of a friend bragging about every little thing they do?

Call us on​ 08000 30 40 44. Calls are free from BT landlines, although calls from some mobiles and other networks may be charged. You can also email us at - you must be 18 or over and we need to hear from you b​y​ 11:30 ​today.​​ ​​

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Foreign getaways, UK getaways and UK days out

Today is the day that millions of kids (and their parents) have been waiting for - in just a few hours time schools in England and Wales break up for half term!

So today Travel Supermarket's Bob Atkinson is here with some last-minute getaways both abroad and on UK soil. As Scotland and Ireland get the bank holiday but not the full week Bob's also got some amazing day trips up his sleeve.