Phone-in: Do you have empty nest syndrome?

A new report out today says one in seven mums actually feel less upset about their children leaving home than they expected. But do you agree? Are you dreading the thought of your kids moving out? Maybe your children have moved back in and ruined your peace! Perhaps you feel guilty that you can’t wait for your grown up kids to fly the nest? Denise Robertson is here to take your calls.

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This Morning's Baby Face: Holly and Harrison

Last month we launched our Baby Face competition to find Britain’s bonniest baby! 9,000 of you sent in photos and now they’ve been whittled down to six semi-finalists who will compete for the prize of a two-year modelling contract. Today we meet two of our semi-finalists, Holly and Harrison, to find out how they coped with their first ever photo-shoot.

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Arlene supports Alzheimer's Research for dad Abraham

There is this awful emptiness, like watching a train go through a tunnel

– Arlene Phillips on watching her father deteriorate with dementia

There are more than 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia; something choreographer Arlene Phillips knows only too well. Arlene's father Abraham was an intelligent, smart and self-sufficient man. That was until dementia ravaged his mind, robbing him of his mental abilities and leaving him a shell of his former self.

Since his death 15 years ago, Arlene has been fighting for more investment for research into dementia and is now backing a new campaign launched by Alzheimer's Research UK.

Arlene joins us today to discuss the tragic death of her father, her regrets and the improvements she would like to see.

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How to do less... but get more!

Uh-oh! According to recent research from the Royal Economic Society, the majority of people are happiest before the age of 25 and then not again until after 65. That's 40 years in which millions of people are stuck in a state of making do, and are only moderately happy.

But there IS good news if you want to change your life, so happiness is not left to your retirement years.

If you're tired of being tired, and want drastic life improvement Shaa Wasmund thinks she has the answer with her new Book Do Less, Get More - which includes some controversial suggestions.

BOOK: Do Less, Get More is out this Thursday

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Struggling with childcare costs? Let Martin help!

The Government announced plans in the Queen’s Speech to give working parents with three and four-year-olds 30 hours of free childcare per week from 2017. Yet many parents already struggle with childcare costs, and with the summer holidays on their way, plus massive changes to childcare due later this year, we thought it time to bring in our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis to help now.