Advice for worried travellers

It has been Britain's worst terrorist atrocity since the 7/7 attack. As we go to air, we still don't know the full death toll of Britons killed on a Tunisian beach at the weekend. But it's feared more than 30 who left the UK for a sunshine break have died.

We'll have all the travel advice on where to go and where to miss if you are heading abroad and Denise, plus security expert Will Geddes and travel writer Lyn Hughes will take your calls on anything that has upset you or worried you about the weekend's news.

What do you tell your children for instance? Are you about to cancel your travel plans? And what can be done about the terrorist threat, do you think as some of the papers are suggesting this morning that the SAS should be sent in to Syria to hunt the terrorists and is that at all practical?

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Scammed out of my life savings

Everything I've ever worked for has gone now.

– Susan Tollefsen

Susan Tollefsen met an Italian man online, and fell for his charm and attention.

Glen, as he called himself, told her they had friends in common and the two were soon speaking everyday.

After six months, he started to ask her for money - and before she knew it, she'd handed over £160,000 of her life savings.

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Martin Lewis's haggling tips

Haggling is alive and kicking on the UK high street – while most people walk in and pay the price on the tag, an army of savvy bargain hunters know it’s all about asking for a discount. So our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here to reveal the top 10 stores to try it in and his tips for slashing the price.

What does Tunisia attack mean for holidaymakers?

It's very, very difficult to prevent something like this

– Will Geddes

After last Friday's horrific attack on sunbathing tourists on a beach on Tunisia, many holidaymakers are left wondering whether they will be safe on holiday.

Was this a planned attack and were British tourists the intended targets? What does this mean for people visiting the area this summer? We speak to terrorism and security expert Will Geddes and travel editor Lyn Hughes to find out more.

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From sunbathing to running for our lives

It was surreal… but I would go back

– Jess Shotton won't let terrorists put her off visiting Tunisia again

There was terror in Tunisia last Friday as a terrorist attack claimed the lives of at least 15 Britons.

Hearing screams and running for her life, we speak to 23-year-old Jess Shotton who was sunbathing on the beach with her family when the gunman opened fire. She joins us to recount that fateful day when she and her family fled for their lives.

Jess told Phillip and Amanda, “I can’t make sense of it, it’s all a bit surreal to be honest… Out the corner of my eye I saw a little bit of commotion but there was always entertainment going on and watersports so I just assumed it was a similar sort of thing, but I sat up to have a look and I could see people running very low to the ground and then I heard gunshots and people screaming.”

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Live from Tunisia

At least 37 people were gunned down in a terrifying terrorist attack on a Tunisian beach on Friday afternoon with 15 Brits among the victims. IS have claimed responsibility for the murders and have named 23-year-old student Seifeddine Rezgu as the gunman who was later shot by police.

Richard Gaisford reports live from the beach where the attack took place, and speaks to British holidaymakers who are staying in the area - having decided not to return home early.

Notes and flowers can be seen on the beach of the Imperial Marhaba Hotel in Sousse

Do dating apps encourage less committed relationships?

Temptation is everywhere... everything is so accessible.

– Rebecca Jane

Candace Bushnell, the writer behind Carrie Bradshaw's romantic misadventures in Sex and the City, blames the surge in online dating tools such as Tinder for people - particularly men - being less committed to relationships than they once were. Candace is stumped by the rise of dating apps and websites, which she claims means people are 'always looking for a bigger and better deal'.

Debating the issue today we have Rebecca Jane, who runs a female only private detective agency and who agrees fully with Candace saying "we don't even date anymore - we are driven by image". On the other side, Eden Blackman - online dating expert and founder of Would Like To Meet - disagrees saying, "her view is extreme, and people have cheated for centuries - dating apps are just another platform."

Online relationship safety helplines

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