Our son took his own life because of Snapchat bullies

Sam Abel was a bright and funny 14 year old all set to make his mark on the world - until he committed suicide earlier this year, falling to his death from a supermarket car park.

His parents believe he was bullied to death - tormented both at school and via social media app Snapchat.

It’s a story that closely echoes that of Megan Evans, who also took her own life this year following online bullying, and whose mum Nicola inspired our Be Kind campaign with a hugely emotional interview back in February.

Sam’s heartbroken parents Anita and Mark join us alongside Nicola to share their story.

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Term-time holidays: 'If I knew what I know today, I would have paid £60'

Genuinely it’s a badge of honour, I’m quite happy to be a criminal for taking my daughter on holiday. If it’s a price I have to pay, it’s a price I’ll accept.

– Jon Platt

It’s been going on for more than two years and has resonated with parents everywhere - but now the landmark legal battle between education chiefs and a father who took his daughter on holiday in term-time is finally over. Found guilty on Friday when the case returned to the magistrates’ court, Jon Platt tells us he will now pay the fine and admits that, with hindsight, he wouldn’t have challenged it in the first place.

How safe are your kitchen appliances?

As police reveal the Grenfell Tower fire started in a Hotpoint fridge-freezer which wasn't subject to a safety recall but is now at the centre of a government investigation, we ask: how safe is your fridge?

The London Fire Brigade has long been calling for plastic-backed models to be banned in the UK, releasing shocking video footage to emphasise how quickly a blaze can take hold. And what about your other kitchen appliances? Do they also pose a fire risk?

Consumer editor Alice Beer is here to talk through the potential dangers - and what can be done to lessen them, alongside Dave Sibert, a former fire fighter who is now the National Fire Safety Advisor to the Fire Brigades Union.


Consumers who believe they may have a Hotpoint fridge freezer model number FF175BP (white) or FF175BG (grey) should call our freephone hotline on 0800 316 3826 or visit hotpointservice.co.uk/fridgefreezer so that we can register their details and contact them with further information.

Meet the mum who's spent £100,000 to look like Barbie - all because of bullying

I wanted to change my look completely, I didn't like myself as Kerry at all so I went for the plunge and just went quite extreme.

– Kerry on her brand new Barbie look

She's often perceived as the perfect woman, with her long blonde hair, tiny waist and big bust. But would you want to look like Barbie?

Kerry Miles has spent £100,000 transforming herself into a human version of the doll - and even comes with her own box.

Kerry even says that she would divorce her husband - who isn’t a fan of her plastic looks - if he forced her to forget her Barbie ways.

Bargain holiday car hire, cheaper water bills and free burgers!

Know your tap water rights, sort your summer care hire now, water-saving FREEBIES and FREE £10ish burger. These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

Firefighter Lucy Masoud says her colleagues are 'heartbroken' by Grenfell Tower fire

My colleagues are heartbroken, devastated and frustrated that they couldn't save more people

– Firefighter Lucy Masoud says her colleagues are struggling to cope with the events at Grenfell Tower

The public applauded the work of the fire service for their bravery and heroism whilst attending the devastating Grenfell Tower Fire.

But for those hundreds of firefighters at the scene, many don't see themselves as heroes and will never forget the lives they could not save.

Firefighter Lucy Masoud was off duty when the blaze broke out but attended the following afternoon. She's since witnessed many of her colleagues struggle to cope with what they saw that day.

Our Be Kind campaign goes into schools

The students have made the school an incredible community that they feel is their home

– Lucy Alexander praises the incredible work of Levenshulme High School

Once a failing school where pupils feared for their safety in the corridors, Levenshulme High in Manchester has turned its fortunes around and is now advising the government on how to clamp down on bullying.

So what is their secret to success? Lucy Alexander, whose son was driven to suicide after being bullied, visited the school to find out.

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