'Thrown in a Thai prison for trying to bring my son home'

He flew 6000 miles, shelled out thousands of pounds and enlisted the help of a leading expert to bring his son back home after he was taken to Thailand by his ex-wife. But for dad Jodie Smith the nightmare of losing 10-year-old Joleon didn’t end when they were reunited in a remote village in rural Thailand. Instead, Jodie found himself locked up in a Thai prison, sharing a cramped cell with violent criminals who had him fearing for his life.

Jodie was freed earlier this month and he joins us today to describe his traumatic experience.

POLL: Would you give your teenage daughter a vibrator?

When it comes to talking about what goes on in the bedroom, are sex toys, female pleasure and masturbation the final taboo?

Well, after a recent article by a sex-expert claims we need to tackle the ‘pleasure gap’ between men and women by giving all teenage girls a vibrator, we’re asking is this too much too young? Or simply the best way to banish the stigma surrounding women’s sexual pleasure and to encourage girls to learn about their own bodies?

One woman who is disgusted by this suggestion is comedian and qualified social worker Judi Love who feels that such ideas are stripping young girls of their innocence. She joins us to discuss alongside relationship expert Annabelle Knight who thinks it’s a great idea! But what do you think? Have your say in our poll!

Danielle Lloyd: Vaginal rejuvenation stopped my incontinence

It's one of life's greatest miracles - but childbirth can wreak havoc on a woman's body for years to come. So, could the cure to a whole host of womanly ailments really come in the form of a 30-minute beauty treatment? Well, according to Danielle Lloyd, it can. After suffering from incontinence since the birth of her second child, Danielle decided to undergo a quick and easy non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment. The results? Well, they're so good that her mum, Jackie, wants to undergo the same treatment to help with her menopause.

Danielle and Jackie join us live to tell us why they think every woman should consider vaginal rejuvenation.

Jamie Oliver takes on the battle against childhood obesity

It’s official - British children are among the fattest in the world and the most overweight in western Europe. Today, a group of politicians, campaigners and celebrities are sending a letter to the Prime Minister to do something about it. And it’s the man who got us to ditch the turkey twizzlers who is leading the fight against the junk food.

We'll hear from Jamie Oliver on his latest mission to keep Britain healthy!

What happens next for Alfie Evans?

Heartbroken parents Tom Evans and Kate James have been locked in a bitter court battle to allow their little boy Alfie Evans to live. But yesterday, in an emergency meeting at the High Court in Manchester, a judge ruled 23-month-old Alfie won’t be able to travel to Italy for treatment and Liverpool’s Alder Hey Hospital will continue with the end of care life plan for Alfie.

It’s the final devastating blow for Alfie’s parents, who have fought tirelessly against the decision to have their son taken off life support. And as Alfie continues to cling to life after being taken off of ventilation support by the hospital, what is next for this little boy?

What happens when rich kids go skint?

She’s used to eating out at least twice a day, spending thousands on her appearance and has never washed a dish in her whole life - so what happens when 21-year-old self-proclaimed ‘Persian Kardashian’ Sepii from North London swaps her life of luxury for life on the breadline with a family of five in Manchester?

From shopping on a budget to cooking and cleaning, new Channel 5 show Rich Kids Go Skint gives us an insight into what life is like for the other side. Sepii joins us alongside the husband and wife duo who have taught her a few life lessons.

'I chose my friends' weddings over a home of my own'

It’s always an honour to be invited to a friend’s wedding, but would you ever choose a wedding over your own home?

Well, Georgina Childs racked up debt and spent over £13,000 attending 14 weddings and 13 hen dos in the space of just four years. With credit card bills getting bigger and sinking further into her overdraft, she found herself with no option other than to give up her home.