Some TLC to get your feet beach ready

Are your fella's feet a far-cry from beach-ready? Do your toes need some TLC? Well, we want to hear from you!

Nominate your man's plates of meat or your own for the chance to get your feet pedicured to perfection with the help of our beauty expert Bryony Blake.

Get in touch by emailing your nomination to by 5pm on Monday 6th July. Please give your name, a contact telephone number, who you are nominating and why and a photo of his 'foul' feet (or your own). You must be 18 or over and be available to come to the studios in London next Wednesday 8th July.

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Eamonn's white suit goes down a storm!

Eamonn debuted a new white suit today and sent twitter into meltdown with a mixed (but huge) reaction.

What do you think? We think he looks quite dapper.

Are short skirts in school a distraction?

Parent's reactions have been mixed... 9 out of 10 have been in favour

– Dr Rowena Blencowe, headmistress of Trentham High School

In today’s papers it’s reported that Trentham High School, Stoke on Trent, announced that as of September, school skirts are banned, and all girls must wear ‘business like’ trousers instead. The reason being, that it is not pleasant for male members of staff, and acts as a complete distraction.

We ask if it’s right to ban skirts in school. Joining us to debate the subject, is Dr Rowena Blencowe, the headmistress of Trentham High School, who believes that banning skirts is the only suitable option, and former teacher, Richard Riddell, who thinks that a blanket ban on skirts is a cop out and shows lack of discipline!

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