We want to hear your dating dilemmas

On Wednesday's show, we'll be taking your calls on dating. Have you had a disastrous date you'd like to share with us? Perhaps you've been dating someone for a while but don't know if you, or they, want more commitment? Or maybe you're currently dating someone and don't know if it's the right time to sleep with them?

Whatever your dating dilemma email us at thismorning@itv.com with your name and contact telephone number. We need your emails by 11:30 on Wednesday 28th January. You must be 18 or over.

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I'm a Frozen superfan!

It was the movie of 2014, making £723 billion worldwide. Today Phillip and Christine meet 21-year-old Frozen superfan Kirsty Taylor, who is so obsessed with the Disney hit that she has spent hundreds of pounds on merchandise, named her dog after the main character Elsa and even convinced her boyfriend to dress up as ice hero Kristoff.

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Frozen superfan Kirsty even has he

'I'm a sex toy returns administrator!'

That completely took us by surprise ... do you wear gloves?

– Phillip Schofield

We’ve had a shark tank cleaner and a wax work hairdresser and even a man who lives in his car. Who’ll be this week’s Guest Who?

Phillip and Christine interview a member of the public, but they have no idea who they are or what they do!

My unborn baby was stabbed

When Lauren Oliver was 34 weeks pregnant, her ex boyfriend, cage fighter Nicholas Leaning stabbed her five times in the stomach, hoping their baby would die.

Harper, now a happy, healthy seven-month-old, survived only because she was in the breech position - and Lauren was saved because her pregnancy fat protected her vital organs. Nicholas was sentenced to 19 years in prison and Lauren and Harper are both here today.

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How to get the guy in 60 days

A new study by eHarmony has revealed that we Brits are more interested in dating between January and February than the rest of the year.

Are you a single women looking for the one, but having trouble finding him? Well, you may be in luck, as today Phillip and Christine meet author Blake Lavak who claims he can get any woman the man she wants within 60 days.

According to Blake, the days of waiting for the man to make the move, and playing it cool, are over, and it's all about being available and focusing your attention on him - and yes that means in the bedroom too!

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Heard of doga? It's yoga... for dogs!

Health and fitness has long been the preserve of the Hollywood A-lister, so it was only a matter of time before their dogs started doing yoga!

This week fitness fanatic Hugh Jackman caught his French Bulldog Dali doing what looked like a yoga position first thing in the morning. And it looks like Dali isn't the only one as a Doggy Yoga, or Doga centre in London has been enjoying a steady rise in membership over the last couple of years.

Today we are joined by chief Yogi Mahny Djahanguiri and her Dogi Robbie the Maltese Terrier who will lead a unique class in which we will see five owners working with their dogs to stretch and tone using techniques designed with dogs and their owners in mind.