Buster the hero dog

They say that dogs are a man's best friend, but there are few that would have put their lives on the line like the one we're about to meet.

In the heat and dust of Afghanistan, RAF Police Flight Sergeant Will Barrow and his bright-eyed springer spaniel Buster risked their lives every day dodging the Taliban's sniper bullets as they went out on foot patrol.

Today we are joined by Will and his four-legged best friend, to talk about how Buster - who has saved countless lives - has a nose for danger, but a heart of gold.

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Born in the USA - three months early

For Lee Johnston and his fiancée Katie Amos, a trip to New York was going to be their last big holiday before Katie gave birth to their son Dax. With just under three months before her due date, Katie didn't have any concerns... but Dax decided he was impatient to get into the world.

Born 11 weeks prematurely, Dax had to stay in hospital in America, stranding mum and dad with no money, nowhere to stay, and £130,000 of medical bills. Now, seven weeks later, Dax is well enough to return home and mum, dad and baby son are on the sofa to talk about their American adventure.

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Fighting the extremists radicalising our kids

The masked Islamic State militant nicknamed Jihadi John was yesterday named in reports as Londoner Mohammed Emwazi. Jihadi John rose to notoriety after appearing in a series of online videos in which he appeared to behead Western hostages.

Reports appearing to reveal his identity come in the same the week it emerged a primary school in Slough is now teaching pupils how to resist radicalisation.

One person who knows the dangers of radicalisation all too is well is Sucdi Ali, the aunt of 15-year-old Yusra Husein, who is believed to have fled to Syria to become a jihadi bride last year. We're joined this morning by Sucdi and family friend Anira Khokhar, along with the governor of Slough Islamic Primary School Zafar Ali.

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Have you been teaching your dog new tricks?

Does your canine pal have a special skill that you're dying to show us? If so we want to hear from you!

Please send a short video of your dog showing off its special talent, with your name, age and a contact telephone number to thismorning@itv.com. Closing date for entries is 5pm on Friday 27 February 2015. You must be 18 or over. Terms and conditions at itv.com/terms.

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Whistleblowing phone-in - get help and support

Have you witnessed something suspicious and don't know whether to tell? Maybe you're a teacher with worries at school or you know a child in a vulnerable position? Perhaps you are a neighbour concerned about something you've seen, or have you been keeping a secret for years about someone and are finally ready to speak out?

Denise Robertson and Mark Williams Thomas take your calls.

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What could have been done to stop Jimmy Savile?

He became untouchable, because he was so revered by the hospital

– Mark Williams Thomas on Jimmy Savile

A report out this morning publishes the full extent of Savile's evil abuse at Stoke Mandeville Hospital - and the procedures that could have prevented it. We're live with child protection expert Mark Williams Thomas, and we'll speak with a hospital worker who says she was there when the shamed DJ stalked the wards.

Statement from Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Chair of Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Hattie Llewelyn-Davies said: On behalf of the NHS organisations that existed at that time – and on behalf of the NHS today - I want to say sorry to all of Jimmy Savile’s victims. I know how difficult it must have been for you to come forward and tell your stories after such a long time.Today Stoke Mandeville is a very different place. The Investigation says that now: “The Trust has a safeguarding team of experienced and qualified staff members who are fully aware of the importance of safeguarding” and it “has not found any safeguarding related situation where either children or vulnerable adults have been at risk.”

The report says the Trust “has a comprehensive set of evidence-based and fit-for-purpose policies and procedures” and it concludes that at the present time, “safeguarding processes are appropriate, and the safety of both children and vulnerable adults is not thought to be at risk.”

We’ve made real improvements. We are developing a culture of openness, transparency and engagement. We are also encouraging our staff to speak out when they see practice that falls below acceptable standards.

We will continue to support the people who were abused by Savile. We owe it to them that we listen and learn, that we remain constantly vigilant, and that we continue to improve our services. I promise we will do just that.

The ultimate responsibility for the shocking activities of Jimmy Savile must rest with the man himself but that doesn’t absolve anybody from learning the lessons that emerge from this important report.

Child abuse and survivor support helplines

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