Got a summer money dilemma for Martin Lewis?

Are you considering splashing the cash on something big this summer but you're not sure if you can afford it? Do you want to know if you can afford to make a big summer purchase? Are you trying to decide if you can take your family away on holiday? If you have a question for which you a need a clear Yes or No answer then get in touch as Martin Lewis will be here this week to help you with your summer money dilemmas.

Email thismorning@itv.comwith your name, your number and your dilemma by 12pm on Wednesday the 8 July.

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Should men be banned from the delivery room?

According to a top obstetrician, the key to giving birth easily is shutting off altogether - which means leaving the father outside!

We’re joined by agony aunt Denise Robertson and midwife Jackie Nash who take your calls. So should men be banned from the delivery room? Did your man help or hinder you in the delivery room? Are you a father who thinks that you have just as much right to be at the birth as your partner? Or would you have preferred to wait outside?

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Would you be accepted by Beautiful People?

Are you one of the beautiful people? Do you think you have the face to gain you access to one of the most exclusive and elitist online dating sites in the world?

On Tuesday's show, we are joined by co-creator of Beautiful People, Greg Hodge, and if you fancy finding out what your chances of being accepted onto such a site would be, please email with a photo and brief bit about yourself. You must be 18 or over to take part and have emailed us before 9am Tuesday 7 July.

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How to keep safe when lightning strikes

This weekend two people tragically lost their lives on the Brecon Beacons and two more people are in hospital after lightning strikes in the UK this weekend.

Today we are looking at the threat of lightning and the measures you can take to remain safe. What are the questions you have about the current weather situation? Have you always heard a way to avoid being struck with lightning that you are not sure works? Do you have a routine when you see thunderstorms on the horizon? Or have you had the chance to take some shots of the recent dramatic weather?

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Are you feeling tattoo regret?

In life we all make mistakes, be it a dodgy tongue piercing or a bad colour hair dye. But while these are easily remedied, tattoos are very tricky (and costly) to get rid of.

However, although many people think a bad tattoo is for life, there are a growing number of tattoo artists who specialise in taking a bad tattoo and turning it into something beautiful. Today we are joined by two men who do just that: Jay Hutton and Sketch from E4's Tattoo Fixers. They will be transforming the terrible tattoos of two viewers live in the studio.

TV: Tattoo fixers is on Tuesdays at 10pm on E4

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Judy Murray on Andy and Miss-Hits

The focus may be on Andy Murray over the next fortnight, but tennis fans know just how much his mum Judy Murray has had on his career and his brother Jamie. Judy has produced not one but two Wimbledon champions (elder son Jamie won the mixed doubles with Jelena Jankovic in 2007).

But what about the girls? Judy is an advocate for women's tennis, eager to leave a junior girls' legacy and has launched a new programme Miss-Hits, aimed at girls aged five to eight, to get more young girls playing the sport.

Judy joins us today to tell us about her new initiative, what the future of tennis holds in store for British female players and we ask if the Duchess of Cornwall really did put Andy's sweaty wristband in her handbag!

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Princess Charlotte's royal christening

It was the biggest royal christening since, well, the royal christening of Prince George in 2013.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was flanked by 3500 well-wishers yesterday who came in their droves to catch a glimpse of her as she was pushed along in a vintage pram by her doting mother Kate as Prince William held the hand of a very jolly Prince George.

Royal corespondent Emily Nash was at the scene and she joins us today alongside royal photographer Arthur Edwards.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George and Princess Charlotte (in pram) as they leave the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, Norfolk, after Charlotte's christening

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Princess Charlotte in her pram arriving at the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham for the #RoyalChristening

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