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The little girl who can finally walk meets Santa

Her parents have said it's the 'best Christmas present they have ever received'... the moment their three-year-old daughter was able to walk unaided to visit Santa Claus three months after groundbreaking surgery.

Esme Hodge was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Spastic Diplegia and was unable to walk without a special frame... that's until her family raised £80,000 for life changing surgery in America, an operation which is not performed on children as young as Esme on the NHS.

Despite doctors’ estimations of a 6-12 month recovery period, Esme has defied the odds, walking into Santa’s grotto and declaring: ‘Look Santa, I can walk!’

She now plans to walk into the school classroom in September. But first joined us alongside her proud mum, Angela.

Should we ban teacher's Christmas presents?

One school in Falkirk has suggested a ban on buying Christmas gifts for teachers - believing it puts too much pressure on cash-strapped families. But what do you think? Are you planning on buying a gift for your child's teacher this year? If so, how much would you spend? Let us know in our poll below!

Will you be buying a gift for your child's teacher?

According to a This Morning poll, most of us plan on buying a present for our children’s teachers this Christmas. That can’t be said for some parents in Falkirk though; one school has suggested a ban on buying Christmas gifts for teachers, believing it puts too much pressure on cash strapped families. Someone who disagrees is headmaster Serge Cefai, who says children should be able to show gratitude to their teachers, meanwhile Sarah Relf says teachers' presents have got out of control and they're doing a job like everyone else.

Watch the debate and have your say...

Bullied boy Keaton Jones speaks out

It’s the bullying story that’s got everyone talking. American schoolboy Keaton Jones and his mum Kimberly hit the headlines earlier this week when they posted a heart wrenching video online, in which Keaton spoke candidly about the extreme abuse he was enduring.

Having swiftly gone viral and garnered reactions from celebrities and members of the public worldwide, the family also faced criticism for some photos alleging racist views. In an exclusive UK interview we speak to Kimberly and Keaton, live from Tennessee, as they have their say.

Is a puppy the world's worst secret Santa gift?

It’s a well-known saying but unfortunately thousands of people per year ignore the expression ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ including one person who this year brought a puppy as a secret santa gift which was then dumped a week later.

Today we go live to Canterbury Dogs Trust with spokesperson Maria Wickes who will tell us more about this issue alongside dumped puppy Elf, and five-month-old border terrier, Ted who urgently needs rehoming. Rick Stein will then be joining us on the sofa to give us his opinion on this subject.

It's Never Too Late... to appear on a TV show

This week Caroline Norton tells us how she’s spent her adult life just known as ‘Alan’s wife’. Sadly her husband has passed away, and Caroline wants to chase her dream to appear on a TV show.

Who better to help her than our Rylan AND Sheridan Smith?

Our miracle baby was born with her heart outside her body

For Naomi Findlay and Dean Wilkins the excitement of finding out they were having a baby soon turned into nine months of fear when they were told during Naomi's nine week scan that the baby's heart was growing outside of her body.

Despite being told that a termination was the best option, Naomi refused. Remarkably, baby Vanellope was born on the 22 November and she's become the first baby in Britain to survive with a heart outside of her body. We're joined now by mum Naomi Findlay.