Throuple: Is three a crowd?

Adam, Brooke and Jane share everything! Living together since early this year, the threesome are in a polyamorous relationship.

That means that all three are in love with each other, sharing a home, family duties, cooking, cleaning and even a bed. And now, they have a baby together. Life as a throuple isn't always straight forward but they think their family is perfectly normal.

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Teddy's legacy makes Thursday's Best Bit

We have a sobering reflection of Thursday's show for our presenters Best Bit, as they recall the bravery and generosity of Mike Houlston and Jess Evans, the parents of who is believed to be Britain's youngest ever organ donor.

Their baby boy Teddy lived for just under two hours, and yesterday his twin brother Noah celebrated his first birthday.

Watch Phillip and Amanda's full interview with the family

Sign up to donate your organs today

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Are you a new mum in need of pampering?

As The Duchess of Cambridge prepares to give birth to her second baby, This Morning is looking for new mums who are looking for some quick fix beauty tips to pamper themselves whilst their newborn is sleeping or when they have two minutes to themselves.

If you fancy the chance of appearing on the show, please email a picture of yourself to by Monday 27 April at 6pm. Please include your name, contact telephone number, age, location and details of when you gave birth. You must be 18 or over, terms can be viewed at

The gift of life: organ donor phone in

Are you, or is someone in your family, the recipient of a donor's organ?

We held an open phone-in to say thanks to the family of the person whose death meant you could have a better life.

Help and advice on organ donation

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The woman who lost 17 years from her memory

Naomi Jacobs went to sleep one night in 2008 as a 32-year-old mother, and woke up the next morning believing she was a fifteen-year-old school girl. She did not recognise the house she woke up in, the futuristic technology around her, nor her ten-year-old son, Leo.

With the help of her personal diaries and those close to her, Naomi set about piecing together as much as she could of her missing years. Naomi is here to discuss being diagnosed with dissociative amnesia and how she got over her traumatic experience.

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