Rylan throws our Text Santa bash!

The ITV Text Santa appeal reaches its high point tonight with a three hour live show. To kick off the day in joyous style we are throwing a party for around 50 people from two of the charities Text Santa supports: Together for Short Lives and Teenage Cancer Trust.

Viewers decided Rylan should host the party and he has since been busy transforming a room at ITV tower into his winter wonderland. We'll be popping into the party throughout the show to see how Rylan and his guests are getting on!

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Sharky and George, children's entertainers

Michael J Fitch, magician

Clownfish for the Snow Globe

Rents a Santa for St Nicholas (Santa)

Are 'family shaming' videos harmful?

It definitely worked, it gave them something to work towards. I wanted them to really work for the presents Father Christmas is going to bring.

– Laura Cole

Last week Laura Cole, 32, from Epsom, Surrey, devised a plan to get her children to behave. She gave Tyler, eight, and Freya, four, a letter from Santa telling them they were on the naughty list, then filmed their reaction as they burst into tears. She uploaded the footage to YouTube, where it has been watched 103,000 times.

While these online videos are funny, experts warn that 'family-shaming' can be harmful to both children and adults, and psychological therapist Emma Kenny warns that posting disciplinary videos online can leave a child open to bullying.

Both Emma and Laura joined us today to discuss the issues raised.

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