Martin explains those Tesco Clubcard Reward changes

Tesco Clubcard Reward changes, self-assessment deadline warning, Boots up to 70% off boost and free £125 NatWest switching bonus. These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

'I was an obese nurse, now others need our support'

As one of Britain's four chief nursing officers, Fiona McQueen was responsible for drawing up policy on how best to tackle the growing problem of obesity.

With one in four nurses in England obese, Fiona herself was seven stone overweight, and chronically unfit. She admits she feels guilty doing the job she did when she was so overweight herself and says someone should have put their hand up and said ‘you’re too fat’.

Fiona McQueen before losing seven stone

What's more, she says we should have the courage to be honest with one another when someone we know is overweight and tell them.

'Beaten by my mother... but I still love her'

Beaten, bathed in ice and made to eat dirt - Louise Allen's mother stole her childhood with unspeakable acts, and it's clear now she should never have been allowed to care for a child.

Adopted in 1968 when she was just six weeks old, Louise was supposed to have found sanctuary, a family and a future in her new mother’s loving care. But her adopted mother turned out to be a deeply disturbed woman, with a horrific past herself.

You'd expect that Louise would have wanted to get as far away from her as soon as she was old enough. But, despite her appalling cruelty, Louise did the exact opposite, choosing to care for her mother until her death aged 86. Louise joins us in the studio today.

'I was a victim of revenge porn'

The relationship between YouTube star Chrissy Chambers and her ex-boyfriend had long been over and she thought he was a thing of the past. But Chrissy was horrified to find that years later explicit videos of her had been taken without her knowledge by her ex-boyfriend and uploaded and shared on multiple porn sites. This is what has come to be known as revenge porn.

On Wednesday, Chrissy won her landmark revenge porn case against her ex-boyfriend at the High Court. Chrissy joins us now to talk about the horror of seeing herself online and the battle for justice against the man who had done this to her, alongside psychologist Emma Kenny who has a stark warning for parents.

Revenge porn helpline

Helpline: 0845 6000 459 (10-4 Mon-Fri)

Call us for free, confidential advice and support. Whilst we cannot guarantee removal of all images online, our exceptional partnerships with the internet industry partners allows us to minimise the reach, and some of the harm caused by revenge porn. We understand how difficult it can be to talk about this issue, and sometimes it takes our clients a few attempts to pluck up the courage to speak to us directly or share their identity. If you would like to start a conversation with us, without sharing your personal information (at least to start with) you can use our anonymous tool Whisper.

Modern day Crocodile Dundee brings a live croc into the studio

Growing up in Papua New Guinea and the Australian outback, Matt Wright has previously worked as a horse wrangler, an oil rig worker, a soldier in the Australian Army, a crocodile egg collector, and a professional chopper pilot and instructor.

Today, Matt is a wildlife relocator, surrounding himself with the world’s most dangerous animals while on a mission to keep them safe, and preserving them in the wildlife.

In his new series Monster Croc Wrangler on Nat Geo WILD, Matt can be seen wrestling wild bulls, rescuing crocodiles whilst dangling hundreds of feet below a helicopter and confronting killer snakes, but today Matt’s swapped the Australian outback for our studio swamp and oh yeah… he’s brought a five-foot long reptile friend along with him too.

POLL: Would you object to your partner liking pictures of their ex on social media?

On Thursday's show we're talking microcheating... and we want to know what you think about it!

Would you consider liking a photo of your ex-partner, sending heart or flower emoji to other people or saving mobile phone contact details of someone from the opposite sex under a false name as cheating?

Well according to psychologist Martin Graff, that's all it takes for partners to be considered as unfaithful...

Vote in our poll above to tell us if you would object to your partner liking picture of their ex on social media.

Should energy drinks be banned in schools?

A teacher has quit her job after claiming that she's sick of children 'pumped up and high on energy drinks' ruining lessons and swearing at her.

So do you think energy drinks should be banned in schools? Vote in our poll above and let us know what you think...

The widowed dad inspiring the nation with his SAS adventure

At the time, I was completely helpless. I was on the phone to the police on the other line. Listening, talking. I didn’t know what had happened to the children until I heard the cry on the phone.

– Dan Cross

On Sunday night, viewers were left in floods of tears hearing the story of Dan Cross on SAS: Who Dares Wins. Dan revealed his shocking reason for entering the show, shortly before he was forced to withdraw with a knee injury. The stunned SAS trainers listened intently, as Dan revealed he had been on the phone to his wife, when a schizophrenic intruder broke in and stabbed her to death.

Dan has chosen to do this interview, because watching This Morning, (his wife’s favourite show), helped him through some of his darkest hours. He’s now using the experience to help others, through charity work and even training as a counsellor.