Ben Fogle: Our pets are highly intelligent and need our protection

Government ministers have ditched animal welfare plans that disregard their feelings and emotions - that’s a decision made during the same week that a lonely dog supposedly died of a broken heart after being abandoned by its owners in a Colombian airport.

The once healthy pooch was said to have searched for her masters before giving up food, and spiralling into depression, and later passing away in the corner of the airport lounge

Die-hard animal lover Ben Fogle says dogs are much smarter and more emotional than politicians believe them to be. He joins us alongside his beloved Lab Storm to campaign for more protection for our pets - calling for UK wide licences to ensure they’re properly looked after as the government continues to backtrack on animal welfare.

'My 11 months of hell for protecting my family from a burglar'

47-year-old dad of three Carl Sinclair is a free man after being charged with attacking a burglar who threatened his home and family while they slept.

The former railway safety Manager confronted criminal Hughie Hendry when he heard the front door being tampered with - punching him to the ground. His wife called the police who later arrested Hendry, but it was Carl who was charged and spent almost a year fearing a potential three to five year jail sentence for ‘wounding’ Hendry. Thankfully, a jury took minutes to clear him - but Carl says it never should have got to that point: his life has been ‘left in tatters’ and he’s been made to feel like a ‘nasty criminal’ for simply protecting his family.

He joins us alongside his wife Nicola who both believe our justice system needs changing and that victims should be ‘protected, not punished’.

Should fathers be able to take their daughters into the female toilets?

Should dads ever set foot in the ladies loo? Even if it’s to take their young daughters to the bathroom?

One mum’s comment has fuelled an online debate after she remarked that it was inappropriate for her husband to take their daughter into the female toilets. A large number of Mumsnet users have agreed with her, whilst others have suggested dads should take their daughters into the disabled loo instead. So is it ever okay?

Claire Muldoon says absolutely not - and the idea of a man walking into the ladies bathrooms is totally uncalled for, whilst Sally Jones says there is no much fuss surrounding privacy and it shouldn't be a problem.

Let us know what you think by voting in our poll below.

Martin Lewis: Tips and tricks for shopping online this Christmas

It’s Black Friday week. While most of the big deals haven’t yet been released, many shops are going to be doing their best to target your spending impulses – especially online with deals, codes and discounts emailed into your inbox. So who better to dictate the bargains from the balderdash than our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis…

POLL: How long do you spend getting to work?

Rail commuters are spending over two hours getting to and from work every day as travel times increase for Britain's workers, a new study reveals.

Workers now take an average of 27 DAYS A YEAR getting to and from work after travel times increased by five minutes a day compared to a decade ago, the TUC said.

How long do you spend commuting to work every day?

FREE letter from Santa and FREE posh soup! 🍲

It pays to have friends, FREE letter from Santa, FREE posh soup and double-up Nectar points boost. These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

Alex Reid: 'I went to Charles Bronson's wedding'

Earlier this week, Charles Bronson tied the knot for a third time to soap actress Paula Williamson.

Charles Bronson

Among his guests at the prison wedding was Katie Price’s former husband and reality star Alex Reid. He joins us this morning to reveal all the goings on from inside what is being dubbed this year’s most bizarre ceremony.

Also joining us is Bronson’s first wife Irene Dunroe, who has a warning for his new bride.

What are the power-hungry appliances in your home?

This winter 85% of households in the UK (that's 23 million households) are planning on rationing their use of gas and electricity in a bid to keep costs down and their heating up. But does that mean you have to cut back on your cuppa, turn off your tumbler or minimise your microwave use?

Alice Beer is here to show you how to get a handle on your heating by cutting back on the more influential household appliances that are eating your energy.