Are mums being bullied over breastfeeding?

A shock new study out today reveals that while breast may be best, the pressure to breastfeed is now so great that mums who bottle-feed their babies are almost a third more likely to suffer abuse in public than those who nurse naturally.

Today we'll be speaking to Emma Taylor who thinks some mums say they can't breastfeed... but actually choose not to and Laura Oakley who thinks that mums who bottle feed shouldn't be made to feel guilty.

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Assisted suicide phone-in: Denise offers advice

Assisted suicide is the subject of today's phone-in. Are you someone who is considering assisted suicide? Do you know someone who has done it? Perhaps a loved-one wants to do it and you are desperate to stop them? Maybe you are in good health now but will not think twice about assisted suicide if you get very ill?

Whatever your stance, our agony aunt Denise Robertson is here to talk your calls.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide helplines

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Does the lunch-hour bum lift work?

The owner of one of the world's most famous bums, Miss Kylie Minogue, celebrates her 47th birthday on Thursday, so we've asked Dr Anita Sturnham to show us how the Exilis Elite treatment could help you get a popstar derrière in under an hour - without going under the knife.

Putting the treatment to the test is 31-year-old mum-of-three Carlie, who'll test the procedure during the show.

Jason spends £36k a year chasing autographs

Everyone loves spotting a celeb, but Jason Thanos has made a career out of it. The autograph hunter spends £36,000 a year chasing stars such as Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise just to get their name scribbled on a piece of paper!

The father of one from Manchester spends days outside premieres waiting for the stars, but it's worth it as some autographs fetch up to thousands of pounds and he now earns a living from selling his prized autographs.

Should assisted suicide be made legal in the UK?

It was a surreal experience. It was good in one way because we knew mum was going to die on a certain date so we could make the most of the time

– Peter Squires travelled to Dignitas with his mother in 2012

The right to live or die debate was reignited after it came to light that dad-of-three Jeffrey Spector killed himself at a Swiss assisted suicide clinic.

He claimed he would still be alive today if UK laws were changed, but he chose to die at Dignitas on May 22 because he feared becoming a burden on his family.

Today, as we ask whether assisted suicide should finally be made legal in the UK, we are joined by Peter Squires, whose mother travelled to Dignitas in 2012, and Dr Colin Harte, who opposes a change in the law, arguing it will put many vulnerable people at risk.

Is a phobia ruining your life?

Are you living with a phobia that is ruining your life? Have you tried everything to fight your debilitating phobia and don't know where else to turn? Perhaps you are embarrassed to open up about it because it is an unusual or rare phobia? Whatever the phobia, however unusual it may be, we want to hear from you.

Schema conditioning psychotherapists Nik and Eva Speakman are here to help.

Phobia helplines

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