We've all got puppy love for our little friend

Are you joking? Is she staying? Oh my God! She is absolutely beautiful...

– Holly Willoughby's happy about the new pup!

Watch the moment Holly gets introduced to our new family member, a little pup with a big personality who quickly makes herself at home in the TM studio.

And she's a puppy with a special mission too, as she's just started her training to become a guide dog.

Explaining our puppy's role, Jayne George, director of fundraising and marketing at the Guid Dogs charity said, “The great thing about being in the studio is it's something she hasn’t experienced, it’s the only way she’ll experience it and it’ll teach her to cope with the unexpected which is what guide dogs have to do once they are fully trained.”

Our puppy needs a name

More about our gorgeous This Morning puppy

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Name our This Morning puppy

It's finally happened - we've got a This Morning puppy! And she's not just any puppy, she's a very special Guide Dog in training.

But something is missing - her name! And that's where you come in.

  1. Choose a name suitable for this girl puppy beginning with C (because each litter of Guide Dogs is allocated a specific letter of the alphabet). The name must be one or two syllables long and cannot sound like a command.

  2. Write your chosen puppy name in the subject title of an email (anywhere else and it may not be considered) and email it to thismorning@itv.com by 12:30pm today Tuesday 1 September. Please only send us one name per email address.

  3. We'll shortlist five names from all those suggested (these may not be the most popular names) and put them to the vote this Wednesday 2 September from 10:30am, right here!

  4. Voting will close at 11:30am on Thursday 3 September, and the name of our new puppy will be revealed at the end of Thursday's show

Submission terms at itv.com/terms

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Have you caught any funny summer moments on camera?

We hope you've managed to snap a few good memories on your camera or phone during the summer...

But holiday pics don't always work out as planned, so if you've got a photo fail, photobomb or selfie gone wrong, share it with us and make us smile this September!

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Meet the do-gooders who sheltered soaked dog

After pictures of a mystery couple sheltering a dog from heavy rain in Dover earlier in the week went viral, we tracked down the pair of friends and today they join us to tell us about the story of do-gooding that has touched the heart of the nation.

Plus vet Joe Inglis joins us via Skype to discuss dog health.

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