Ask Jo Frost: How can I get my two sons to sleep?

Research out today reveals new parents will lose out on more than 650 hours sleep in the first year of their baby’s life, leaving a third feeling depressed and one in 20 even worried their tiredness levels could put them or their baby in danger.

After reflecting on the shocking statistics, parenting expert Jo Frost takes viewers’ calls on their children’s sleep issues - including a question from Laura who can't get her two sons to sleep on time.

We're on the lookout for unsigned artists

If you are an unsigned band or artist and would like the chance for your song to be used in one of our fashion features, This Morning wants to hear from you!

Please note: For those shortlisted, a member of our Music Team will be in contact to confirm copyright details alongside the execution of a Licence To Use Material by the Music Right's Holder. If the copyright check fails along the process your music might not be used for the purposes of the broadcast.

Should Britain ban the burka?

With the general election just 6 weeks away, the political parties are setting out their key manifesto points in a bid to win votes. So will UKIP’s pledge to ban the burka in Britain go down well with the electorate? Party leader Paul Nuttall says the garment is a barrier to social harmony and a security risk - but is he right?

Debating the issue today are Sahar Al-Faifi, who wears a burka herself and believes true integration should mean women can wear what they like, and Dr Taj Hargey, who has backed UKIP’s announcement, believing there is no logic behind Muslim women covering up in the UK.

Could *this* be the most popular tweet of all time?

Carter Wilkerson really loves chicken nuggets. So much so, that it has almost made him the author of one of the most popular tweets of all time - even beating Ellen DeGeneres' popular Oscars selfie!

The 16 year old from Nevada, tweeted fast food restaurant Wendys: 'Yo @Wendys how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?', with a shocking reply of '18 million'! As the story started to spread across Twitter, it soon gained momentum, now with over 3.2million retweets!

Holly and Phillip chat to Carter, and we want to support him on his mission for a year's supply of chicken nuggets, so why not show your support and retweet him below?

Stephanie says she's 'proud' of Jeremy and introduces us to baby Caben-Albi

I'm really proud of him, because it's been a long time coming

– Stephanie Davis

She's the former soap star who found her life splashed across the front pages after her tumultuous relationship with fellow housemate Jeremy McConnell made waves in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Now, after a vicious and very public paternity debate, Stephanie Davis is firmly looking to the future as she juggles new motherhood with the pitfalls of celebrity.

Stephanie joins us on the sofa alongside newborn son Caben-Albi to reveal everything about motherhood, why she’s ready to forgive and forget, and what’s next for her on-off relationship with Jeremy.

Bolster your bank account in time for summer

Easter’s now past, and we’re heading for summer, so thoughts turn to holidays and good times. A problem tends to be a shortage of cash. So we asked our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis to come up with five easy ways to bolster your bank account. Here’s what he has to say…

If you need more money the obvious ways are work more, find better paid work, or flog things, but I wanted to try and find a few less obvious routes…

'I discovered my husband had five fiancées, two wives and thirteen children!'

When Mary Turner Thomson met CIA agent William Jordan online, she felt that she had found a real life Superman. Mary fell head over heels in love with who she thought was the man of her dreams. But as the truth began to unravel, Mary found herself at the centre of a story which wouldn't feel out of place on the pages of a crime novel.

Not only was William lying about who he was, he was also a convicted conman and bigamist with two wives, five fiancées and 13 children. Now 11 years later, Mary has set up an online group for all of William’s victims.

Mary with William

Mary joins Phillip and Holly to talk about her sham marriage, losing everything she owned - and to warn the world that William is now out of prison, and could be up to his old tricks.