Terror alert: What does laptop ban on some flights mean for you?

Today marks the first anniversary of the terror attacks in Belgium that prompted raised security measures in airports across the world. Now the British government has announced a cabin baggage ban on laptops on direct passenger flights to the UK from six different countries in the Middle East and Africa.

So why has the ban come into force and what does it mean for you? To help answer those questions, we're joined by Simon Calder and security expert Sally Leivesley.

This Morning throws a wedding 2017

Would you like to get married live on TV?

Have you been hoping to tie the knot this spring? Well, we are looking for a couple to let us help organise and throw their wedding on This Morning!

So if you fancy Gok designing your wedding outfit, Phil Vickery creating your three-course wedding meal and Bryony Blake on the wedding make-up then read on.

This is not a competition - we're looking for couples who want to take part. Both you and your partner must be 18 or over and eligible to marry in the UK. You must be a resident of the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

More details to come soon - chat with your partner, make sure you're both keen on the idea and keep checking this page for more details!

Take the pledge to support our 'Be Kind' campaign

Across the country, today, there are children spending the day in fear. Too frightened to go to school. Too frightened to speak out. Too frightened to tell anyone. Across the country, today, children are being bullied.

As part of 'This Morning's Be Kind' campaign we want you to watch this video. You'll hear from two mums whose children took their own lives as a result of the bullying they experienced. Then hit the pledge button. Pledge to watch this video with your children. Pledge to help your children know they can ask for help, for them to know someone cares and for them to know how important it is to BE KIND.

If you're in Scotland, you can watch the video here.

I had no idea my husband was a paedophile

To many, Alice Wells and her young children seem to be a normal family, still coming to terms with the loss of their husband and father 10 years ago. In reality, she holds the dark secret that for many years she was married to a paedophile who abused their own daughter, and became involved in child pornography websites, all under Alice's unsuspecting nose.

Ten years after discovering her husband's horrifying betrayal, Alice has turned her own experience into a book, Eating the Elephant, in the hope that she can help others suffering the same torment. Alice joins Holly and Phillip to talk about her book, what she and her young children have been through, and how she never knew her husband's true colours until it was too late.

'I couldn't imagine it could get better, but it has, it really has'

Last week we launched our This Morning Be Kind campaign. Over 168,000 of you have been to our website and pledged to watch an online video with your children to encourage them to talk about bullying.

One of the inspirations for the campaign was a phone call we received live on the show back in November from a mum whose son was being bullied. The call stayed with us in the weeks and months that followed and moved hundreds of you to get in touch. You sent cards, letters and gifts, all of which we forwarded on your behalf.

We're pleased to say that the young man whose mum called us up got in touch with us yesterday. This is what he said:

I would like to thank everyone for their cards, letters, books and pictures. Your support and encouragement has made me realise not everybody is bad in the world. You all helped in giving me the hope and encouragement I needed so badly. I am now in a better place mentally and attend education part time. I really feel I'm almost back on track and the future feels much brighter. Without everyone's support I would not be alive. If you're being bullied - don't bottle it all up. Make sure you tell more than one person and always tell people you know and trust. I couldn't imagine it could get better, but it has, it really has.

– Viewer's son who was being bullied