Love at first sight: I married the man on the train

It was July 2003, and Zoe Folbigg was getting on her usual train, the 8:21 from Hitchen, Hertfordshire to London when she spotted him - the beautiful ‘train man’. Every day Zoe would sit in the same carriage, praying he would notice her. A year later, she decided to take matters into her own hands and gave him her email address. He replied, thanking her for her note, but that he was in a relationship. But in January 2005, he got back in touch - his situation had changed and he wanted to go for a drink.

Zoe Folbigg and the handsome man on her train

Four years later, the couple tied the knot and are now parents to two sons. Zoe joins us in studio as she releases her book detailing the chance encounter.

Could vigilante paedophile hunters and police ever work together?

From Dark Justice to Guardians of the North, we’ve met various groups of paedophile hunters on This Morning who claim their evidence has helped contribute to hundreds of convictions.

Previously, police have been sceptical of the vigilantes’ work, claiming it puts child abuse investigations at risk. However, one chief constable has said that although he doesn’t condone these groups, he believes police and paedophile hunters could work together.

Today we meet Guardians of the North founder Joe Jones, who set up the organisation 17 months ago. So far they have secured 45 convictions - one only last Monday. Joe joins us in studio alongside one grateful mum whose daughter was involved in that recent case.

I was accused of rape, and now I want my life back

Last night, episode two of Liar was left on a cliffhanger as handsome surgeon Andrew was cold-called by another man, claiming to have information on teacher Laura - the woman accusing Andrew of rape. So is Andrew innocent of the crime? It’s just one clue in the puzzle with four episodes still to go!

ITV's Liar, featuring Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd

One man who can relate to Andrew is Kayode Modupe-Ojo. Once a successful Manchester businessman, Kayode met a woman on social media and they arranged to meet. Nine hours after spending the night together, the police arrived on his doorstep, and arrested him on suspicion of rape. The case went to trial, but was eventually thrown out and Kayode was acquitted.

However, despite his innocence, Kayode’s reputation and his business was left in tatters. He struggled to trust women and previously recorded their consent on his phone before any sexual contact.

He'll be joining Phillip and Holly as he reveals why a false allegation ruined his life, and why he now wants to take the girl in question out for dinner in order to ‘get closure’.

False accusations helplines

I had six ribs removed to look like my favourite cartoon character

The person I was before wasn't necessarily the real me

– Pixee Fox

Her bum has been lifted, her cheeks chiselled, her breasts enlarged to a whopping 30J, and has even had six ribs removed to give her the tiny waist she longs for. 27-year-old Pixee Fox has spent almost half-a-million pounds to get the cartoon body she dreams of. Taking going under the knife to the very edge, she’s even fallen out with her family along the way.

Pixee Fox

Pixee, who appears on All 4's Plastic & Proud, joins us today to tell us why - even after 200 cosmetic procedures - she’s still not finished with creating her body her of dreams on the operating table.

Save hundreds of pounds in time for Christmas

Ho, ho, oh no. On Saturday the clock ticked past the ‘100-days-left-till-Christmas mark’ and our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is prepared to use the C-word to tell us there are some things we should be sorting out now.

Martin says: I hate jingle bells in the stores in October as much as the next scrooge, yet this isn’t about the early creep of Christmas festivities and marketing. The fact is Christmas is a major annual expenditure, typically a family spends £800 on it. And that means it needs planning.

My miracle baby is here because of George Michael

Lynette Gillard was a woman with a wish, a wish to someday have a child and become a mother. After spending £45,000 on failed IVF and in utter desperation, Lynette decided to put her fate in the hands of the Banker on Channel 4's Deal or No Deal, in an attempt to fund further IVF treatment.

George Michael

Leaving the show with £3,000 wasn’t a life-changing win, but what became life changing was the action of George Michael who anonymously donated £9,000 to Lynette.

Lynette will be here today to tell us more about her extraordinary story.

My neighbour's kidney saved my life

Actress Selena Gomez made headlines yesterday when she released a touching Instagram picture of her recovering in hospital after receiving a donor kidney from her best friend Francia Raisa. The former Disney star, who suffers from Lupus, praised her friend in an emotional Instagram post as giving her “the ultimate gift and sacrifice” and wrote: “I am incredibly blessed.”

Joining us in the studio today are two people who’ve been through a very similar journey: Holly Cocker and her friend Oli Foggin, who selflessly donated his kidney to Holly and saved her life. Holly’s now gone on to have a one-year-old daughter who she can’t wait to introduce to her ‘hero’ Oli for the first time on the sofa!