The leaders' body language breakdown

It's D Day tomorrow - or should that be V Day - for the party leaders who've spent the last 39 days campaigning to win our vote. They've fronted up to each other in lively debates and taken their turn to be grilled on our sofa. All of them have made big promises about what they will do if they win, but just how much should we believe them?

According to body language expert Judi James, it's what the politician's aren't saying that may be more revealing. She's followed the leaders closely during their election campaign and Judy is here today to reveal all about what their body language really says about them.

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Diana asks 'what if...'

That was my moment to decide if I wanted to live or die, and I turned to the oblivion. A lady called Maggie took my hand - the most courageous woman I've ever met.

– Diana Morgan-Hill

In August 1990, Diana Morgan-Hill, 54, was a 29-year-old businesswoman rushing to meet a friend in South London when her life changed forever.

Catching a local train, her legs were trapped between the platform and the train as she attempted to board. She lost both her legs, and after being given 12 pints of blood, was lucky to be alive. But, that wasn't the end of her nightmare, as the train company tried to prosecute her for trespassing and five-year legal battle ensued.

Now 25 years later, Diana has put pen to paper releasing a book about her experience and says although she's lucky to be alive, the notion of 'what if...' continues to haunt her.

BOOK: Love & Justice by Diana Morgan-Hill is out now
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Could your little one be This Morning's Baby Face?

The weekend papers were full of pictures of beautiful Princess Charlotte.

We all have favourite pictures and memories of our own children, and to celebrate the birth of the new royal we have a very special competition for you.

If your little one is up to eight months old, we'd like to see their baby photos, and find a winning baby to become This Morning's Baby Face!

Our prize includes

  • A two year contract with a leading children’s model agency, Kiddiwinks
  • The front cover of Mother and Baby magazine
  • £1,000 in Mothercare vouchers
  • There are also runners up prizes from Boots

The husband swap

To most, the thought of their other half making love to someone else is unthinkable. But to Louisa Leontiades it's a pre-requisite.

When her marriage hit the rocks in 2007, instead of going to a marriage guidance councillor Louisa convinced her then husband to embark on a four-way relationship known as a quad, with another married couple. This took both of them on a dramatic journey with an ending that neither of them could have ever imagined.

Louisa put pen to paper and wrote a book on her experiences called The Husband Swap - she joins us today to tell her story.

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Carl Thompson is Britain's fattest man

People are potentially killing Carl with kindness

– Dr Dawn Harper

Last week we saw the shocking pictures of 32-year-old Carl Thompson who, at 65 stone has been branded Britain's fattest man. His current 10,000 calorie-a-day diet has seen him put on a shocking 30 stone in just three years.

His inability to leave his own home means his situation is now critical, with doctors warning him he will die if he doesn't take drastic action now.

Carl joins us via a live link from his home in Dover where he is accompanied by Dr Dawn Harper, who hopes to help him start his very long and arduous road to recovery.

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