Real-life mermaid surprises mermaid-lover Lauren

Linden Wolbert has the job that every five-year-old girl wishes she could have - she's a professional mermaid, and back in 2013 she made mermaid-lover, Lauren Cosgrove's dreams come true when she surprised her on the shores of Loch Lomond.

Joining us now to share her story is Lauren and her mother Laura and live from America is the profishional herself, Mermaid Linden.

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The new Living Wage outrage

After the national living wage rose to £7.20 last month, employees across Britain thought they would get to enjoy an uplift in their basic pay.

However, many companies and some of our biggest employers are claiming they are struggling to maintain profits. To address this they are passing the costs onto their staff, by cracking down on benefits such as free meals, discounts and overtime pay in a bid to claim back their lost profits.

Alice Beer investigates the biggest culprits in the UK, and will be speaking to Mark (not his real name), a whistleblower from B&Q, who says the changes are costing him up to £1,000 a year.

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Should workers be entitled to meternity leave?

Do mothers have an unfair advantage in the workplace? Meghann Foye, an American magazine editor turned novelist seems to think so.

Meghann joins us live from New York to argue that people who don’t have kids should still be entitled to an extended break from work – something she has dubbed meternity leave - just like their co-workers who go on maternity leave.

Voicing her thoughts sparked a storm of criticism and Meghann was forced to cancel a television appearance on Good Morning America, but she’s agreed to talk to us to share her side of the story.

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Lynda Bellingham's sons on the battle over their mother's will

We want security and we want to know that what our mum wanted will be done.

– Michael Peluso - Lynda Bellingham's son

Last month it emerged Lynda Bellingham's sons are embroiled in a legal battle with their stepfather Michael Pattemore over their late mother's disputed will.

Nineteen months after the death of the 'nation's favourite mum', sons Michael and Robbie Peluso say they continue to be deprived of their inheritance while their stepfather spends thousands of pounds on exotic holidays and an eight-bedroom mansion.

They join us on the sofa in their first TV interview since their mother died in October 2014.

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