'I created my own designer wife'

Many of us like a designer handbag or a designer outfit, but how about creating a designer wife?

After numerous surgeries including new breasts, a bum lift, facial injections and body sculpting - Miami based plastic surgeon Phillip Craft claims to have created his perfect woman in Anna Craft.

But how does she feel about becoming his masterpiece? The couple join us live from Miami.

Our resident mind-wizard Colin Cloud is back!

He's previously revealed Holly's naughty memories, and guessed what Phillip got up to over the weekend, and now Colin Cloud is about to make more on-air revelations.

On Friday's show, a very special envelope was delivered to the studio - but what was inside it? Colin is about to open that envelope and blow our minds...

Welcome to our brand new This Morning baby!

I'm still feeling a bit shell shocked, but this is really exciting!

– First time Daddy Sam introduces his new baby girl to the world

Holly spent the morning in the maternity unit at St Thomas' Hospital, where she welcomed newborn baby Mei into the world.

Congratulations to her first-time Mum and Dad, and welcome to the new This Morning baby!

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St Thomas' Hospital saved our babies lives

Susan and her husband Graeme will forever be indebted to St Thomas' Hospital and their outstanding neonatal unit.

After tragically losing two baby girls to pre-term labour at their local hospital, they lost all hope of ever having their own child until they found out about the incredible research and work that Professor Andrew Shennan and his team carry out at St Thomas' Hospital.

Susan and Graeme chat to us today, along with their 19-month-old son Will - who was born there - to say a huge thank you to the team who brought their two beloved sons into the world.

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Holly chats to a mum-to-be as she's in labour

Holly is live from the maternity ward at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital where she chats to mum-to-be Natalia who is expecting her baby today!

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