I faced my fears and it went viral!

A two-week holiday in Ireland and the Aran Islands took an unexpected twist when American couple Jim and Lee Gum were faced with a 87-metre cliff edge. As Jim prepared to look over the edge, he suddenly felt an uncontrollable and familiar fear that he might lose control and accidentally jump off the edge. So Jim hit the ground and painstakingly crawled his way across the ground to brave a peep at the view below.

Rather than lending a supporting hand, wife Lee filmed his attempt to reach the edge and his son uploaded it to YouTube! The video has been seen by over a million people and Jim now has a fandom he never expected!

With nearly 1.3 million followers, Jim joins us today live from Kansas City.

Schoolgirl acid attack: I watched as my tights melted into my skin

It was like someone holding a blowtorch to your leg

– Molly Young

At 17, Molly Young was looking forward to finishing her exams, leaving school and getting a job. However, her life took a terrifying turn when she was left permanently scarred at the hands of classmate, Emily Bowen.

After the pair fell out over a boy, Emily deliberately poured a litre of drain cleaner into Molly’s viola case, leaving her love rival screaming in agony when the acid splashed over her legs. After pleading guilty to the attack, Emily was sentenced to 21 months in jail.

Molly joins us to talk about the incident, battling PTSD since and finally looking forward to the future.

One man, six dates, same night, same bar!

You’ve signed up to an online dating site, perfected your profile picture and even managed to secure a first date. But imagine your horror when you turn up and realise you’re just one of six women your prospective partner has arranged to meet that night - all at the same bar!

That’s exactly what happened to a group of women in Washington DC, who realised they had each been given a short time slot to impress lothario Justin before his next date arrived. However, his plan backfired when date number one, Lisette Pylant, teamed up with the other women and live tweeted their ordeal.

Five out of the six women join us live from Washington DC.

Simon Cowell has changed my life - and I WILL dance again!

She won the hearts of the nation with her dazzling dance performance on this year’s Britain’s Got Talent - despite living with the excruciating pain of scoliosis.

Revealing she was due to have surgery that would leave her unable to dance again, 15-year-old Julia Carlile was desperate to win the competition with troupe Mersey Girls so she could pay for a different operation in America - one that wouldn’t wreck her dancing dreams.

Well she didn’t win - but music mogul Simon Cowell stepped in to fund the surgery anyway, and Julia is now recovering in hospital in the States.

In her first TV interview since the life changing operation, Julia spoke to Dr Zoe - and joining us to watch it in the studio are Julia’s fellow Mersey Girls, including her sister Alice.

Furjazzled by our owner... but has anybody actually asked the dogs?

Extreme dog groomers Daniela and Cat thinks furjazzling is fun \- but journalist Nilufer thinks decorating dogs is cruel. What do you think?

There’s a rising trend among dog owners, and it’s called furjazzling. An extreme form of dog grooming, furjazzling involves dying dogs multiple colours, painting their nails, dressing them up, and even making them resemble wild animals. This kind of grooming has ruffled some feathers (or rather, some fur), with the Kennel Club arguing it endangers dogs and makes them self-conscious. But enthusiasts claim it is fun and entertaining.

Joining us in today are furjazzling advocates Daniela with pooches Venice and Malibu, and prize-winning Cat Opson and her dog Kobe. We're also joined by journalist Nilufer Atik, who believes furjazzling is cruel. But what do you think?

We're not sexualising our beauty queen daughter!

Erika and Wayne spend almost every weekend taking their daughter Arielle, four, to beauty pageants, but insist she is not being sexualised

A mum who splurges thousands on her beauty queen daughter has hit back at claims she is 'sexualising' the four year old. By kitting her out with hair extensions, fake nails and extravagant dresses, the mum says she is schooling her daughter to become a future Miss England.

Mum Enrika does little Arielle’s make-up herself, applying £100 hairpieces, eyeshadow, glitter, false lashes, lipstick and special acrylic nails before every competition.

Arielle joins us alongside mum Enrika and dad Wayne who says he has no problem with it at all, and even applies his daughter’s fake tan!

POLL: Should passengers be banned from bringing nuts on to flights?

Three-year-old Marcus Daley suffered a severe allergic reaction after passengers on a Singapore Airlines flight opened their snack packets of peanuts around him. Thankfully his parents had anti-allergy medication and he recovered from the reaction.

Should passengers be banned from bringing nuts on to flights?

With certain airlines no longer selling nuts on their flights, should they be taking the next step and banning passengers from bringing nuts onboard? Vote in our poll and let us know what you think.

Let people like my husband die with dignity

At 11am on 28 April, Sara held her husband’s hand as he chose to end his own life. Today, Sara will share the heartbreaking story that saw her husband forced to travel to Dignitas in Switzerland, in order to end his suffering with Parkinson’s disease.

Sara with her husband Andrew

Sara believes UK law is barbaric, and wants assisted dying legalised.