Can Christina lose weight with a healthy diet?

I feel much healthier ... I was stupid thinking it's expensive, but it's not

– Christina Briggs

Last year 26-year-old heavy weight Christina Briggs from Wigan hit the headlines for claiming she felt tax payers should give her more benefits to eat healthily.

We sent our dietician Evelyn Toner to visit Christina, and set her a healthy eating plan. But three weeks on, will Evelyn's healthy eating tips have helped her to turn her life around?

Today we'll see how she's done so far, and see how her weight, and life has changed.

Download Christina's healthy shopping list (pdf)

Download Christina's healthy meal plan (pdf)

Stolen by her teacher

I completely lost it for a little while. You go through a whole load of emotions you don't realise you are capable of having. All I kept on thinking was that 'I hope he seriously loves her' because then I thought he wouldn't hurt her.

– Mum of daughter who ran off with teacher Jeremy Forrest

In an exclusive interview, Phillip and Christine speak to the mother of the 15-year-old daughter who ran off to France with her teacher, Jeremy Forrest, sparking an international manhunt and one of the fiercest media storms in recent years.

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Bodie, the baby who saved four lives

Ten days ago, Hammersmith Hospital revealed that a six-day-old baby had become one of Britain's youngest-ever organ donor.

The news brought back heart-wrenching memories for dad Nick Hodges whose 10-month-old son Bodie was one of only a handful of babies to become a donor back in 2012.

Bodie died after a choking accident, but despite their heartbreak, Nick and his wife were determined that their little boy would leave his own legacy and help others, so they decided to donate his organs. Now the couple know that Bodie has helped give four other children the chance to lead full lives.

Nick joins Phillip and Christine to tell his story and to try and encourage other parents that have suffered their own tragic loss to make the same difficult but ultimately inspirational choice.

The Bodie Hodges Foundation

The aim of the Bodie Hodges Foundation is to raise funds to buy a holiday home for families to use following the death of their child. Our baby boy, Bodie, died aged 10 months following a choking accident. He showed remarkable strength and courage and although he lost the battle he went on to become an organ donor and saved the lives of four other babies.

Tissue and organ donation helplines

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We want to hear your dating dilemmas

Have you had a disastrous date you'd like to share with us? Perhaps you've been dating someone for a while but don't know if you, or they, want more commitment? Or maybe you're currently dating someone and don't know if it's the right time to sleep with them?

Annabelle Knight, relationship and sex expert, is here to help.

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I'm a Frozen superfan!

It was the movie of 2014, making £723 billion worldwide. Today Phillip and Christine meet 21-year-old Frozen superfan Kirsty Taylor, who is so obsessed with the Disney hit that she has spent hundreds of pounds on merchandise, named her dog after the main character Elsa and even convinced her boyfriend to dress up as ice hero Kristoff.

Frozen superfan Kirsty even has her own hero Kristoff!