Should there be tougher sentences for those who assault emergency workers?

Every day 193 NHS workers are assaulted in England and Wales. Today a bill will be debated in Parliament that would toughen sentences for those who assault emergency workers and double maximum sentences for assault from six months to a year.

Nick Ferrari is fronting a campaign called GEMS (Guard our Emergency Medical Services) and says enough is enough. We’re also joined by paramedic Richard Bentley who has been spat at, headbutted and ran at by a man with a knife, all whilst trying to protect the public. Should there be stricter repercussions to help stop this behaviour?

Is it ever okay to smack your child?

The Scottish Government has announced that it is to make smacking your child illegal, and that it will be banned under a new law.

This has led to Child Commissioners calling for the ban to cover the whole of the UK. But, is it ever okay for a parent to smack their child? Mum of four Anna May Magden supports the ban and says smacking your child is as bad as bullying, but Shona Sibery, also a mum of four, says she wouldn’t hesitate to smack her children.

Where do you stand in this debate?

Teenage millionaire: I built my £12m business while I was still at school!

Akshay Ruparelia was just 17 when he started his online business as he was studying for his A-levels. Outraged by the commission fees charged by estate agents, he set up his own company offering a flat fee of £99. On top of all of this, he acts as a carer for his parents, who are both deaf. is now valued at 12 million pounds, and is the 18th biggest estate agent in the UK. Akshay joins us along with his mum Renuka - who not only inspired him to become Britain’s youngest self-made millionaire, but is the reason he's building a workforce of working mums.

The Mate Escape... to the Maldives

Best friends Marie and Jo met eight years ago when they worked together as nurses. Their friendship was strengthened in 2015 when Jo developed a lump along her jawline and had to undergo a huge operation. Surgeons removed a bone in her leg to rebuild her jaw and, with Marie’s help, she had to learn how to walk and eat again.

So with the tough times behind them, we decided that a once in a lifetime trip to the Maldives was just what the doctor ordered!

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Jumeirah Vittaveli

Should men who wolf whistle be fined?

Wolf-whistling is something many women encounter in their day-to-day lives - but is it offensive or complimentary? France are taking a serious stance on the matter; men who wolf-whistle or are aggressively lecherous to women may face fines under a new law being proposed by the French government.

So should the UK follow suit or is this a step too far? Have your say in our poll below.

EXCLUSIVE: Camila Batmanghelidjh: 'I spent £50m of public money, but I didn't fail the children, the government did'

The people who really suffered are the children and the staff. We were completely dismantled on the back of absolute lies.

– Camila Batmanghelidjh

She was the founder and CEO of Kids Company, dubbed the so-called Angel of Camberwell and ‘one of the most powerful advocates for vulnerable children in the country’ according to the Guardian. However, two years ago Camila Batmanghelidjh’s reputation was called into question after the charity went bust amid allegations of sexual abuse and financial irregularity despite £50 million of public money donations.

Today the former media darling is speaking out, releasing her own book detailing Britain’s failure in children’s services and standing up for the good work she carried out throughout her career, including caring for some 36,000 vulnerable children. She tells us why despite a parliamentary enquiry concluding an extraordinary catalogue of failures and an ongoing investigation from the Charity Commission, she continues to work with loyal donors and blames the organisation’s closure on conspiracy theories.

Martin Lewis busts some popular energy myths

Don't be fooled by the recent balmy autumn days. The nights are rapidly drawing in and the clocks will soon go back, which can only mean one thing, to channel game of thrones, WINTER IS COMING! So as early preparation helps, our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here to bust some popular energy myths…

Dame Joan Collins: 60 years of the casting couch

I think it still goes on. I think a lot of people will be quaking in their boots.

– Dame Joan Collins

Dame Joan Collins lifts the lid on her 60 years in Hollywood, from life as a 50s big-screen starlet to her iconic role in 1980s hit Dynasty. Dame Joan recalls hiding in wardrobes, dodging naked producers and heeding Marilyn Monroe's warning that all studio bosses were 'wolves'.