Oritsé and Britain's Youngest Carers

He rose to fame as one quarter of JLS but Oritsé Williams actually became a popstar for a reason you might not expect - to help support his mum who was diagnosed with MS a few years earlier.

Aged just 12 Oritsé became a young carer, and as a subject close to his heart he strove for a year to make a documentary about young carers - the 'silent army' all over Britain.

Just as he was about to give up and put his work on YouTube, Channel 4 commissioned his documentary. He's here now to talk about his own experiences and the amazing children he met whilst making the programme.

Britain's Youngest Carers Wednesday 9 July 11pm Channel 4

For more information see our carers helplines

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Speak out about domestic violence

Full-time mum Julie Mullen thought she'd found the man of her dreams when she met Martin Dark in 2012. But he went from charming and attentive to cruel and abusive - eventually stabbing her at her home following their break up in 2013.

Now, almost a year afterwards, Julie explains why it's so important for victims to speak out about emotional and physical abuse before it's too late. She joins us alongside Jane Keeper, Director of Operations at Refuge.

Domestic abuse helplines

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Magaluf exposed

It's worrying. I made it clear I didn't want to be part of it.

– Jay Gardner

Last week, shocking images surfaced of a teenage girl performing sex acts on 24 men in a club in Magaluf for cheap alcohol.

After the video went viral, more stories of young tourists being 'shamed' into degrading themselves during holiday bar crawls surfaced, including a video showing tour group Carnage 'shaming' a young girl into performing a sex act in a club.

Geordie Shore's Jay Gardner was at the club where the original video was filmed and can even be seen rejecting the teenager, he says that he was 'disgusted' by the behaviour of onlookers. Reporter Jessica Boulton witnessed the second video and says that lewd behaviour on holiday can lead to something far more dangerous.

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OAPs behaving badly

My ambition in life is to make love on my 100th birthday!

– Gordon Steele

Married couple Gordon, 74, and Marie Steele, 69, aren't your typical old age pensioners. Every year they spend months in Tenerife, drinking and dancing until the early hours, doing shots and stripping!

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White Dee: 'I haven't been on benefits since March'

I was on benefits for the purpose of that's what I had to do at that specific time. I didn't go on them with the view I'll stay on them for the rest of my life.

– White Dee

After becoming the star of Benefits Street, Dee Kelly became a household name overnight. She was vilified by some as 'the patron saint of drugs and addicts' and held by others as a 'working class hero'.

Living off state handouts because she was too depressed to find a job, Dee has had her fair share of controversy surrounding her. She joins us to set the record straight about her benefits allowance and reveal the truth behind her recent Magaluf holiday.

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