I survived 22 years on death row

I was a loving person on Death Row. I cared for men, even though they were murderers, I held them in my arms when their mothers died. All along, I wanted to be a good person.

– Nick Yarris

Nick Yarris faced execution by electric chair after being framed in 1982 for the rape and murder of a woman in his native Pennsylvania. He spent 8,057 days behind bars, much of it in solitary confinement - before DNA evidence finally proved he was innocent and he was released in 2004.

Today, the father of four, who now lives in Yeovil, Somerset, joins us to tell his story and to discuss how his remarkable journey is set to be the subject of a new book and film.

Why I'm selling my virginity

Far from it being an act of intimacy between two people who care about each other, 18-year-old Aleexandra is planning to sell her virginity to a complete stranger, for a minimum of 1 million euro.

She's hoping that she will raise enough money to make her dreams of a university education, and a home for her family, come true. She joins us on the sofa to tell us more about a decision she is convinced she will never live to regret.

Louie's magic legs - one step closer to walking

Back in February we met four-year-old Prince Charming Louie Elbourne, along with his twin sister Ava and their mum and dad Emma and Phil. The family had been through a devastating ordeal. Both children have cerebral palsy but because Louie's condition was worse than Ava's, he was denied the same life-changing operation on the NHS that Ava had been granted, giving her the ability to walk and leaving poor Louie to look on helplessly and ask why he can't do the same.

However, Louie was thrown a lifeline, as on the day they joined us, we heard the fantastic news that the family had raised the £70,000 needed to pay for the operation to be done privately in America. Today, after undergoing the pioneering surgery in the US, Louie is back in the UK on his new 'magic legs' and the whole family join us on the sofa.

Forced adoption: Help me find the baby I gave up 43 years ago

I hope I haven’t hurt her. I hope I haven’t placed a burden on her shoulders… I just want closure. I want either to know her, or for her to tell me ‘no, I don’t want to know’ and I would respect that.

– Rowena Fuller

On Saturday morning Rowena Fuller posted the most important message of her life, asking others to help find the daughter she was forced to give up for adoption 43 years ago.

Since the message was posted, it has been shared over 400,000 times and had over 100,000 comments, providing hope for Rowena that she will once again see her baby daughter after giving her away when she was just 10 days old.

Rowena joins us in the studio along with Julia Feast OBE from Coram BAAF adoption agency.

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Why should I work when life is easier on benefits?

Welfare Queen and single mum of eight Marie Buchan, is about to quit her job as she believes her life would be easier back on benefits. Marie works 16 hours a week to avoid the new government benefit cap, but claims she is still being capped and the stress of working 16 hours weekly is “killing her”. But is she really working all the hours she claims to be?

Marie joins us to tell us why she’d be better off on benefits, and defends her decision to splash taxpayer money on expensive Christmas presents and cosmetic surgery.

Martin Lewis' Black Friday weekend special

Today it’s the start of Black Friday weekend, which means stores are pumping out deals galore, including discounts at Selfridges, Amazon, Apple and more. These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

Paul Stewart: I was sexually abused by my football coach

Paul Stewart

Credit: The Daily Mirror

I urge you to come out, we need the voices out there - please don't be afraid

– Paul Stewart

For more than 40 years, Paul Stewart has kept a childhood secret that has haunted him his entire life. The former England football star claims a coach sexually abused him every day for four years between the ages of 11 and 15.

Paul is the third former footballer to come forward and make such allegations, in what he fears will be a scandal on the same scale as Jimmy Savile.

Paul hopes he will give others the courage to come forward, and joins us today to share his emotional story.

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