Update on phone-in caller Emma

If you watched yesterday's phone-in about Christmas stress with Denise Robertson, you will have heard caller Emma who is struggling to afford to eat, let alone to celebrate Christmas.

We had an overwhelming response from viewers who wanted to help Emma, so we'd like to say thank you, and give you an update on her situation.

Watch our Christmas stress phone-in again

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Shrien Dewani's male escort

Last Monday Shrien Dewani was sensationally cleared of murdering his wife Anni, 28, who was shot dead while on honeymoon in South Africa in November 2010.

Male escort Leopold Leisser, 43, gave evidence at the trial in Cape Town, but his testimony was blocked by the judge who ruled it was irrelevant after Dewani admitted paying for sex with gay prostitutes and described himself as 'bisexual'. According to the prosecution, Dewani's secret gay life and the reputation of his family motivated him to order the contract killing.

The judge eventually dismissed the case and Dewani was found not guilty, but the evidence which came out during the trial rocked Anni's family to the core. Her parents, Vinod and Nilam, invited Leopold to their hotel where they begged him to answer some of their unanswered questions. Leopold joins us today for his first exclusive TV interview.

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Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem

It's day two of This Morning's Christmas Nativity story. Yesterday, the pupils of Windhill School in Bishops Stortford started the story by telling us how the Angel Gabriel visited Mary to tell her she would give birth to Jesus, the son of God.

Today, the pupils from Wood End Infant School in Northolt perform the next part of the tale, when Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. Following the performance we'll have a chat to the children and their teacher Mrs Squire.

The visit from the Angel Gabriel

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Christmas presents - how much is too much?

Last year, the average child in the UK received 43 toys as Christmas presents. But research shows they will only actually really play with 12 of them. So is it good for our kids to be spoilt rotten on Christmas Day or do they actually suffer from a toy overload?

Mum of two Sabina Evangelista admits to spending nearly £2,000 on presents for her children this year, but psychologist Oliver James believes 'a pile of plastic is totally unnecessary'. So who is right?

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The visit from the Angel Gabriel

Never mind The X Factor, this is 'the Aww Factor! It's This Morning's Christmas Nativity and will be running every day this week as a primary school from around the UK performs a part of the story of Baby Jesus.

We start today with the visit from Angel Gabriel, as told by the pupils from Windhill Primary School from Bishops Stortford, Herefordshire. Following their performance we'll have a brief chat with the children and their headteacher Mrs Moore.

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Is Christmas stress getting on top of you?

Christmas can be a particularly stressful time of year, as those without friends, family or limited finances struggle to cope with the pressures. On today's show, Denise takes your calls on stress. Would you like a little advice on how to cope with the festive period?

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