To tip... or not to tip? That is the question!

It was recently revealed that restaurant chain Côte has been pocketing the service charge paid by customers, which has forced business secretary Sajid Javid to speak out that something needs to be done.

We are joined by Dave Turnbull from Unite the Union, and chef Ed Baines. We will also be chatting to cabbie Howard Taylor, and hairdresser Nicky Clarke to find out their views on tipping.

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Are you protesting over YOUR hard-earned tips?

Do you know where your tips go?

It seems things are hotting up in the kitchen as indignant waiters and waitresses up and down the country call for public support in a battle to hold on to their hard-earned tips!

Staff at major restaurant chains say they're being forced to 'pay to work' on some shifts because of a tipping policy that means they have to hand over cash to their bosses at the end of the night - is this you?

If you work in any customer service based role and often find your tip pot being skimmed by your employer, then we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch by emailing before 10am on Tuesday 25 August with your story. Please use TIPPING in the subject line and include your name and a contact number. 18+ T&Cs apply.

Meet Josh, the bionic boy

Nine-year-old Josh Cathcart is thought to be the first boy in the UK to be fitted with a new child-sized bionic hand. Having previously been bullied in school for only having one hand, Josh is now enjoying his new-found dexterity by playing Lego and making bagels!

Josh's family appeared on TM to talk about how much more engaged Josh has become since he had his bionic hand fitted.

I helped to stop terror train attack

On Friday a gunman critically injured two people after he opened fire on board a high-speed French train travelling from Amsterdam to Paris. The gunman, suspected to be a Moroccan-born terrorist trained in Syria, was tackled and subdued by three Americans and Briton Chris Norman, before being arrested.

Travel expert Simon Calder and security expert Will Geddes join us in the studio to discuss security on trains, while Chris joins us live from Paris to discuss his heroic experience and being awarded the Legion d'honneur by president Francois Hollande this morning.

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Shoreham plane crash victim toll rises

It's likely that up to 20 people may have died, and 14 people injured when a Hawker jet smashed into cars after failing to pull out of a loop-the-loop stunt at Shoreham Air Show on Saturday.

In one of the worst British air show disasters, the Hawker Hunter piloted by Andy Hill plummeted onto the A27 and burst into a huge fireball, ploughing across the busy road. This is the second airshow crash this month and the third fatal one this year in the UK, which only adds to the debate over the safety of these types of displays.

To discuss this latest tragic event and the future of air shows, aviation Safety Investigator, David Gleave and Neil McCarthy, friend of Andy Hill and former display pilot join us today in the studio.

Are you mourning for your pet?

Golden Retriever

For many of us, our pets are as important as any member of the family. So when one of them passes away it can be a very difficult time. Are your mourning a pet? Or have you dealt with moving on after your pet died in the past?

Do you need help and advice about what to do next? Or are you wondering how to talk to the children about the passing of a family pet? We want to hear from you and help if we can.

Email us on to get take part in the show. We need your emails - with the subject PET BEREAVEMENT - to us by Tuesday 25 August at 10am.

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Pet bereavement helplines

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Do you have any parental concerns?

Has your teen caused you worry after asking for plastic surgery? Are you concerned about the influence celebrity culture is having on your eight year old's body image?

Or perhaps over the summer you've noticed your 13 year old has become moody or withdrawn or dreading going back to school.

We want to hear from you with your parental concerns.

Email your name, question and contact number to You must be over 18.

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