The haunted doll saga continues

Creepy doll is back - and have we finally cracked just what's behind her wicked behaviour?

After paranormal enthusiast Lee Steer, who bought the doll for over £800, reported that the doll scratched his dad, psychic Deborah Davies has been investigating just what's going on.

Psychic Deborah Davies and TV ghost hunter Yvette Fielding with the haunted doll

We're also joined by TV ghost hunter Yvette Fielding in the hope we might get to the bottom of what, or who, is behind the creepy doll.

Martin Lewis' university finance tips

It’s A-level results day on Thursday. And for many that means they find out if they’ve got into university, and which one. The fear though is of debts, and especially for English students where their student loans can total over £50,000 over three years. So our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here to explain how it all works.

Student loans vary in different countries across the UK. Here we focus on English loans for English students. In the rest of the UK, both the living loans and tuition fee loans vary depending on where you’re from and going to study. And for those who started university before 2012 the system is very different.This is just a quick briefing, for detailed and Q&A help see Martin’s full ‘20 student loan mythbusting’ guide.

Chloe Ayling: The truth about my kidnapping

It’s the story that’s had the nation talking and today model and mum-of-one Chloe Ayling breaks her silence in her first television interview about just what happened to her during her harrowing kidnap ordeal.

Revealing how she was fooled to attend a photo shoot in Italy, and finding herself gagged, bound and trapped in the boot of a car, Chloe says she thought she’d never escape from her captors alive.

Chloe Ayling

But her silence so far has prompted tough questions from critics who don’t believe her story - today she sets the record straight in her own words.

New top easy-access savings, ‘free’ cinema tickets and walk away with someone else’s luggage!

New top easy-access savings, 10% off railcards, ‘free’ cinema tickets and walk away with someone else’s luggage. These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

Wedding scams: 'Our guests had to eat at McDonald's'

I was so embarrassed

– Kelly Dickens

It's meant to be the happiest day of your life - but for more and more couples, it seems their weddings are turning into a nightmare. In the past six months, 600 people have gone to the police, claiming they've been scammed on their wedding day.

Among those who feel duped are Kelly and Daniel Dickens, who say they were expecting a feast for their 150 guests - but instead many of them ended up eating at McDonalds.

The young men fixated on fitness in their quest for perfection

I was missing out on a massive part of my social life

– Danny Dobson

Pop superstar Craig David has spoken candidly about taking his fitness obsession “too far”, telling an Australian TV show that having been an overweight child, he found himself wanting to reach “the opposite” by “training like crazy”.

News websites were quick to dig out photos of a chubby teenage Craig - and compare them with jaw-dropping snaps of his recent shredded physique.

So, after a summer spent watching Love Islanders with bodies honed to perfection, is there an ever-growing pressure on young men to look like fitness models? We were joined on the sofa by Danny Dobson, who admits he took his fitness obsession a step too far, alongside addiction expert Mandy Saligari.

The cast of the Bill are back on our screens - take a look at them now!

It was one of the country’s most popular crime dramas of the eighties and nineties. The Bill followed the men and women of Sun Hill Police Station in east London, and broke new ground with its storylines, becoming a staple of our television viewing.

But don’t worry if you missed it the first time round - you’ll only need to clear out the next 2,412 weekdays from your diary!

Recognise a few familiar faces here?

That's right, seven years since the show was axed, it's been announced that it’s back with every single episode of the show being re-run on UK TV.

We're joined by five of the most memorable faces from the show, to celebrate its impending return to our screens.

Chloe Khan: My recent nose job disfigured my face and left me fearing for my life

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan is no stranger to plastic surgery, having gone under the knife for the very first time at the age of 19.

Chloe Khan

But despite spending a whopping £100,000 on numerous procedures including boob jobs, butt lifts and Botox, Chloe Khan's latest operation proves that money can't always get you what you want. Instead of the smaller nose she desired, Chloe’s recent rhinoplasty has left her disfigured with the inability to smell.

She joins us now to discuss her ordeal alongside doctor Sara, who'll be sharing her medical opinion on this type of surgery.