Will history repeat for 'Mrs Seven Year Itch'?

I could have arguably stayed in any of the marriages, but I don't know if they would have been happy

– Helen Meissner, who's been dubbed 'Mrs Seven Year Itch'

As a child, Helen Meissner dreamed of the big fairytale wedding, a dream which came true… four times over.

Dubbed 'Mrs Seven Year Itch', each of Helen's marriages have ended at around seven years - the time that she believes the novelty of a new relationship begins to wear off.

With her current relationship with husband number four approaching their seven year anniversary this July, will history repeat itself? Helen and Pete join us now to tell us more.

Tattooed man is 'King of Inkland'

When I had my first tattoo, it nearly put me off getting any more because it was so painful

– Body Art remembers the first time he got inked

Body Art got his first tattoo at the age of 16, and went on to spend over £25,000 covering his body in tattoos, including his eyeball - and manhood.

Nicknamed the 'King of Inkland', Body Art has decided to spend £6,000 to get his tattoos lasered off so he can start afresh, after running out of space on his body.

He joins us now to speak about his lifestyle, changing his name, and why he believes his body is a canvas that should be constantly evolving.

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Body Art following £6,000 of tattoos

Do you believe in angels?

Do you believe in angels? Do you want to know what your guardian angel looks like? Irish mystic, Lorna Byrne who claims she can see and communicate with angels joins us in the studio next Tuesday. If you want to know if you have a guardian angel or want to know if she can communicate with yours, get in touch by emailing a short video of you asking Lorna your question to thismorning@itv.com

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Dear Denise: Divorce and separation

Can a relationship mend after betrayal? Yes, I've seen that happen a thousand times. Does it always happen? No.

– Denise Robertson

For celebrities, divorce can often be a fast process, but for most of us it's a very lengthy and costly legal battle that can lead to stress, anxiety and depression. The latest figures (ONS) show that divorce in the UK is on the increase so Denise Robertson is here to take calls from viewers going through a separation, and offer her advice on marriage breakdowns.

For further help and advice see our helplines page

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Fancy dress... for grown-ups

The popularity of US Cosplay Conventions has reached this side of the Atlantic. This 'secret world of weekend superheroes' involves ordinary men and women with 9-5 jobs dressing up in costume as their comic book and gaming idols and meeting up to mix with like-minded fans.

Lauren, Phillipa and couple Ryan and Lesley join us in full costume to explain what it's all about, why they do it, and why it boosts their confidence.

When you're getting hundreds of people coming up to you every day telling you your outfit looks fantastic, it's a big confidence boost

– Cosplay enthusiast Lauren Stables

Wondering how someone gets into Cosplay? Phillipa Dickinson - who's currently designing a costume made up of 5000 scales! - explains to Phillip and Holly below.

There are rules!

– Phillipa Dickinson tells us not EVERYTHING goes at a Cosplay convention!

Has Cosplay got two new fans?

'I'm addicted to spending'

From her teenage years, 29-year-old Vicki couldn't stop spending. Over the years her addiction worsened, as she splurged money on everything from nights out and make-up, to extravagant holidays, around-the-world trips and cars. She joins This Morning today to talk us through her story.

I've purchased at least 15 cars in my life

– 29-year-old spending addict Vicki

Soon Vicki she'd spent over £200,000 and was in a huge amount of debt, until last year when everything became too much for Vicki and she admitted herself to a psychiatric unit after nearly killing herself. She recounts the incredibly dark time below.