PTSD: The Speakmans change Michelle's life

Thank you. I had planned on killing myself… and now I’m living.

– Michelle Sanderson

RAF Paramedic Michelle Sanderson was the first female to work on the Afghan frontline, but after three brutal tours of duty she found it impossible to step outside her front door.

Michelle was suffering from severe PTSD - a condition which has increased by 800% in the last five years. Wetting the bed and having terrible nightmares, the memories of Afghanistan haunted her. So could the Speakmans help?

Ed Miliband answers YOUR questions

After Labour leader Ed Miliband joined Phillip and Amanda to discuss his policies and plans for the country, we gave you the chance to put your questions to him ahead of the May 7 General Election.

In reply to one viewer, Ed admitted, “We got it wrong on immigration… and we’ve said in the future that we’ll have much longer periods before when new countries come in to the EU, and we are also addressing benefits. If people come to this country they will not get benefits for at least the first two years.”

When asked about bedroom tax, Ed said, "We are going to abolish bedroom tax… I don’t think it’s fair, and I don’t think it’s working either. It’s a disaster, and that’s why we are going to get rid of it."

Before leaving Ed made clear why he thinks people can believe in Labour. He said, “The most important reason why people can believe we will keep our promises, is we are showing how we are paying for them.”

He added, “I will come back on the sofa if we win the election and you can hold me to account for that!”

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Have your good looks hindered you?

Pietro Boselli, the man named the hottest teacher in the world has spoken out about his new-found hunk status saying "To always be put on a pedestal as a hunk is slightly demeaning... in the same way as it is for women."

Can you relate to Pietro? Are you someone whose good looks have become a hindrance to you? Is it harder to take someone seriously who is beautiful? Or perhaps you think someone's ability and talent will always shine through regardless of how they look?

Leave your comments on Facebook and Twitter or email your photos and comments to Terms at

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Got a question for Alice's Daily Deals?

Are you a fan of our Daily Deals segment? Are you on the hunt for a supermarket bargain?

We want to help you make the most out of your supermarket shop. Whether you're looking for the best value Sunday roast, or cheap ways to keep the kids entertained, Alice can find the best deal for you.

Please email us your contact details and shopping dilemmas to, including your name and telephone number by 6pm on Friday 1 May. Terms at

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Does shopping with your partner cause arguments?

It's been suggested recently that a trip to IKEA is a recipe for divorce! Does that sound familiar to you?

Do you and your partner constantly argue when out shopping? Do you often row in the middle of the supermarket or give each other the silent treatment after a trip to the department store? If you'd like help to be able to shop peacefully with your other half and you're available this Bank Holiday weekend then get in touch by Thursday 30 at 6pm.

Email with your name, contact number and bit about you and your partner.

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My flab is my fortune

For most people, the thought of having an eight foot belly would be horrific - but Gayla Neufeld, 52, absolutely loves her stomach.

Gayla is a 30-stone Texan woman who has used her rotund figure to entice men from around the world, including her latest husband Lance. And now the happy couple, who live in Manitoba, Canada, are using Gayla's 96-inch asset to launch her new career - as an international burlesque model.

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