Attacked for questioning consent classes

I knew there would be some kind of backlash ... but I didn't know it would go as big

– George Lawlor

When George Lawlor wrote an article for Warwick University’s student news website, The Tab, about his offence at being invited to sexual consent class, he wasn't expecting to start a national debate.

George's outrage at the idea that he should go to a class, in his words, to stop him being a rapist, has caused many to criticise him for undermining the issue of consent education and the increase in sexual assaults.

Fast forward four weeks, and George has been driven out of lectures and faced fierce backlash from his fellow students.

George joins us today to discuss what triggered him to write the blog and why he is now concerned for his academic and professional future following.

The dangers of online grooming

I feel like there's a million things more I could have done but every parent I have spoken to says they wouldn't have recognised this and they say 'we wouldn't have done as many things as you did to recognise these dangers'

– Lorin Bednar

When 14-year-old Breck Bednar began speaking to an older man online, his mother Lorin became worried. She rang the police to report it, but no action was taken. Two months later Breck was murdered by the same man.

Now Lorin has teamed up with the IPCC to prevent other parents having to go through the same, and they join us in the studio to tell us more.

Online safety helplines

Spencer's IAC departure: the dangers of steroid use

All of a sudden it felt like someone had stabbed me with a knife through my heart

– Edouard ‘Spike’ Gheur

Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews was forced to leave the I’m A Celebrity Jungle after three days because of his steroid use.

Today, we meet the man who used similar medication for 15 years to bulk up, but stopped after his heart exploded. Edouard ‘Spike’ Gheur says the side effects aren’t worth the risk and discusses the dangers of using the drug.

Should cinemas show Lord's Prayer ad?

An advert featuring The Lord’s Prayer has been banned from being shown in leading cinemas across the country. The Church of England advert features a variety of people saying or singing the famous prayer.

But DCM, the organisation which handles cinema advertising for Vue, Cineworld and Odeon Cinemas has said it does not want to cause offence to anyone, and has a policy of not accepting political or religious advertising content in its cinemas.

The clip shows people from all walks of life in prayer

Credit: Just Pray

Can you rescue a relationship after an affair?

Andrew Marshall is the marriage therapist who has saved hundreds of seemingly doomed relationships, and he joins us on Monday to discuss infidelity and how couples can bounce back.

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