Should abortion be legal at any stage of pregnancy?

Midwives have reportedly reacted with fury after the chief executive of their union, Cathy Warwick, is said to have backed a campaign to scrap the abortion time limit without their consultation - in turn sparking a debate on whether abortion should be legal at any stage of pregnancy.

Joining us to discuss is journalist and mum-to-be Nilufer Atik, who says it shouldn't be legal to have an abortion beyond 24 weeks. She's alongside agony aunt and mother-of-one Hilary Freeman who believes it should be an option through every stage of pregnancy.

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Real-life Ken's surgery addiction leads to flesh-eating bug

Real-life Ken doll Rodrigo Alves has had 43 cosmetic procedures, spending around £300,000, since 2004. But after his sixth nasal reconstruction in February, a hole grew in his nose and he was treated for necrosis - death of human flesh.

To save his nose, Rodrigo will now undergo a £50,000 nose job in a private hospital in Germany. Having already almost died from receiving fillers in his arms two years ago, Rodrigo’s latest cosmetic calamity still hasn’t put him off his quest to achieve his idea of perfection.

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Jon Platt takes on Toby Young: I decide when my children go on holiday

Children whose parents aren’t as conscientious as he and I, those children are going to suffer

– Toby Young

Following the recent court outcome for Jonathan Platt, Holly and Ben invited both Jon and journalist Toby Young to debate taking children out of school during term time.

Journalist Toby Young explained, “Children who miss 5% of schooling, 73% get good GCSEs, children who miss 10% and 20% of their schooling, less than half of them get good GCSEs… and what Jon has done, he’s made it more difficult for schools to force parents who aren't as conscientious as they should be about making sure their children are getting to school on time to force them to be more conscientious. He’s effectively made that more difficult and that means children whose parents aren’t as conscientious as he and I, those children are going to suffer.”

You and me are no better than anybody else, stop looking down your nose at other parents

– Jon Platt

Jon replied, “You and me are no better than anybody else, stop looking down your nose at other parents. People are smart. They love their children, they know the education their children get is very important. There were lots of good, respectable journalists in the court yesterday, who reported the story as it happened in court, the case hasn’t even been transcribed so you have absolutely no idea to say what happened in the court. You cannot prosecute parents whose children have 97% attendance. That’s not an unreasonable decision for the high court to take.”

Toby later said, “He accuses me of looking down my nose at people and being contemptuous, but the contemptuous person here is him. He has shown contempt for teachers. He has effectively said, ‘I don’t care if the head teacher of my daughter’s school said he wants her to be in class on time so she can be taught the curriculum - I’m more of an expert than the head teacher and if it means I can save a few quid on a holiday then to hell with my daughter's school’ - that’s contempt. That’s disrespect.”

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Dancing police officers slay the #RunningManChallenge

The #RunningManChallenge is a viral dance that's grabbed the world's attention, after officers in New Zealand shared a 30-second clip of them performing the notorious running man dance in an unorthodox recruitment drive!

They called on forces across the world to join them and the video posted by police in Kingston, London has gone viral, boasting nearly 1.4 million views. Today, we're joined by three of the Kingston dancing policemen, PC Dan Graham, PC Michaela Glue and PC Stephanie Powers to find out about their rise to internet stardom and what reception their dance has got from locals.

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Get strangers to pay you to sleep in your bed

New 40-month 0% card to shift debt to, free £5ish Lego toy, £20 off Tesco Direct and get strangers to pay you to sleep in your bed.These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

Stop abusing our elderly in care homes

Time now for an absolutely shocking story. Over the course of three years, frail 85-year-old Freda Jobson was the victim of mental and physical torment - at the hands of those who should've been caring for her.

After dropping to four stone, suffering agonising bedsores and being subjected to mental abuse Freda's family installed a spy camera in her room - and witnessed first hand the severity of her ill treatment.

Now Freda's daughter Maddy Jobson and granddaughter Hayley Southern have set up an online petition calling for all care homes to have CCTV installed. They join us today to tell us more.

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