Reflecting on Ben Butler's crime

The day after Ben Butler was found guilty and given a life sentence for the murder of his six-year-old daughter, we speak to Neal Gray, the grandfather who cared for Ellie and who wishes he could have done more to protect her from her father.

In a crime described as ‘breathtakingly deceitful’ - the court heart that Ben beat Ellie to death in 2013 - leaving her with ‘catastrophic head injuries’ which medical experts have described as the worst case of violence in a domestic setting.

Ben Butler on This Morning in 2012

This was a man who duped us all - he had even appeared on our This Morning sofa just 11 months before Ellie’s death, attempting to clear his name after being accused of harming Ellie when she was six weeks old.

Today we reflect on his crimes and speak with both Neal and social worker and child protection consultant, Joanna Nicolas.

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Sir Cliff speaks out after being cleared of all sex allegations

I could hardly walk ... something was happening to me

– Sir Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard speaks for the first time in almost two years just days after being cleared by the CPS of all sex allegations.

In an ITV Daytime exclusive, Gloria Hunniford speaks to her friend of 45 years, Sir Cliff Richard after historical sex abuse claims were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

In an exclusive clip of the interview which will run on Loose Women later today, Sir Cliff discusses the incredible torment he’s undergone and how the stress has taken its toll on him both physically and mentally.

I don't think he ever feels he will get away from the taint of it

– Gloria Hunniford

Gloria joins us live from France to tell us how her friend has coped over the past two years, and what she thinks the future holds for him.

You can watch an hour-long special with Sir Cliff talking to his longtime friend and Loose Woman Gloria Hunniford from 12:30.

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Reunited with my long-lost sisters after 70 years

This is the ultimate family reunion. Five sisters were all separated as children, and grew up not knowing that each other existed. Three of the sisters managed to find each other in their twenties, but spent the next 50 years trying to find the other two. Just three weeks ago, the sisters were reconnected with the fourth sister - 70 years after they were separated.

We'll be hearing their amazing story of determination and learning all about their emotional reunion. We'll also be joined by Finders International founder Daniel Curran who helped the sisters reconnect.

But amongst this happy reunion there is still a tinge of sadness - their fifth sister is still out there.

Think you know missing sister Margaret?

Call Finders International on 0800 085 8796 if you think you might be Margaret, the fifth missing sister, or if you think you might know Margaret.

Alternatively email or tweet @itvthismorningand @FindersProbate.

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I could selfie myself to death

How far would you go for the perfect selfie? Tonight a new documentary reveals today's guest taking their obsession to dangerous extremes.

Mum of three Jacqui takes over 100 selfies a day but her quest to look perfect in her pictures has led her to risk her life by injecting herself with an illegal human growth hormone - which she claims keeps her looking youthful.

Jacqui joins us alongside Dr Zoe Williams, who will reveal the true extent of how dangerous her hormone addiction really is.

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Non-binary gender: I consider myself a third sex

I think non-binary is a wonderful term

– Jamie Shupe

Man or woman, male or female, boy or girl - traditionally there are only two sexes available to us, but today's guest has made history after becoming the first American to legally be considered neither sex.

After feeling trapped and gender confused through life, Jamie Shupe came to the conclusion that they identified as neither male nor female - but rather considered themselves a third sex and successfully petitioned for a non-binary gender classification.

We’ll be speaking to Jamie from Portland, Oregon alongside spouse Sandy about the historical breakthrough and the relief of finally feeling free.

Gender dysphoria helplines

Coming out helplines

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The danger of smart pills

It's officially exam season with thousands of young people preparing for the next step in their lives. But is there too much pressure on them to strive for straight As?

Modafinil, a drug intended for those with sleep disorders has been used by more than a quarter of undergraduate students - supposedly offering a boost in concentration and memory. There's even a small percentage of 16 and 17s admitting to using the medication. But is it safe to use? And are the side effects worth it?

We're joined by Jordan Lees who started taking the drug during his A-levels and says he became addicted. We also welcome Jack Wallington from The Student Room who conducted the survey results, and Dr Carol Cooper who can explain the dangers.

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Ed Miliband pays tribute to MP Jo Cox

Jo was somebody who loved life, who was passionate about her causes ... she was fearless but friendly

– Ed Miliband

On Thursday afternoon news broke that West Yorkshire MP Jo Cox had been shot and repeatedly stabbed as she arrived at her workplace in Birstall near Leeds.

The mother of two is the first serving MP to be murdered in 26 years and had only been in the job for a year - having previously worked as an anti-slavery and women's network campaigner.

Former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband shares his memories of Jo.

ITV NEWS: PM and Corbyn unite in tribute to murdered MP Jo Cox

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