There's under 100 DAYS until Christmas! Here's what you need to do now

Tick tock, tick tock (ho ho ho), the clock’s ticked past the 100-days-left-till-Christmas mark. And our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here with his top seven things you should do now that’ll save you when the big day comes.

Every January people tell me they're skint because of Christmas. Yet it's not an unexpected expenditure; it happens on 25 December every year. And while I don't like tinsel and Jingle Bells before December any more than you do, many festive savers only work if you do them early, so here are my key tips…

Alex Jones reveals fertility fears

For me family was the number one priority

– Alex Jones

TV Presenter Alex Jones announced earlier this month that she is expecting her first child with husband Charlie Thomson.

She's now using her pregnancy as a platform to discuss what she describes as the 'taboo' topic of fertility.

With her mother going through an early menopause, Alex had a very real fear that she would not be able to conceive as she approached her 40s.

She joins us to talk about her new documentary 'Fertility and Me,' which looks at why women need better knowledge about the important subject.

Countess of Wessex gets on her bike for palace-to-palace cycle ride

I think I have discovered a tenacity that I didn't really understand was within me

– Countess of Wessex

The Countess Of Wessex set off this morning on a 445 mile bike ride from Edinburgh to Buckingham Palace for the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

Taking time out of her gruelling mission, she told us why she's determined to raise thousands for charity.

For more information on how you can set yourself your own challenge, click here.

Alan Barnes fundraiser Katie Cutler breaks down in tears over £7000 PR bill

I don't expect anything in return [from fundraising], it just makes me feel good

– Katie Cutler

Katie Cutler became known as the Angel of the North when she raised over £330,000 for disabled pensioner Alan Barnes after he was attacked outside his home in January 2015.

But, sadly this story doesn't quite have the happy ending we all anticipated, as Katie's good deed has left her hurt, humiliated and embroiled in a bitter legal battle with a publicity agent who claims Katie now owes her nearly £7000 for PR services she provided to raise the profile of Katie's charitable campaign.

Katie joins us to explain how despite being severely burnt by the whole experience she still doesn't resent or regret the help she was able to give those who needed it.

Is this the nation's naughtiest dog?

It's a special day when you bring home a new puppy, but how would you feel if less than a year later that little puppy had caused £5,000 worth of damage to your home!

Peaches the dog has a taste for the finer things in life, including sofas, brick walls, shoes and even a lawn mower! Peaches’ owner Sharon joins us along with her pup from their home in Warrington.

Understanding the celeb's favourite crystals - what could they do for you?

Victoria Beckham may be posh but it turns out diamonds aren’t this girl’s best friend - it’s crystals! She revealed this week she’s been turning to the powers of the earth to promote positivity and success in her life for years and she’s far from alone.

Adele puts her disastrous Grammy performance down to the fact she didn’t have her precious stones with her backstage and Katy Perry uses hers to boost her chances of true love.

But is there any truth to this or is it simply a mumbo-jumbo celebrity fad? Expert and author of The Crystal Healer Philip Permutt reveals exactly which crystals we should be using, and when.

Dads with a Difference: 'We have a lot of fun!'

This week Peter Andre meets Al Ferguson, who looks after his two-year-old son Ted full time while his wife Jen works as a teacher. With only around 16% of stay-at-home parents in Britain being men, Al is part of a rare group, and Peter is keen to explore why so few men take on the role, and also to get a first-hand look at the joys that come with being a full-time dad.