Use empty nest syndrome to rediscover yourself

As a working mother, Celia Dodd found that the wrench of empty nest syndrome took her by surprise. But she soon discovered she was not alone - and that this new phase of life has a definite plus-side.

Celia Dodd says there are benefits to having an empty nest

Celia joins us today alongside psychotherapist Marisa Peer​ to explain why parents should use an empty nest as an opportunity to rediscover themselves.

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Burnt alive - life beyond the scars

At just nine years old, Jane Healy was out playing with friends when tragedy struck. Her nylon dress was splashed with methylated spirit and caught alight. The ensuing fireball left her little body so damaged that her ears burnt off and her chin was fused to her chest.

Now a woman of 54, Jane's life is not what you might expect. She's happily married - after a whirlwind romance - and has a beautiful daughter of her own. She's also a successful businesswoman and hopes that today, by telling her story, other people with burns or disfigurements will know that there is life beyond the scars.

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60k for the biggest bottom in the world

Does my bum look big in this? That's the question most people dread - but not Tatiana Williams! Born a boy called Cory, the past 20 years have seen transsexual woman Tatiana spend over £60,000 on illegal implants to get a 60-inch bottom - one of the biggest in the world!

So why did she do it? Tatiana joins us live from Miami to explain.

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Worried about your children away from home?

It's a subject that scares all parents - how do you know what your child is really getting up to when they're away? Are they getting so drunk they're out of control? Have they taken drugs? Are they sleeping around?

Denise Robertson and parenting expert Sarah Newton take viewers' calls and offer their advice.

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