Help - I haven't slept for SEVEN years

In February 2007, Stephen Day was subjected to an unprovoked attack, when he was pulled out of his car and beaten up by a group of men. The attack changed his life forever. Left with crippling PTSD, Stephen developed uncontrollable jerking movements which left him unable to eat, sleep or even hold a cup of tea. Things reached crisis point this summer when Stephen tried to take his own life.

Desperate for help, Stephen's path led him to the Speakmans. Can they work with him get his life back together?

A little hero - and a warning to parents

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes - including extra small, as a two-year-old Utah boy discovered when his twin brother rescued him from underneath a fallen set of drawers. Toddler Brock Shoff was playing in his bedroom when a heavy chest of drawers tipped on top of him. What followed was an impressive feat of strength from his brother Bowdy, who lifted the drawers to free his brother.

We are joined by the little boy's parents live from the USA while consumer expert Alice Beer joins us in the studio to show us what you can do to keep your children safe around heavy furniture.

How to keep your kids safe around heavy furniture

Please note: The entire incident was caught on CCTV, below, but please be aware that some viewers may find the footage distressing.

I want to thank taxpayers for my benefit-funded Christmas!

When Deborah Hodge's four children woke up on Christmas Day, they were in for a real treat. They were inundated with lavish gifts like laptops, iPads and even two brand new husky puppies - all totalling a hefty £2800.

You might assume that Deborah has a highly paid job to fund these luxurious presents - but you'd be wrong. They were all paid for by the thousands of pounds worth of benefits that she claims each year - and, in her own words, she'd very much like to thank the taxpayer for giving her such a wonderful Christmas!

Schofe goes diving with sharks

Last year we did an item on This Morning about bucket lists. After the item Holly innocently asked what was on my bucket list?

Go behind the scenes of Schofe's shark diving adventure

Next thing I knew, agents had been contacted, flights had been booked (oh, and sun cream purchased) and I was jetting off to South Africa with my wife Steph for the adventure of a lifetime. I had always wanted to visit this beautiful country, so this trip gave me the perfect opportunity to mix business with a lot of pleasure and bring home some incredible memories.

Chanelle Hayes: I'm too embarrassed to look in the mirror

After shooting to fame on Big Brother when she was just 19, Chanelle Hayes has found it difficult to keep any aspect of her life private. But there's one topic of conversation she just can't escape from - her fluctuating weight.

After gaining eight stone since mid-2015 and becoming a size 18, Chanelle is now the heaviest she's ever been. However, after experiencing severe back problems, missed periods and being told she's at risk of developing type two diabetes, she is hoping that 2017 is the year to turn it all around.

Anticipating a 2017 wedding and hoping for a second child, Chanelle tells us all about running a marathon, ditching the take-aways and becoming a better example for her little boy.

We owe our miracle This Morning baby to George Michael

I can’t ever thank him enough for what he has done for me and my husband

– Jo Maidment

George Michael was a true British icon whose premature death on Christmas Day broke the hearts of millions of fans around the world. But if there's one thing his fans can take heart from, it's the stories of his incredible generosity and acts of kindness - which in life he sought to keep under wraps.

Today, with the blessing of his family, we're going to share our own George Michael secret for the very first time and reveal that he was the mystery donor who paid for our Miracle This Morning baby. Jo Maidment joins us on the sofa to tell us how George Michael changed her life by paying for her to have IVF, bringing her her much her longed for baby Betsy.