I had an affair with my teacher

I was 13 when it first became sexual

– Lisa Turner

Yesterday teacher Simon Parsons was jailed following a five-year affair with a student - just one week after a judge controversially accused a 16-year-old pupil of grooming her teacher.

Today psychologist Dr Pam Spurr is joined by Lisa Turner, who says her life was almost ruined after a six-year relationship with her teacher.

Revealing the situation turned sexual when she was 13, she said: "At the point the relationship became sexual the situation flipped. I eventually became a house prisoner for five years. He had this real power over me and said it was my fault and that I made him do it."

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I spent 100K to look like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the most photographed women in the world with a face and body that is scrutinised by the media on a daily basis. But one person who has scrutinised her more than most is 23-year-old superfan Jordan James Parke who has spent a staggering £100,000 on various treatments including lip, cheek and chin fillers, Botox and eyebrow tattoos to make his face look more like his idol.

He joins us today to tell us his shocking story as well as his hopes for a new nose, a face lift and a Kardashian-esque bottom!

Jordan strikes a Kim Kardashian pose on the TM catwalk

Bring Back Borstal!

When you speak to Kyran, you quickly discover he wants what you and I want as well

– Professor David Wilson

Today, nearly three quarters of young offenders released from prison reoffend within twelve months. In the 1930s, the Borstal system was a much-feared institution designed to reform young offenders with compulsory work and intense physical activity. And in its heyday, it was a system that worked.

The boys line up to face their stint at Borstal

Now, in a unique television experiment, 14 young troublemakers, half of whom have criminal convictions, have volunteered to become Borstal boys. They've spent four weeks in a castle in Northumberland to bring the Borstal back to life and see if they can break their cycle of bad behaviour.

Joining us today are criminologist Professor David Wilson, who acts as the Borstal's Governor and one of the show's participants, Kyran Hopwood.

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Denise offers advice about bereavement

Have you experienced the sudden loss of a family member? Are you finding it hard to cope? Denise Robertson is here to talk to viewers about bereavement.

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