Have you got a holiday tale to tell?

Have you had a holiday nightmare? Did you spend your Easter holidays arguing? Maybe you were forced to spend time with a holiday member that you didn't get on with?

Perhaps you're worrying about your next holiday being the last before your child grows up? Or maybe you've just got a funny tale to tell - we're here with Denise to take your calls!

Friends and family relationships

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I'm allergic to the sun

I look out of the window at the sun and think that's going to hurt! It's like a Bunsen burner, my skin is burning. There is no cure, it's very rare.

– Lorraine Valentine

While most of us will be thrilled to bask in temperatures up to 21 degrees today, Lorraine Valentine will be dreading it.

Lorraine suffers from a rare blood condition that means she can't go out in the sun. Even sitting out for as little as ten minutes can lead to an agonising burning sensation all over her skin. Even laptops, televisions and phones can have an effect.

At its worst, the condition can leave her needing hospital treatment. But despite all that, the mum-of-four is determined not to let it stop her enjoying the summer.

Lorraine said: "I just crack on with it and get on with life and pretend i'm not hurting.

"It's hard come this time of year but I don't want to be different, I want to do everything."

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The mum who gave birth to her brother and sister

We used to call her Tummy Mummy but now we call her Ellen or mum!

– Ruth on her sister/mother Ellen

Prepare to be confused by this very complicated family. Ellen Bown agreed to become the surrogate mother for her own mother and stepfather. The twin children that she has are therefore both her children and her half brother and sister. For the children, their grandmother is also their mother, and their older half sister is also their niece.

The whole family is here to talk about their incredible journey and the problems they have overcome, keeping it in the family.

Tony: "We're just an ordinary family, we have disagreements like any other family."

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Do you have an alternative family?

On Friday's show, Denise Robertson is taking your calls on non-nuclear / alternative families.

Do you have an amazing alternative family? Have you taken in your friends' children or your own grandchildren? Do you want to tell us why your foster parents transformed your life? Or, perhaps you're struggling to bring your two families together, or there are family issues you just can't sort out? Whatever your alternative family question, Denise is here to take your calls.

Call us on 08000 30 40 44, or email us at thismorning@itv.com. Calls are free from BT Landlines. Calls from some mobiles and other networks may be charged. Terms and conditions at itv.com/terms. We need your calls by 11:30am today. Phone-in room lines staffed until 12.30pm. If you are under 18 you will need permission from your parent/guardian to take part.

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Friends and family relationships

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Have you come out as gay later in life?

Following reports Barry Manilow, aged 71, has married his gay partner, This Morning would like to interview a man on the show TOMORROW who has come out as gay later in life and found love.

We can pay a fee and arrange travel and a hotel in London tonight if required. Please get in touch by emailing thismorning@itv.com before 4pm if you're interested in sharing your story live on the show tomorrow morning.

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Can pushy parenting be called 'child abuse'?

Children are facing a mental health crisis because their minds are being poisoned by their pushy parents, according to Sir Anthony Seldon.

The headmaster of Wellington College, one of Britain's most famous independent schools and a government advisor on education, argues in his latest book Beyond Happiness that exams put children under 'vile, cruel pressure'.

He joins us today alongside self-confessed pushy mum Ella Brookbanks, who admits she piles the pressure on her son and daughter to make sure their potential is not wasted.

Our unexpected baby

I went into complete shock, I'd been in the toilet for a minute, and out popped little baby Oliver!

– Laura Williams

What to expect when you're not expecting? Pregnancy can be a stressful time, but one young mother avoided that stress by not knowing she was pregnant until she gave birth in a hospital toilet.

Admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis, Laura Williams showed no signs of pregnancy until she went to give a urine sample and instead gave birth to baby Oliver!

She joins us along with her boyfriend and Oliver's father, Dan Saunders, to talk about their surprise baby.

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