Are you a cat person or a dog person?

The eternal dispute between dog and cat lovers will probably never end. However, scientists have tried to find out once and for all which of our furry friends are the best. As part of a new BBC2 documentary called Cats v. Dogs: Which is Best?, neuroscientists have investigated their behaviour to try to work out which one wins . But can science really answer the question of what makes the perfect pet?

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WARNING: The dangers of toy lasers

Laser toys, strong enough to melt plastic and scar eyes, have been branded a terrifying playground craze - while 1,000 pilots reported their aircraft being targeted by these 'weapons' in 2015.

As eye specialists raise concerns for children's safety, and aviation experts warn crew could be blinded during flight and crash their planes, we ask why these lasers are so poorly regulated.

Here to tell their story are Angela Marshall, and her son Jonathan, who burnt his retina after playing with a £6 toy. Laser eye surgeon Dr Dan Reinstein is also here to tell us why these toys can cause so much damage and we'll go live to an aircraft cockpit to speak to former pilot and flight safety specialist Steve Landells, who is calling for a legislation change for lasers to be deemed as dangerous as knives.

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How to beat budget airline charges

Father of four Lucas Marshall was astounded when he was charged 420 Euro (EUR) (approx £320) to check his family in on their flight to Spain - all because he'd been unable to print the boarding passes at his hotel.

But Lucas wasn't prepared to take the extra cost lying down, and took legal action against the airline, winning over £600 in compensation.

Budget airlines are renowned for 'hidden charges' for extra baggage and airport check-ins, but is it time we stopped putting up with them? Or is it the price we pay for a cheap holiday?

Lucas and travel expert Simon Calder join us today to explain why airlines can spring these sneaky extra charges on us and how to avoid being stung ...

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Looks like Tuna will be having Phillip for dinner

Earlier today we found out that Holly isn't a fan of tuna, we then found out that Tuna isn't a fan of Phillip.

Confused? Well let us elaborate. While Holly dislikes the taste of the saltwater fish, Phillip (well, men in general) are disliked by Tuna - the 'world's ugliest dog', and social media top pooch.

Just before his appearance in front of British audiences, Tuna presented his teeth to Phillip (stop sniggering in the back, you know what we mean). Now, normally when a dog shows a sign of aggression, it's best leaving well alone.

But what does Phillip do? He picks him up and bizarrely Tuna didn't go for his throat.

You're a braver man than us Schofe.

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