Are you still struggling to pay off Christmas debt?

People of Britain it's time to spring clean your finances! Are you still struggling to pay off your Christmas debts? Does your current income fall short of your outgoings? Would you love to know ways to make your money go further? Or perhaps you long for a summer holiday - but saving for one seems like Mission Impossible!

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I've spent £100K to look like Madonna

Superfans across the globe are known for doing far-fetched things to prove their love for their idol, but can you imagine spending £100,000 to look like your favourite popstar?

Adam Guerra says he did just that. He is Madonna's biggest fan and says he's spent £50,000 worth of cosmetic surgery to look just like her and another £50,000 on her wardrobe. He became a full-time Madonna impersonator and has amassed a whopping fortune of over half-a-million pounds.

Adam joins us from LA today to discuss his escalating obsession - and how he will stop at nothing to emulate his idol.

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The ultimate betrayal

It's everyone's nightmare... finding that your partner is cheating on you. But imagine discovering that your husband had gone one step further.

Beverley Neville's husband was leading an incredible double life - just a few doors away.

Not only had he forged divorce papers and bigamously married a Chinese nurse in a £10,000 visa scam, but he then fell in love with her. Beverley joins us to talk about the deceit, heartbreak and lies.

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My seven year old wanted to kill herself

Shockingly, the number of children ending up in A&E after suffering a mental health crisis has almost doubled since 2010.

This week is Children's Mental Health Week, which aims to raise awareness of these troubled children who are struggling to overcome emotionally difficult times in their lives.

Joining us today is mum Sara Matthews, whose 11-year-old daughter Charlie wanted to kill herself at just seven years old.

Children and young people's mental health helplines

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Two hours a day searching for the best deals

C-Jai Hamilton describes herself as an 'extreme couponer'. For the past year the 13 year old has spent up to two hours a day after school searching for the best deals online, to help cut her family's weekly shopping bill.

Her dad suffers from severe arthritis and her mum is his full time carer, so the savings have really helped the family cope with their finances. Her relentless research also means they can treat themselves to expensive brands and save for special occasions. C-Jai and her mum, Gail, 37, join us today.

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