Brush up on your relationship etiquette

I'm shocked. Appalled. Why? Do you just forget? Do you not have a door on your bathroom?

– William Hanson on Holly's relationship etiquette

She's a glamorous girl who's engaged to a pop pin-up, so when Perrie Edwards from Little Mix confessed to farting and biting her nails in front of her fiancé Zayn Malik, it became headline news.

But while the etiquette police were up in arms, others were quick to congratulate Perrie and Zayn for having a secure enough relationship to be open about their bad habits.

With it proving to be such a hotbed of contention, we wanted to explore the correct etiquette that should be adopted in a relationship and what your behaviour can mean to your loved one. Here to offer us guidance is psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos and leading etiquette expert William Hanson.

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'Don't forget me when I'm gone'

When Ian and Catherine Pratt welcomed their little girl into the world three years ago, they saw a lifetime of happiness together as a family. But, soon after, new dad Ian was given the devastating diagnosis of motor neurone disease (MND) - a cruel terminal illness that ravages the central nervous system.

Ian will be lucky if he survives another year. Heartbroken at leaving his precious daughter behind without any memory of him, he is recording short videos for her to watch in the future. Ian joins us with Catherine to tell us their heartbreaking story.

Get help and advice about Motor Neurone Disease

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ISAs just got a whole lot NISA

Tomorrow sees the biggest change to savings since 1999, when ISAs launched. That’s because on Tuesday 1 July, ISAs magically transform into NISAs (new ISAs), meaning everyone can now put £15,000 into cash or shares savings without paying tax on it. Here’s our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis to help you work out if you can take advantage.

Jimmy's quest to find world's best diet

It's been over 10 years since viewers followed Jimmy Doherty as he swapped city life to follow his dream of setting up his own farm. Since then, Jamie Oliver's best friend has helped inspire a new generation of farmers, set up his own food factory and has lifted the lid on what's really in the food we eat.

Now he's travelling the globe on a quest to find The World's Best Diet, and Jimmy joins us to talk about improving our own diets, Ethiopian superfood, eating Icelandic rotten fish and what we can learn from other cultures' food habits.

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The life of a lottery winner

When 27-year-old Matt Myles won £1 million playing the lottery in April, he vowed his life would never be the same. Within 48 hours he had quit his job and was halfway across the globe - even though he had to get his dad to pay for the ticket because his winner's cheque had not cleared at the bank. And in the weeks since the lottery cash hit his account he has been living every young man's fantasy.

Now Matt joins us to share stories of his big win and even bigger adventures!

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