Neil Fox says witch hunt against radio DJs must stop

On the 14 December 2015, Neil Fox and his loyal wife Vicky emerged from court to face hundreds of reporters and photographers. Amid the flashbulbs, Neil, or Dr Fox, read an emotional speech, thanking his wife of 16 years for her unfaltering support - after being cleared of several counts of sexual offences.

Despite their 14-month ordeal, Vicky admits their marriage has never been stronger and she didn’t doubt him for a single second. Neil and Vicky join us exclusively on the sofa today, to reveal how they feel the police process must now change and what they describe as a “witch hunt” against radio DJs must stop.

We put the new £5 note to the test

Today the brand new five pound note has gone into circulation - and it's the first ever plastic note printed by the Bank of England. The new note has been described as cleaner, stronger and more durable as it is resistant to dirt and moisture. Well we couldn't resist putting it to the test today - as we see if it can withstand being put through a wash, coffee, red wine and Marmite!

When cows become killers

Just a few weeks ago, animal psychologist and friend of the show Roger Mugford was left inches from death after being attacked by a cow during a routine tagging of newly-born calves on his farm.

After being gored repeatedly by the cow who was protecting her calf, Roger was left with horrific injuries including a fractured back and neck.

Lucky to be alive and now restricted by a neck and back brace whilst he recovers - Roger joins us today to tell us first-hand about his near death experience and explain what to do when cute cows become bovine brutes...

Could you ever donate a kidney to a stranger?

What could ever motivate someone to undergo radical surgery, face serious complications and put their future health at risk, all to save the life of a complete stranger?

The man with the answer to that question is Edward Batch, who, after reading that 11-year-old Matthew Pietrzyck had been waiting for a kidney for eight years, decided he would become an altruistic donor.

Edward and Matthew had less than a 1% chance of being a match, however they defied all odds by proving to be compatible.

Now, five weeks after surgery, Edward and Matthew are the best of friends. They join us today along with Matthew’s very grateful mum Nicola to tell their story.