Lollipop man quits after council bans him from high-fiving children

It makes me terribly sad. I didn't want to resign but I can't work under these conditions.

– Lollipop man Bryan Broom resigned from the job he loved after being banned from high-fiving children on their way to school

For most of us, a lollipop man or woman is the friendly face who greets children and ushers them safely across busy roads on their way to school in the morning.

Alex Lewis: Regaining my independence

It was 2014 when we first met Alex Lewis, who, after contracting an horrific flesh-eating bug, lost all his limbs and part of his face. Since then we have followed Alex's story, watching him learn to walk again and slowly rebuild his life.

Now we're pleased to bring you an update on Alex, and show you how he's found a new way to reclaim a little more independence.

A computer chip has been implanted under his skin which allows him to take on many simple, everyday tasks he thought he’d never do again.

What does Captain Marnie Munns make of Angel Epstein's claim that she'd 'never trust a female pilot'?

Returning from a recent holiday, journalist Angela Epstein caused a quite a stir when she openly admitted that she was shocked to hear that it was a woman pilot who had flown the plane.

Citing mood swings, lack of concentration and hormones as potential reasons why women could fall short if left in charge of the cockpit, Angela believes that flying really is a man’s job. One woman who doesn’t quite share her views, however, is Captain Marnie Munns - who currently works as a commercial pilot for easyJet, and safely transports holidaymakers to their European destinations hundreds of times a year. So is it really a job best left for the boys?

Or is this an outdated and sexist view that we should all be working together to eliminate? Get set for strong opinions as the ladies join us to discuss.

James Bulger killer: Should Jon Venables be stripped of his right to anonymity?

Since their release, Venables has been returned to prison twice, most recently receiving a 40 month sentence for possessing child pornography. Now, Jamie's father Ralph is demanding that Venables' true identity be revealed for the safety of the public, claiming he poses a very real threat to children.

So should Venables continue to receive lifelong protection? Or is it in the public’s best interest for his identity to be exposed?

Toff mucks in... with pig walking!

So far we've sent her skiing, in search of Churchill, and she’s even rubbed shoulders with the Royals. So Toff was certainly up for another challenge when we picked up the phone to her. Today Toff's discovering the secret passion of top haute couture designer Antonia Pugh-Thomas.... Sounds just the kind of thing she'd enjoy - but not everything is quite as it seems. Time to muck in Toff… we’re going walkies!

The horror of female genital mutilation

I was told, ‘This is what we do. I went through it, your cousins, your aunts’. They wouldn’t tell me what it entailed. If I had known, I would definitely have said ‘no’.

– Jay Kamara-Frederick

The horror of female genital mutilation is a global issue affecting millions of women and girls across the around the world - and many in the UK.

We speak to one survivor of this brutal practice, Londoner Jay Kamara-Frederick, who’s now campaigning for an end to FGM, arguing that it’s everyone’s responsibility to educate and protect at-risk girls. She’ll be telling us about her experience and why she rejects the term ‘mutilation’.

Alongside Jay, the founder of the Orchid Project Julia Lalla-Maharajh OBE tells us why they’re fighting to make sure no girl ever has to go through the same pain and distress.

Female Genital Mutilation helplines

Henry Fraser: The mouth painter inspiring us all

Eight years ago, promising rugby player Henry Fraser was paralysed from the shoulders down after misjudging his dive into the sea - banging his head off the seabed while on holiday in Portugal. But rather than wallow in his paralysis, Henry, now 25, has found strength in a new talent: painting by using just his mouth. He’s even won fans in celebrities like JK Rowling, former England Rugby captain Jonny Wilkinson and our very own Holly Willoughby who met him while filming Jonathan Ross last September. All have praised Henry for his strength and endurance.

We’re live from Henry’s art studio, in his home in Hertfordshire as he reveals some of his impressive paintings and explains why he intends on living life to the full - and never taking anything in his life for granted ever again. (He’s even painted a still life painting just for us)

Struggling to sleep? Try 'whisper porn'!

Russell Brand is fascinated by it, Ashton Kutcher has had his mind blown by it and Eva Longoria has posted her own version - but what exactly is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response?

Search engines like Google have reported a major rise in interest over the past few years, as ASMRtists (as they are known), whisper through your screen in husky tones through their YouTube channels using various household items as props.

ASMRists like Emma Smith have almost 400,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel and believe ASMR can help with stress, anxiety and insomnia. So with one in three of us in the UK struggling to get to sleep - is it time to give ‘whisper porn’ a go?

Emma's here to explain more.