Eamonn left unimpressed by oyster!

Looks tasty enough, eh Eamonn?

Eamonn was happy to try a little taste of everything in Alice Beer's Christmas food offering today - but was left to regret it!

As he popped an oyster into his mouth he declared: 'It's like being back in the jungle!' where he took part in a fish-eye challenge.

But after (not quite) eating the oyster, he said: "The consistency wasn't quite right."

Oyster, anyone?

Uh oh... Eamonn is forced to spit the oyster out!

Homeless at Christmas

A staggering 93,000 children will wake up homeless this Christmas, according to the homeless charity Shelter. Official Government figures released yesterday show a dramatic increase in the number of homeless households moved to temporary accommodation outside their home area.

Today Louise Stephenson, a mother of four who was left homeless for 16 months after the breakdown of her seven-year marriage, and her daughter Renee share their experiences.

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Where to see Santa this Christmas

The days of queuing up to see Father Christmas in cold garden centres are nearly over! There are now so many exciting and different ways to see the Big Man whether it be by train, on ice or during breakfast, that there really is something for everyone (and mum and dad!).

Travel expert, Bob Atkinson is here with his guide to where you can see Santa in the final weeks till Christmas.

I sued the NHS over an unplanned pregnancy

Twenty-three year old Katie Kelly-Ince loves her intelligent, beautiful and generous four year old daughter Niamh with all her heart. They have a great relationship and Kelly is overjoyed to see Niamh getting excited about Christmas. But a year after Niamh was born Katie, sued the NHS.

Katie fell pregnant with Niamh aged just 18 after a contraceptive implant failed and says Naimh's birth has robbed her of her youth, career prospects and freedom.

Last year she received £11,000 pounds compensation from the NHS in an out of court settlement. However, her and mother Paula don't believe it is sufficient for the mistake the NHS made.

NHS complaints helplines

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Got a pregnancy question for Linda Papadopoulos?

Are you pregnant and are unsure how you feel about it? Perhaps you've been through an unplanned pregnancy and now you're struggling to cope? Maybe an unexpected pregnancy was the best thing that's ever happened to you? Psychologist Linda Papadopoulos will be taking your calls on Friday's show. Please email thismorning@itv.com. You must be 18 or over, terms at itv.com/terms.

Pregnancy and childbirth helplines

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Alex Lewis: Determined to walk down the aisle

The walking has been quite incredible. At first it didn't seem that incredible. It wasn't until I got home and played with Sam - I was able to help him with far more than I ever could before

– Alex Lewis

Last June, we met astonishingly brave Alex Lewis, who went to bed feeling unwell one night unaware of the living nightmare he was about to face. Left fighting for his life when bacterial infection Strep A developed into multiple organ failure, septicaemia and toxic shock syndrome, Alex battled against the odds.

After multiple amputations - which saw him lose both his legs, one arm, lips and part of his nose - Alex made the most remarkable recovery. But in a cruel twist of fate, the day after our interview, Alex was given the news he was to lose his other arm, because the flesh-eating bug had attacked that too.

Despite all he and his family have been through, Alex walks into the studio on his new prosthetics today to achieve his one Christmas wish.

Find out more about Alex Lewis

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With thanks to Jason Atherton and the team at City Social restaurant, for the meal they've offered to Alex Lewis and his partner, Lucy.