Wolf of Walthamstow! Meet the tuck shop entrepreneur worth £50K

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A 15-year-old schoolboy is responsible for creating a £50,000 sweet empire after being inspired by a local millionaire. Until recently, Nathan John Baptiste employed 11 people across three other schools and together they sold over £200 of chocolate, drinks and sweets a day - that's £1,000 a week - £45,000 a school year!

Not bad considering his shop started in the boys' toilets...

How a chance encounter led to the first gay Muslim wedding

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Jahed (Jay) Choudhury grew up feeling lonely and ostracised. Knowing he was gay and being a practising Muslim from a Bangladeshi family made his teenage years impossible. He even went on a religious pilgrimage to try and change his sexual orientation.

A lifetime of bullying and suppressing his sexuality eventually led Jay to attempt to take his own life.

The following day a kind stranger found him crying on a bench and it was that moment that would change his life. That stranger was Sean Rogan, now Sean Choudhury, since they married three weeks ago. The wedding, held in a registry office, was thought to the first Muslim gay wedding in the UK.

Marion Bartoli on terrifying virus: 'I thought tennis brought me the toughest challenge in my life - but it was nothing'

I felt like I was playing Serena Williams every day - but ten Serenas!

– Marion Bartoli

Last summer, Marion Bartoli was exhausted, emaciated and disorientated. The former tennis champion made it through her presenting work during the Wimbledon fortnight, but admits she barely had the energy to climb the stairs, fearing she might die in her sleep.

After her weight plummeted, Marion joined us on the sofa last July to defend herself against rumours of an eating disorder.

Now she's back, she's healthy and she's here to tell us how she managed to battle her tropical virus and pile on three stone in less than a year.

The Tragic Wives' Swimming Club: My husband's motor neurone disease won't beat our family

Ruth Fitzmaurice has two extraordinary families. Her husband Simon is a filmmaker with advanced Motor Neurone Disease who can only communicate with his eyes via a computer. Together they have five children under the age of 10 and the family are kept afloat by a relentless army of nurses and carers that flow through their house in Greystones, on the East Coast of Ireland. And then there is Ruth's other family - her Tribe of amazing women.

Amidst the chaos and the pain that rules their lives, The Tragic Wives' Swimming Club congregate together - in summer and winter - on the sea steps at Women's Cove. Day after day, they throw themselves into the freezing Irish sea, sometimes naked (on a full moon), in that moment, to feel free. Later, they will share a flask of tea, teeth chattering, ready to take on the world once more.

Ruth joins Phillip and Holly to share her story, which could be on its way to the silver screen.

Motor neurone disease helplines

Run Hide Tell: Are you scared to travel this summer?

As the peak holiday season gets under way, police, the Foreign Office and the travel industry are telling British holidaymakers to be alert to terror attacks. A four-minute film was released yesterday depicting a firearms attack at a hotel, and urges holidaymakers to Run Hide Tell - basic, yet potentially life-saving advice, should you ever find yourself in a terror attack.

But is the controversial video too much scaremongering? Should we be scared of going on our summer holidays? And should we even broach the subject with our children?

Simon Calder helps us to put the video into context and Emma Kenney is in the studio with her advice on having tough discussions with our little ones.

I filmed the man who attacked me... now he's behind bars

We meet the brave teenager who helped to snare the man who tried to rape her after she managed to record the brutal assault on her mobile phone.

Student Lillian Constantine, 18, can be heard screaming and pleading with her attacker on the two-minute 47-second clip, recorded on her phone as she walked home in Ramsgate, Kent.

In an amazing show of courage, Lillian waives her anonymity as she and her mum Karen join us to talk about how she managed to film the predator during the nightmare incident, and why sexual assault shouldn't define you.

Rape and sexual abuse helplines

'I'm happy to breastfeed my baby while making love'

Breastfeeding is a subject that often provokes a lot of discussion, with strong views on where and when mothers feel comfortable feeding their little ones. But would you ever consider nursing at the same time as getting intimate with your partner?

Well, outspoken mummy vlogger and breastfeeding champion Tasha Maile has sparked quite a reaction after admitting to doing just that. She joins us live from Utah to tell us more.