Trevor confronts uncomfortable truths

I want to take this issue away from the extremists, I want everybody to be able to talk about it

– Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips, deputy chair of the board of the National Equality Standard and former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, argues that while much of the work of those in the 'equality movement' has changed Britain for the better, there may be serious and unwanted consequences that could undermine their achievements.

In his new documentary Things We Won't Say About Race That Are True, he confronts uncomfortable truths about racial stereotypes, asks UKIP leader Nigel Farage whether the attempt to embrace a multi-ethnic Britain has led directly to the rise of his party, and talks to Tony Blair about how work begun by New Labour to promote diversity could be brought back on track.

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What's the best option for spending money abroad?

Are you going on holiday this year? Not sure when to change your travel money? Or confused about which is the best option for spending money abroad?

Martin Lewis joins us on Monday to talk us through foreign currency options. For a chance to have Martin answer your question email your question, age and contact number to by Friday 20th March. You must be 18 and over. Terms and conditions at

Got a view about porn? Get in touch...

On Tuesday, three British judges were sacked for allegedly viewing porn at work using official judiciary computers. Although the pornography was not illegal in content, the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) felt their behaviour was 'wholly unacceptable conduct'.

Where do you stand - should you be vilified for watching porn in your own time? Is it within your rights or inappropriate?

Porn is the subject of today's phone-in. Are you a frequent user of porn? Has it become a problem? Perhaps your partner is using porn and you feel it's ruining your relationship? Maybe you feel people need to lighten up on the porn issue? Maybe you work in porn yourself? Denise Robertson is here to take your calls. Call us on 08000 30 40 44 or email us at by 11.15am. Calls are free from BT Landlines. Calls from some mobiles and other networks may be charged. Terms and conditions at If you are under 18 you will need permission from your parent/guardian to take part.

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The retirement home - for cats!

We've all heard of OAPs - Old Age Pensioners - but ever heard of an Old Age Pussycat? Today, we welcome Jain Hills who runs a retirement home for ageing felines - supplying them with heated beds, sofas and an open fire to live out the last of their nine lives. Sounds purr-fect!

She joins us alongside her oldest resident, Henry, who is 20 years old - that's almost 100 in cat years!

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Would you ever pay a man for sex?

We are so reserved, and nobody wants to talk about their private life

– Jodie Marsh on why they couldn't find a British women to feature in her documentary

It's well known that men have been paying for sex for years - but now women are hiring male escorts to fulfil their sexual desires. With 44,000 male escorts registered in the UK, the trend is growing, but not as much as in the US where agencies are classy, busy and expensive - with men of all ages who won't just give you the night of your life, but act as the perfect gentleman all through the date.

Jodie Marsh has fronted a new documentary which looks at the sexual trend from around the world and she joins us to tell us more. We're also going live to LA to speak to Cyndi who has paid for an escort and says she would do it again.

Speaking with Phillip and Amanda, former glamour model Jodie Marsh said she wasn’t surprised that no British women would come forward to talk about their experiences with such services. Jodie said, “Not really. I think we are a nation who cover things up and lie and hide.”

“British people are not just reserved, they just do not want to speak openly about anything.”

Talking about her investigations for this documentary and hiring an escort herself, Jodie admitted, “I’ve been celibate for four years, and at the beginning of the date I found it quite awkward at first. He was quite tactile and with me being celibate, and not wanting anything like that, he was in my space a bit and I wasn’t entirely comfortable with [it]. But by the end of the date I would definitely, definitely use an escort again.”

When quizzed on why she was celibate, Jodie replied, “Because of men! I've just had enough... I don’t trust anyone, I can’t meet anyone nice... but I do want to meet someone nice. If there’s someone out there watching…!”

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Men of Britain, do you have a crush on your MIL?

According to a study, more than half of married men find their mother-in-law attractive and a quarter have a genuine crush on her. What do you make of these statistics? Are you a man who thinks your mother in law is as gorgeous as your wife? Maybe you have a crush on them? Are you a woman who thinks your man holds a torch for your mother? Or maybe the whole idea puts you off your breakfast?!

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