Speakmans: Help me beat my compulsion to hoard

The Speakmans have solved many cases of hoarding over the years, but in their own words "have never ever come across as case as shocking" as what we are about to witness today.

For the last decade Marilyn Jones from Jarrow, Newcastle, has experienced crippling anxiety at the thought of throwing anything away, and the clutter in her home has spiralled out of control.

Can Nik and Eva, with the help of CKD Cleaning Services, help Marilyn to declutter her home and rebuild her life?

Compulsive hoarding helplines

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I had one of the world's first penis transplants

When Thomas Manning was forced to have his penis amputated after a diagnosis of penile cancer in 2012, he thought he would be forced to accept life with his new body, and simply felt relieved to have survived such a serious illness.

However, just five weeks ago, Thomas underwent pioneering surgery which saw medics transplant the penis of a deceased donor onto the site of his amputation. He joins us now, live from Boston, Massachusetts.

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From homeless dog to superdog

They say that a dog is a man's best friend, and a recent documentary has proved just how incredible the bond between a canine and a human can really be.

A new three-part documentary follows six homeless dogs, all selected from rescue centres around the UK, and sees them paired with people with disabilities. One of those people was Emily Rounds, who - after battling narcolepsy for years - found that help came in the form of a very lovable boxer-cross named Poppy.

Emily joins us today with boyfriend, Andrew Miller, and boxer cross, Poppy, to reveal how her canine companion has completely transformed her life.

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Should anyone really need to be taught sexual consent?

It's been announced that York University is introducing compulsory sexual consent classes for its first year undergraduates and new postgraduates. But do young adults really need to be taught the most basic of behaviour? Are these kind of classes ever an effective way of reducing the number of sexual assaults?

With two very opposing opinions broadcaster Martin Daubney and journalist Rebecca Reid are here to discuss the topic.

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Bearded woman Rose on why she ditched the razor

Shaving... plucking.. .waxing, no matter how you tackle it, getting rid of unwanted hair is a nuisance for many women, but for Rose Geil the desire to be hair-free took over her life.

Since the age of 13 Rose has battled with excess facial hair, meaning a daily shave was her only way to keep the stubble at bay. But nine months ago she decided to ditch the razor and embrace her natural hair. Rose joins us live from Oregon to explain why.

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'I don't think I could stop, I wouldn't want to'

I don't think I could stop, I wouldn't want to

– Kenny Sansom on drinking

In April former England footballer player Kenny Sansom appeared on This Morning to talk about his addictions to alcohol alongside recovered addict Daniel Gerrard.

While Kenny admitted that he couldn't kick his addiction, he did inspire This Morning viewer Tracey Martin to give up her four-bottle-a-day drinking habit. Tracey now credits This Morning for saving her life.

If I'm in the pub having a couple of drinks with Denise, I feel safe

– Kenny talks about drinking with his new fiancee Denise

Today we see Tracey meet David Gerrard, the man she credits with saving her, and in the studio we chat to Kenny about finding the right balance with alcohol.

Alcohol addiction helplines

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'We come from a fighting country ... it's in your blood'

You have a code, when you're involved in football violence - not to kick people on the floor

– Jason Marriner

As one England fan remains in a coma in a French hospital after reportedly being beaten round the head by Russians armed with iron bars, six other English football fans are in jail following trouble in Marseille.

We ask former football hooligan Jason Marriner and PA sports reporter Tom White about whether we've seen the end of the violence in France.

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