Reunited with my son's heart in strange twist

It was the bleakest of moments when Freda Carter's son John died from a brain tumour aged just 33, but Freda, her husband and their son's widow, had agreed that his kidneys, liver and heart could be donated in the event of his death.

His heart was donated to a 14-year-old boy called Scott.

In a strange twist of fate and coincidence, six years later Freda met the boy saved by her son's donated heart. Freda and Scott join us to share this emotional and uplifting story.

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Marriage - how soon is too soon?

She's reportedly only been seeing him for three months, but after the news broke that Cheryl Cole had married her latest boyfriend in a private ceremony, tongues began wagging that it was 'too soon'.

So is three months from first date to I do too soon?

Moving on from Cheryl's nuptials, relationship and self-help expert Dr Pam Spurr will be taking viewers' calls on the subject as they discuss their own concerns.

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Hear, there and everywhere

I thought a machine did that!

– Eamonn Holmes

You hear their voices at stations, in supermarkets, during car journeys - but would you know what they looked like if you passed them in the street?

Today we'll be meeting five people behind some of the country's most recognised voices!

Can Eamonn and Ruth guess which person voices which gadget?

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Talking about the birds and the bees...

It's the conversation that as a parent you feel you have to have but don't want to. Essentially, talking about sex is awkward for everyone but it is impossible to ignore, 74% of UK parents talk to their children about sex by the age of 11. But this is still too late, argue the experts, when one in three ten-year-olds have seen explicit material on the internet.

Becky Broadhurst is a This Morning viewer who wrote in as she was finding it impossible to have the conversation with her seven-year-old daughter. We sent Child Counsellor and sex education expert Anna Williamson to coach Becky how to have the conversation, and they're both in studio now.

From 'ugly' and bullied to Kim Kardashian lookalike

When I get my Kimmy on I feel like I'm unstoppable

– Claire Leeson

Growing up, Claire Leeson never dreamed she'd use her looks to make money. At school she was continuously bullied for being 'ugly.' Unable to cope with the taunts, she tried to take her own life twice. But in 2009, Claire's life changed forever when she watched the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

She became obsessed with the show's main star Kim Kardashian, and has since spent £18,000 trying to look like her. Now Claire gets regular work as a Kim lookalike, and even though her obsession has got her into £6000 debt, and destroyed a relationship, she doesn't intend to give up her lookalike career!

Claire joins us on the sofa to tell us her story.

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Claire strikes a Kim Kardashian pose on London's Southbank

Long Lost Family is back

It's the show that captured the hearts of the nation - and brought most of them to tears. Now the BAFTA-award winning Long Lost Family returns to our screens, reuniting more family members who have been separated for most of their lives.

Someone who has first-hand experience of the emotional impact of the show is presenter Nicky Campbell, who alongside Davina McCall, helps bring the estranged families together.

Nicky joins us today alongside Tania Bartlett who, through the show, was reunited with her estranged father of 34 years.

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