Women turning to surgery for perfect selfie

We're all familiar with the Selfie Face - taut, oval eyes, chiselled cheekbones, pouty lips and scarily flawless skin. It's like looking at a cartoon version of a women. And now, it would seem impressionable young women are prepared to go to extreme lengths to emulate their celebrity idols.

The number of women turning to cosmetic surgery continues to be on the rise, with over a third of plastic surgeons citing social media as the reason for the rise in their workload.

Today we're joined by celebrity cosmetic doctor Dr Tijion Esho who believes less is more when it comes to plastic surgery, and 19-year-old Connie Carnell who underwent cosmetic procedure to create perfect selfie.

Cilla Black's funeral

Yesterday, the friends and family of Cilla Black gathered at St Mary's Church in Liverpool to bid a fond farewell to one of Britain's best loved entertainers.

Crowds applauded Cilla's funeral cortege during its two mile journey to the church, and TV stars Paul O'Grady, Jimmy Tarbuck and Christopher Biggins joined her sons Robert and Ben in giving readings.

Cilla Black OBE 1943 - 2015

Also paying tribute to one of his best friends, was Sir Cliff Richard who sang Cilla out in style with Faithful One.

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How much have you spent on weddings this year?

You can't turn up with a toaster under your arm to the service...

– Etiquette expert William Hanson

Have you been to a wedding this summer? Maybe you've been to more than one and if you have, you probably won't be shocked by what we're about to tell you. According to a new survey out today, us Brits spent more than £200 on each wedding we attend.

From presents to outfits and travel and preparation, we're forking out a combined total of £6bn each year, not to mention the extortionate hen and stag dos which bump up the costs even further.

Well, just how much is too much and it is possible to keep the costs down? We're joined by etiquette expert William Hanson and serial wedding guest Lucy Irby, whose wedding tally has reached 13 in three years.

'The cookbook is dying out!'

I've written 12 cookbooks and my house is stuffed with others, I gave 4000 cookbooks away to Oxford Brookes University - I had too many! I only use the same ones over and over again.

– Prue Leith

Prue Leith has been a restaurateur, caterer, television presenter, journalist, cookery writer and even novelist. However she believes that the old fashioned idea of the cookery book is dying out - and fast.

Dating again after losing a spouse

We all dream of spending our lives with someone we love. However, when Ben Westwood lost his wife to cancer in 2013 he wondered whether he would be able to move on and find love with someone else.

Ben's here to today to tell us about the ups and downs of his tentative steps into the world of dating as a single parent.

Bereavement helplines

Loneliness helplines

Step-parenting helplines

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'The reason I'm on earth, is to look after animals'

Pet-loving surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick has been labelled The Bionic Vet, thanks to his pioneering work creating new limbs for injured pets around the UK.

His wonder work has been documented in the Channel 4 series The Supervet and the new series Supervet in the Field, where Noel is reunited with some of the most challenging cases of his career.

Noel joins us today to talk about the miracles he and his team perform every day, saving animals that may otherwise have to be put down, and to tell us about the work he's doing to try and cure cancer.

'This man should be knighted' is Eamonn's opinion of the Supervet!

Unhappy school kids - what can be done?

Children in England are unhappier with their school life than those in almost every country featured in a major international survey by The Children’s Society.

More than half a million 10 and 12 year olds report having been physically bullied each month, causing huge damage to their happiness; with many more feeling left out.

Matthew Reed from The Children’s Society joins counsellor Anna Williamson to talk about the survey results, and what can be done.