Surprise! You're getting married live on This Morning

You’ve just made all our dreams come true in the last twenty seconds. I need to come down off cloud nine.

– The very shocked bride-to-be Sonya

Six weeks ago we revealed they we will be hosting - and helping - with another live wedding this year and asked viewers to get in touch for their chance to be chosen.

Today, Phillip and Holly surprised couple Sonya Keating and Paul Brough to explain that they will be the couple that will get married live on This Morning later this year!

The couple first met at nursery when they were just three years old, but it took a further 17 years of friendship before they finally realised they were in love. Paul eventually got round to proposing when the couple turned 40, but sadly, just months later- he was diagnosed with MS. Now the couple are determined to walk down the aisle before Paul's condition stops him from doing so and we're going to do everything we can to help!

Should boys be allowed to wear skirts to school?

A school in London has hit the headlines after recently revealing plans to introduce gender neutral uniform rules that would allow boys to wear grey pleated skirts to school.

Highgate School's headmaster Adam Pettit unveiled the mix-and-match uniform proposals, saying growing numbers of children are questioning their gender.

Critics argue this move will force children to make 'unnecessary' decisions that could lead them into utter confusion. However, the school insists the proposals could benefit the mental health of pupils who are unsure of their gender.

Joining us today to discuss is transgender rights activist Paris Lees and broadcaster Angela Epstein, but what do you think? Have your say in our poll below.

'We're terminally ill, but it's not a death sentence'

Annabel Nnochiari

When Annabel Nnochiari, 56, and Jolene Dyke, 29, received a diagnosis of terminal cancer, both women made a very conscious decision - they were going to focus on living rather than dying.

Jolene Dyke

Choosing to take part in a documentary A Time to Live, Annabelle and Jolene invited cameras along as they grabbed life with both hands and make every single second count.

They join us this morning to tell us more about how they plan to wring every last drop out of life, and how being told that they are living on borrowed time has, in some ways, been the most positive thing that has ever happened to them.

We're searching for an inspirational owner at the Guide Dog Awards

Luna, our puppy with a purpose

We know only too well how important guide dogs like our Luna can be to those who are visually impaired. So this year we're on the search for an inspirational guide dog owner for the 2017 Guide Dog Awards.

After meeting our three finalists in the video below, we want you to choose your Inspirational Guide Dog Owner of the year in our poll below.

Get paid to pay your bills, says Martin Lewis

Get paid to pay your bills, student finance deadline, Eurostar seat sale and car hire insurance warning. These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

Is separating elderly couples in care homes 'inhumane'?

In the UK alone, around 426,000 elderly people are living in residential care. However, it’s estimated that only 55% of those will survive in their first year in the system. The country's most senior family judge, Sir James Munby believes that separating elderly couples in care homes is 'inhumane' and their decline could be down to dying from a broken heart.

Joyce and Peter Hunt were devoted to one another and had been together for 60 years when Joyce was put into a care home an hour and a half away from Peter, who needed to take two buses and a taxi to be with her.

Sadly, he died before being properly reunited with his wife, despite daughter, Reina begging social services to bring them together.

She joins us today to share her story.

'Our conjoined twins are our little miracles - we'll never separate them'

When Chelsea and Nick Torres found out they were expecting twins, the pair couldn't be happier to add two more members to their expanding family. However, when Chelsea’s early scan revealed her girls were conjoined from the chest down, the couple worried what the future would hold, as they decided to refuse to separate the twins from one another.

Now, four months old the girls are happy and healthy and join us alongside their very proud mum and dad from their hometown of Idaho, USA.