Is free-range parenting good for children?

'Hands-off' parenting is suddenly back in vogue - but does it foster independence or just put kids at risk?

Today we talk to Michelle Horne and Samia Dar, who agree with hands-off parenting but with slightly different approaches. But child psychologist Dr Richard Woolfson believes a parent's job is to guide and encourage, not take a complete step back.

Paris attacks: the latest developments

After Friday's horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, a scheduled football friendly between England and France will go ahead at Wembley tonight.

We talk to Security Expert Will Geddes about the risks involved and how safe the stadium will be, especially as HRH Prince William will now be in attendance.

We’re also joined by GMB Chief Correspondent Richard Gaisford from Paris, and football fan Layfe Yousif, who is supporting the match tonight with his nine-year-old son.

The latest tablets on the market

The highly-anticipated Apple iPad Pro is finally available to buy and we were one of the first to get our hands on one.

Today we have the new device in the studio to play with and consumer expert Alice Beer joins us to give us her expert initial review. We also take a look at rival tablets on the market, that could challenge Apple to the No 1 tablet spot in the market.

Should OAP drivers retake their test?

Should elderly drivers be forced to retake their test when they reach a certain age? Benjamin Brooks-Dutton says yes, after his wife was killed by a 85-year-old motorist who mounted the kerb in 2012. Ben is now campaigning for all drivers over 70 to be tested every three years to prove they are fit for the road, as currently no checks are made on driving skills, reactions, eyesight or hearing of drivers over 70.

Ben’s petition will be taken to parliament when it reaches 150,000 signatures. Head of Road Safety at the Advanced Driving Institute and OAP driver Kevin Delauney doesn't think the measures are needed and joins us alongside Ben, who tells us why he feels the need to petition for a change to the current system.

Paris attacks: What next

In the wake of the Paris terror attack we're joined by terror expert Dr Sally Leivesley and travel editor Simon Calder, to discuss the current threat level and how to stay safe at home and abroad.

British students survive terror attacks at Bataclan

I think the worst part was having to crawl over people

– Hannah Corbett

Two British students have told how they survived the terrorist massacre in a Paris theatre by "crawling over a pile of people".

Hannah Corbett and her boyfriend Jack Konda, both aged 21, were in the Bataclan venue when ISIS gunmen stormed in and opened fire. Hannah joins us on the phone as they make their way back to the UK.

Live from Paris: After the attacks

The attacks on Paris have left the world in shock as innocent people were shot down in cold blood in the most deadly assault on French soil since WW2.

Today we'll be crossing live to Susanna Reid, Nick Dixon and Richard Gaisford in the French capital to hear how Paris is coping in the aftermath of Friday's atrocious attacks.