'A vagina facelift changed my life'

Any mum will know that childbirth can have a profound effect on your body - but while we're often happy to compare saggy 'mummy tummies' or even chat about our boobs 'heading south' - there's one area that still remains a bit of a taboo.

A recent survey has revealed that 87% of mums admitted their vagina changed for the worse after giving birth; and one lady who can well identify with that is Lyndsey Hiatt, who - after five pregnancies and five natural deliveries - was left with some embarrassing issues that she found hard to share with even her closest friends.

She's here alongside Dr Zoe to discuss a pioneering new treatment dubbed 'the vagina facelift' which she says has given her a whole new lease of life!

Would your smoke alarm wake your child in a fire?

In 2012, the six Philpott children, aged between five to 13, all slept through the sound of smoke alarms as their house burnt down around them.

Now, after testing 34 children aged between 2 and 13, Derbyshire Fire Service and Dundee University have uncovered a worrying suggestion - that we can't always rely on our smoke detectors to wake our children up. In these tests 80% slept through the alarm.

Whilst every house should have one, and they undoubtedly save lives, should we now be making some important improvements to the tried and tested smoke detector?

This Morning launches the 'Be Kind' campaign

Today we launch This Morning’s Be Kind Campaign to offer key advice and an anti-bullying message following recent powerful interviews focused on bullying and the experiences faced by children and their families.

The campaign will be launched after the huge response the programme received when Lucy Alexander - the mother of Felix Alexander, 17 - and Nicola Harteveld - the mother of 14-year-old Megan Evans - shared the tragic stories of how their children committed suicide after being bullied.

Viewers will pledge to watch the moving interviews with Lucy and Nicola via our website with their children so that they know they can ask for help and how important it is to be kind.

Agony aunt Deidre Sanders, psychotherapists Nik and Eva Speakman and Dr Ranj will be staying on long after the show finishes to continue taking calls and giving advice to concerned parents or children.

The mum who gave up her porn career to become a pastor

Porn star mum Crystal Bassette was earning £250,000 a year making adult films. Starring in over 100 pornographic films across 10 years, Crystal spent her fortune on sports cars, nights out and a Hollywood mansion but struggled with alcohol addiction.

A car accident in May 2014 forced Crystal to rethink her life and turn to God for answers. Three years later, Crystal is a trained pastor and set up the 'New Beginnings Christian Life' church in New York with her husband David, a church minister.

Crystal and David join us from New York to talk about how they hope to encourage others to turn to religion.

Dog thefts on the rise across the UK

A recent investigation showed that since 2013, 5,000 dogs have been reported stolen in England and Wales. However, dog theft campaigner Debbie Matthews, the daughter of TV legend Sir Bruce Forsyth, believes this number could be much higher due to the legal challenges faced by pet owners.

Debbie, suffered the heartbreaking theft of her two Yorkshire terriers - Gizmo and Widget - in May 2006. After an extensive media campaign with her famous father saw their safe return, Debbie started the 'Vets Get Scanning' campaign to encourage vets to become more proactive in identifying stolen dogs.

Today, she's heading to Westminster with the hopes of changing the laws on microchipping and pet ownership.

Domestic abuse survivor speaks out in a bid to save others

Shocking footage showing a domestic violence victim being thrown down stairs by her boyfriend in a brutal attack has been released at the victim's request.

Brave Marianne Standeven still struggles to walk after the savage attack before Christmas last year but after seeing her partner and attacker jailed for 13 and a half years, she agreed for the harrowing CCTV footage to be made public to highlight how dangerous it can be.

She joined us today to speak out in the hope it will help other domestic abuse victims seek support.

Exclusive: Paul Burrell says he suspects his wife knew he was gay

He was Princess Diana's confidante, right-hand man, her 'rock' and apparently 'the only man she ever trusted'.

Now in a television exclusive, Paul Burrell reveals why he thinks she guessed his biggest secret - the truth about his sexuality.

After years of speculation, the former royal butler joins us on the sofa to tell the world about his upcoming wedding to partner of 10 years, Graham Cooper.