Corrie's Faye and Bhavna: Will Rana 'come out' fighting for her lover Kate?

Things aren't all they seem on the Corrie cobbles, as despite Rana’s husband Zeedan finding out about her lesbian affair, they have decided to keep up the pretence that all is well with their marriage for the sake of her Muslim parents.

Rana is hurting as she is forced to live a lie, terrified of being cast out by her family and feeling like she has to hide her true identity while Kate, fed up of playing second fiddle is caught kissing Sophie Webster and word soon gets back to Rana.

Faye Brookes and Bhavna Limbachia join Holly and Phil to reveal what’s in store for the couple.

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DOI's Max and Ale: 'We want to sex up the ice!'

He’s the ravishing rugby player who’s swapped power on the pitch for the rhythm of the rink after skating into this series of Dancing on Ice. Fresh from sailing through to this weekend's show, contestant Max Evans joins us alongside partner Ale Izquierdo to reveal his double eviction fear, the truth behind their sizzling chemistry and why he wants to flash more skin!

Married at First Sight: Would you wed a total stranger?

Most people wait years before proposing to their other halves. But could you imagine saying 'I do' to a complete stranger? Well, that’s just what Benjamin and Stephanie did, after trusting a group of experts to find them their ultimate match.

The only catch? The first time they met would be at the altar.

Returning for a third series, Married at First Sight introduces viewers to three couples who have been brought together by science. But can an algorithm really trump true love?

The real-life story behind Craig's OCD Corrie storyline

It’s fascinating how it takes different forms. How it’s seen in the public needs to change. The stigma needs to go.

– Colson Smith

It’s a condition that affects almost 750,000 people in the UK, but it’s also one of the country’s most misunderstood illnesses. Obsessive compulsive disorder is more than just extreme tidiness - and no one knows that better than Richard Taylor who provided the inspiration for Colson Smith’s portrayal of OCD in Corrie.

At just 19, Richard was housebound for nine months: dropping to a dangerously low weight; battling with suicidal thoughts; and unable to peel himself from his bed for fear of contamination. Colson joins us to explain why he wanted to get his portrayal of Corrie copper, Craig Tinker, just right. Alongside him is Richard, who hopes the soap’s hard-hitting storyline will help others in the future.

Emmerdale's Moira and Cain: The final ultimatum

It’s Emmerdale’s ultimate on/off relationship - Moira Barton and Cain Dingle certainly have been making hay while the sun shines ever since their steamy affair in 2011.

But with Moira’s guilt over killing her sister-in-law Emma, Cain’s controlling mum really getting her goat, and dealing with the shock arrival of her unwanted baby - it’s no surprise Moira is packing her bags and heading for the Yorkshire hills. And with Cain giving her an ultimatum to meet him at 5pm on the bridge - will it finally be a bridge over troubled water? Or is he putting all his eggs in one basket?

Actors Natalie J Robb and Jeff Hordley reveal if ‘Coira’ is back on in their first ever joint studio interview.

Corrie's Mikey North: 'Gary's determined to bring down Phelan'

This is the beginning of the end... I'm allowed to say that!

– Mikey North on Corrie's gripping Phelan storyline

He may have come back from the dead, but that still doesn’t compare with the problems he’s facing now... With his mother being wrongly found guilty of pushing Seb off a ladder, and with arch-nemesis Phelan still roaming free, it seems as if Coronation Street's Gary Windass can’t catch a break.

But as actor Mikey North explains, his character Gary is determined to prove his mother innocent and finally expose Phelan for the criminal he is, all while juggling his on-off relationship with Sarah Platt with the return of his pregnant one-night stand.

Lady Wilnelia Forsyth: 'I miss Bruce every day'

It’s been unbelievable. For his memorial - his celebration as we’re going to call it - we want to celebrate his life, we have more than 50,000 people already have applied to come to that. It’s been very overwhelming.

– Lady Wilnelia Forsyth

Last week the National Television Awards paid tribute to king of entertainment and showbiz legend Sir Bruce Forsyth. His widow, Lady Wilnelia, took to the stage with an emotional speech about her late husband, and presented the new award named after Sir Bruce to winners Ant & Dec.

Reflecting on her husband's life and his love of showbusiness, Lady Wilnelia ended by saying that if he had been there he would have said, ‘it’s been nice to see you, to see you nice’.

Lady Wilnelia is here to tell us more about the life she had with Sir Bruce, and the overwhelming support the family received in the wake of his death.