Things are about to get explosive in the Dales...

Some don't make it

– Things are looking bleak in Emmerdale for some, according to Mike Parr

In recent years Soapland has worked tirelessly to deliver the biggest storylines imaginable, and, if Emmerdale's Michael Parr is to be believed, next week's wedding storyline could feature the most explosive scenes in British soap history...

Michael, 28, who plays bad boy Ross Barton, joins us today to talk illicit babies, wedding bells and boiling revenge.

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Adam and Myleene are BBQ Champs!

Cooking dirty means cook it directly on the coals

– Adam Richman

Fire up the coals, prepare a potato salad and skewer those kebabs - barbecuing is the name of the game in new sizzling culinary challenge. The heat is on as eight grilling enthusiasts compete to become the first ever BBQ champ.

Presenter Myleene Klass and Judge Adam Richman are at the helm and they're both here today to talk everything charcoal.

Mylenne said, "This show blew my mind. We saw people infusing smoke in strawberries. I even learnt how to cook dirty!" Adam clarifies what that means, saying, "It means cooking directly on the coals. You can literally do anything from bell pepper to garlic, onion, spring onion, right on the coal."

Simon Pegg introduces Mission Impossible

Sarah Powell bring us the breaking show biz gossip.

We have an exclusive message from Simon Pegg who introduces an incredible clip from the new film Mission Impossible Rogue Nation which is out today . Simon told us, 'My wife will be watching this after lunch, because she likes to watch This Morning on catchup'. Also up for discussion were David Beckham's slippers and his and Brooklyn's late night treats. Plus why Zayn left One Direction, do we finally have the answer?

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Melissa Rivers on mum Joan

Normal, ups and downs, best of friends as well as wanting to throttle each other half the time

– Melissa Rivers on her relationship with mum, Joan

Joan Rivers made people laugh all over the world, with her razor sharp wit and biting put downs. Her family and the showbiz world was left devastated last September when Joan tragically died after complications during surgery.

One person who was especially affected by her death was her daughter and best friend, Melissa Rivers.

Melissa said on her mother's legacy, "She was such a force of nature, and such a life force and spirit. Just the energy and the laughter - I talked a lot about that right after she passed."

Things are still Ab Fab for Joanna Lumley

It was a journey of a lifetime! At one point I looked at the temperature outside and it was minus 33!

– Joanna Lumley

While most 69 year olds take a slower pace in life, Joanna Lumley has never been busier.

Fresh from her Trans Siberian adventures for ITV, she is gearing up to film for the much anticipated Absolutely Fabulous comeback as well as several other projects including a new initiative called Spark Something Good to help us realise the good we can do in our own communities, without having to spend a penny.

Born Free Supporter Joanna also talks about the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.

It's going to be ravishingly funny.

– Joanna Lumley on the Absolutey Fabulous film

The ultimate Elton John lookalike!

It's wonderful! People open doors for me and I get into the best restaurants.

– Paul Bacon on being confused with Elton

Paul Bacon has made a career for himself performing as one the music industry's most successful musicians, Sir Elton John. He's even performed for Sir Elton's mum Sheila, at her 90th birthday party in March this year! But Paul admits receiving emails from the real Elton's mum is "quite surreal".

He joins us today along with his band for a chat about his friendship with Sheila and to perform Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting with his band.

He says: "Elton's mum saw a video of ours and was quite impressed. Then she came to a gig and got the idea in her head to perform at her birthday party.

"We've stayed in touch and she's taken a keen interest in us and the band."

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