Russell T Davies cooks up new drama

From Queer as Folk to the regeneration of Doctor Who, Russell T Davies is the man behind some of the most influential and transformative dramas of the last two decades. And now, 16 years after Queer as Folk broke the boundaries of drama he has returned to what he does best - exploring sex and relationships in new three-pronged concurrent series Cucumber, Banana and Tofu.

Russell joins us today to discuss differences in generations, gay equality, changing attitudes and if he would ever return to Doctor Who.

Cucumber is on Thursday at 9pm on Channel 4 / Banana is on Thursdays at 10pm on E4 / TOFU is on 4oD

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David Walliams launches Red Nose Day 2015

David Walliams joins us live from Kisumu in Kenya, for the launch of Red Nose Day 2015.

Through his challenges for Comic and Sport Relief, David has raised almost four-and-a-half million pounds, swam over 160 miles and taken part in some of the most memorable and funniest sketches for the Red Nose Day live TV show, including his confession of love for Simon Cowell at the church altar, and dressing Robbie Williams up as a lady for a Little Britain spoof.

So what's planned for this year, and how can we get involved? David tells all.

TV: Red Nose Day is on Friday 13 March live from the London Palladium at 7pm on BBC1

Find out more about Comic Relief Red Nose Day

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Alicia Douvall: 'We were in survival mode'

Cosmetic surgery - it hasn't done me any favours, and I'm in a place now where I can say don't have cosmetic surgery

– Alicia Douvall

​It's the most talked about Celebrity Big Brother in years, and ​today we're speaking to Alicia Douvall​, who left the house ​on Friday night, after being voted off the show.

During her 17 days in the house, Alicia bonded with one of the most controversial housemates ever, Perez Hilton, met her nemesis Katie Price, and revealed that she has only just learnt the alphabet.

The mother of two and former glamour model, who's had over 350 cosmetic procedures, costing around £1.5m, joins us live today to dish the dirt on her time in CBB, to tell us how she felt bullied by her fellow housemates and how she's in a place now to say that cosmetic surgery hasn't done her any favours.

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Throw a tantrum-free children's party

This week we all heard about the five-year-old boy who was invoiced for missing a friend's birthday party. Well this puts it into perspective: a new survey shows that it costs parents an average of £24 per MONTH to host and send their kids to parties during their childhood years.

But ahoy there, what's this? Jenni Falconer is here to show us how to throw a children's pirate party without the tears, tantrums - or tax returns.