Got a question for PointlessBlog's Alfie?

He's the most famous man you might never have heard of! On Wednesday YouTube PointlessBlog sensation Alfie Deyes will be with us to talk about the fast-track to fame he's experienced since setting up his video blog five years ago.

If you're a fan of the man and you've an interesting question you would like us to consider putting to him, then email it in to - subject Alfie Deyes. We need your emails by Wednesday September 24 at 11am. T&Cs at

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All the weekend's X Factor gossip

This weekend we were back in Wembley watching the acts battle it out for a place at X Factor Bootcamp. But if you missed all the drama, Rylan Clark's here with his rundown of everything you need to know.

Plus we speak to Helen Fulthorpe, whose big voice got a big reaction last night!

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Helen's all smiles with Amanda, Rylan and Phillip... but is she headed for Judges' Houses?

Wish you were here every day, Zach Braff

I wanted to do something about masculinity and what it meant to be a young father in 2014

– Zach on his new film Wish I Was Here

Zach Braff shot to international superstardom as the adorably goofy doctor John Dorian, in award-winning US comedy Scrubs. But, this sit-com star was not satisfied simply staying in-front of the camera, and in 2004 Zach made his directorial debut with indie film Garden State.

He struck-gold with the cult classic and a decade on, following various stage and film roles, Zach's back in the director's chair for Wish I Was Here. Zach's here to talk about writing, directing and starring in his latest 'coming of age' story and tells all on crowd-funding, criticism and crazy fans. Wish I Was Here is out now.

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Zach Braff - not a bad first interviewee Amanda!

Gigglebox V

If you're as sad as we are that Holly's gone into the horizon to give birth to another bundle of joy then how about distracting yourself with some good old fashion funnies?

Gigglebox knows you need cheering up. Relax. We've got some corking moments from the last few weeks to turn those frowns upside down!

And if that's not enough check out the whole Gigglebox family below!

Gigglebox! - Gigglebox 2! - Gigglebox 3! - Gigglebox IV

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Denise does Downton: Part Three

The Earl of Grantham has kindly lent Denise one of his very finest carriages to explore Downton village, which is actually the picturesque town of Bampton in Oxfordshire.

Joining Denise as she tours the village is Brit Movie Tour Guide and ‘star’ of Downton Abbey, Steve Lester (remember the cricket match that was the finale of Series three?) Steve was the umpire, and he certainly bowls Denise over with his juicy gossip about the stars and production!

Find out how they turn an Oxfordshire village into an early 20th century Yorkshire equivalent, discover what shocks Bampton’s American tourists, and learn why you should NEVER EVER post a letter in the Downton post box!

Downton Abbey is back for a fifth series, next Sunday 21 Sep 2014, 9.00pm - 10.30pm, ITV.

Visit the Downton Abbey website for an exclusive interview with cast and crew

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