Jodie Marsh: I'm giving up sex and searching for a sperm donor

Since Jodie Marsh first entered the public eye, we can safely say she's never strayed far from the headlines. And recent weeks have proved no exception after Jodie took to Twitter to announce that she was finished with men - and sex - forever. Not only that, she’s searching for an anonymous sperm donor to make her baby dreams come true.

Jodie joins us on the sofa to tell us more.

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When Holly was embarrassed... and Phillip was embarrassing!

It's a story that’s had us all in stitches, when dad-of-two Chris Martin became concerned that his teenage daughter, Cassie, was posting a few too many sexy selfies, Chris took matters into his own hands - he decided to recreate each and every pouty selfie himself!

So have Holly and Phillip ever been embarrassed by their folks? Or maybe they're the embarrassing ones (surely not!) - it's time to find out...

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Behind the scenes of Emmerdale's explosive episode

Summer always heats up in Emmerdale village – but it’s getting a little too warm for some of the Dales' residents when they are caught in a terrifying explosion that could change – or even end – their lives forever.

Soap Queen Sharon Marshall goes behind the scenes of Tuesday's explosive episode, which sees cash-strapped Rakesh torching Mill cottage, unaware that Nicola is inside.

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