Do you have to be cruel to be a Chaser?

It's one of the biggest quiz shows on TV and has been so successful, it’s now made around the world. Bradley Walsh may host The Chase, but the real stars are the Chasers themselves.

Masters of general knowledge, they pit themselves against members of the public and ensure that producers don't have to give out too much money!

Today we are joined by two of the fabled chasers, Anne The Governess Hegerty and new Chaser Jenny The Vixen Ryan (on Skype) to talk all things Chase, and how they cope with the pressure of being the all knowing bad guy (or girls in their case!).

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Linda Gray's secrets to wellbeing at 75

As glamorous former beauty queen Sue Ellen Ewing, award-winning actress Linda Gray has captivated television audiences since Dallas' 1978 debut where her stormy relationship with oil tycoon JR (Larry Hagman) played out on screen.

In our final film, Linda lets us in on the secrets to wellbeing at 75, from her home in Los Angeles.

Linda Gray's must-have beauty secrets

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Eamonn's Ice Bucket challenge in super slow-mo

This has been a long time coming Eamonn! A year ago in August, Ruth stepped up to the plate and took the Ice Bucket Challenge - and Eamonn seemed to love every minute of it!

So now the tables are turned, how will Ruth react? Well she has recruited supervillan Magneto, that's actor Ian McKellan, to help her.

And the best part? We get to watch it in super slo-mo. Enjoy!

Relive Ruth's Ice Bucket Challenge in super slow-mo

Motor neurone disease helplines

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The Scarlet Army, we salute you!

They’re known as The Scarlet Army and live in the plushest postcode in London!

Today we speak to two inspiring Chelsea Pensioners who live in one of the most famous retirement homes in the country after living a life of duty. They’re part of new documentary The Scarlet Army which gives a true insight of life at Chelsea Hospital.

TV: Chelsea’s Scarlet Army is on Sunday at 8:30pm on Forces TV