What now for Only One Direction's fake Zayn?

Only One Direction have been a band since 2012, have played to over 250,000 people and bill themselves as the original and best One Direction tribute band in the world.

But after Zayn Malik's departure from the real One Direction, will fake Zayn continue, or is he heading for a solo career? The boys join us for a quick chat and performance of Story of Our Life.

Which way is this tribute band going? Only One Direction of course!

TOWIE's Arg: 'I hit rock bottom'

My whole lifestyle has completely changed

– Arg on his journey to rehab

Speaking to Eamonn and Ruth in an exclusive interview to discuss his journey to rehab and getting his life back on track, TOWIE’s James Arg Argent said, “It’s good to be here. I’ve worked hard since coming home at the end of December and the start of January I’ve been early night sleeps, training hard every day and eating healthy.”

He was joined by costar Jess Wright, who has supported Arg through this difficult period of his life. Arg revealed: "I've had a lot of support from friends, family and the show", he added, "It wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I thought yes, I need to do it [go to rehab]."

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Olly's hopes for Russell selfie - dashed!

When Olly Murs heard that Russell Crowe was on This Morning, he rushed from the Loose Women studio to try and grab a selfie with the Australian star.

What Olly didn't know, was that Russell had pre-recorded his interview with Amanda and Phillip last week. Ah.

But he did get rather a nice selfie, nonetheless!

'Shall we do a downward dog later?'

I’ve got some yoga moves you can do in heels

– Russell Crowe - to Amanda

Talking about his latest film and directorial debut The Water Diviner, Russell Crowe revealed that he still has a passion for acting and how he prepares for a role.

He said, “I started work in front of a camera when I was six years old, I’ve been making feature films and lead roles for twenty five years, and I understand the medium and have a profound and deep love for what I do for a living. And I know that sometimes comes across to people as taking myself too seriously, but it’s not, I just love my job. I try to create an energy around me on set where everybody knows they are allowed to be at their very best - the same way you do with your kids!”

The Water Diviner follows a father searching for the bones of his sons after WWI, only to discover that one of them has survived. As the POW camps disband and the Greeks invade Turkey, it's a race against time to find his last remaining son.

Before long talk turned to yoga, and downward dogs in particular, as Russell told Amanda he had some yoga moves she could do in heels. And when Phillip mentioned he felt a little left out, Russell replied: "You can wear heels too Phillip!”

Explaining his passion for rugby and turning down this year's Oscars for a game, Russell said, “I was supposed to present with Ryan Gosling… and I just had to say I’m sorry, I’ve got a previous engagement, I’m going to be in St Helen’s watching the match!”

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Drama for Bethany as Sarah-Lou - sorry, Sarah returns

Look out Weatherfield - double trouble is about to hit those hallowed cobbles!

Last week, Corrie viewers saw Bethany Platt return with a glint in her eye. She's already ruffled feathers and caused ructions, but you ain't seen nothing yet... as on Monday, Bethany's mum, Sarah, will be flying back to Weatherfield International Airport to sort out her wayward daughter!

Actresses Tina O'Brien and Lucy Fallon join us now.

Nicolas is the next Hamilton champ!

The reason I'm doing this is to inspire people - both able bodied and disabled individuals - to succeed expectations and push themselves to the limit

– Nicolas Hamilton

After being told he’d never walk or drive a race car, Nicolas Hamilton - brother of Formula 1 champion Lewis - was confined to a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy. Today he spoke exclusively with Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden about his fight to get himself onto his feet and be the first disabled person to race in the British Touring Car Championship.

Nicolas said, “It’s going to be a development year for me ... I’m not going to go out there and say I’m going to set the world alight, but the whole reason why I’m doing it is because I want to race, I want to be a racing driver, that’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was young, but also to inspire people - both able bodied and disabled individuals - to succeed expectations and push themselves to the limit.”

Nicolas admitted that his determination is down to his upbringing. He said, “I would probably say it’s come from my parents. They never wrapped me up in cotton wool and treated me like an able-bodied individual, so I had to learn hard. I got to a stage when I was younger that I never thought my parents ever really cared because they let me learn myself, if I fell over they didn’t come and help, it was something I had to learn myself. But that’s just made me stronger to be more independent and made me determined to overcome or do what I want to achieve.”

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