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Rakhee Thakrar on EastEnders' baby loss storyline

It's been a rocky few months on the Square for Shabnam and her fiancé Kush. But after discovering she was pregnant, the couple finally seemed back on track. Sadly, their world is about to come crashing down as Shabnam discovers the tragic news that her unborn baby has died.

In the coming weeks viewers will watch as the pair struggle to come to terms with the enormity of their loss. Actress Rakhee Thakrar, who plays Shabnam, worked closely with charity SAND to reflect the true effects of stillbirth.

Rakhee joins us today alongside Erica Stewarts, bereavement support manager of SAND, to discuss the heartbreaking storyline and their hopes for raising awareness of an issue that affects around 100 families per week.

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I felt a duty to make sure I had learned everything I possibly could [about stillbirth]...I spoke to several mothers about their experiences.

– Rakhee Thakrar

Emmerdale's Sam and Rachel

It's an Emmerdale love story that's turned sour and dangerously abusive. But now, as Rachel Breckle prepares to leave Sam Dingle and the village of Emmerdale behind, we find out what's next for both of them.

James Hooton, who plays Sam, and Gemma Oaten, who plays Rachel, are here to tell us about portraying their domestic abuse story on screen, talk what’s next for Sam and Rachel, and look back on their turbulent time on the soap together.

Gemma told us the storyline was upsetting to film, "Sam and Rachel were just so pure and good together - so that's why it's good to show that this can happen in any relationship."

"It was horrible for me, but James was brilliant, and I had his trust. It's very hard to film that - but he's a good 'un, and we got through it."

James added, "The love that the two characters have got for each other is still there ... the door is still open for Rachel to come back."

Domestic violence - men - helplines

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This Morning: Live From Your Living Room!

Fancy hosting the TM team in your home?

How would you like Phillip, Holly and our family of specialists to broadcast OUR show from YOUR home this autumn? We'll be hitting the road with our crew in tow and need you and your home to host us. Interested? Read on...

Thanks for taking an interest in TM live from your home, before offering to put us up for the day we just need you to consider a few things before contacting us:

If you think you can put up with the cast and crew descending on your abode, all you need to do is to take a 30-second video giving us a quick tour of your home (and revealing where you think our presenters would fit best!) and say why you think we should come pay YOU a visit! Do make sure we get a good idea of the size of your rooms by ensuring some wide shots, so we can take that into account.

(When submitting the video it's important to make sure there's no music, no branding and nothing that gives away the precise location of your home - just in case we use your entry for broadcast purposes)

If you are not the owner of the home we would need consent of whoever is before being considered which you will be asked to provide should we contact you.

We'll be broadcasting from television trucks and it's important we can transmit a signal from your location, in order to do so we'd need access to your street or ideally a parking place no more than 25 metres from where you live.

To take part simply send us a video introduction to your home, complete with your name and contact telephone number to with the headline TM Live From My Home.

You must be 18 years or older to enter. Terms and condition apply.

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So what's happening in the soaps, Corrie's Sean?

Lloyd is moving on from Andrea in Corrie and Pete's big secret is finally revealed to Debbie in Emmerdale.

Cobbles favourite Antony Cotton is covering for Sharon this week, and gives us all the soapy gossip.

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