From the noise in Holly's head... to unicorn poo 🦄

Unicorns, we love them! And we're even fonder of the mythical creatures than ever after seeing Phillip turn a unicorn cake into an Angry Birds piggy, and Holly reveal exactly where the pattern on her top comes from.

It's not nice, and we're not surprised Phillip declined to sniff it.

Enjoy today's #BestBits!

Exclusive: Behind the scenes of Tina and Bobby

She was the original WAG and he was the hero who led England to victory during the 1966 World Cup.

Now Tina and Bobby Moore's story has been turned into a TV drama - which starts tonight on ITV.

And since we want to give you all the exclusive gossip from behind the scenes, we sent our cameras down to the set - to speak to the actors and the crew themselves.

Linda Gray travels from Hollywood to Hollyoaks

She's best known for playing the legendary role of Sue Ellen in Dallas, but esteemed actress Linda Gray is returning to British screens this year with an almighty force.

After appearing in a week of episodes on Hollyoaks in November last year, Linda is reprising her character, Tabitha Maxwell-Brown next month.

Linda joined us today to tell us about the warm welcome she receives in Britain, the embarrassing moment she hosted a lunch for Elizabeth Taylor, and her philosophy to looking and feeling youthful.

On the set of Midsomer Murders

The villages of Midsomer may be stunning, but you'd have to be mad - or morbid - to live there!

In fact the only thing that eclipses the amount of murders is the number of people who tune in to watch them - 6.4 million at the last count!

Tonight's episode sees things at a tranquil cricket match start to get very very dark.... so we went behind the scenes to see exactly what it's like to be a resident in the world's most terrifying location.

EXCLUSIVE! Scarlett Moffatt on her exciting new TV roles

I think Ant and Dec are actually my friends now!

– Scarlett Moffatt

From Gogglebox ‘girl next door’ to Queen of the Jungle, Scarlett Moffatt has continually won the hearts of the nation over the last few years. But as her star status soared, her weight plummeted - three stone and three pounds to be exact. That's four dress sizes and even a shoe size in just six months!

But how has the self-confessed food lover managed without her favourite snack of Scotch egg covered in Nutella?

In a daytime exclusive, Scarlett tells us how she went from fat to fit, what it’s like to live in the jungle, all about playing cupid alongside Alan Carr for a brand new dating show and her new role on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

Celebrity Big Brother house? This is Rylan AND Davina!

It's become one of the most talked about and controversial TV shows on the box and now Celebrity Big Brother is set to become even bigger. As the All Stars join the New Stars, are we set for the most explosive series ever?

Rylan's here to give us the lowdown on what and who we can expect to keep us entertained during those dark January days, together with the MOTHER of all things Big Brother, our Davina!

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Watch the new Hollyoaks trailer... and get ready for an epic storyline!

I hope this is true - have the bosses signed Jimmy Krankie?

– Phillip Schofield

What's in store for our latest fictional (and dysfunctional!) Hollyoaks soap families?

Sharon Marshall brings us the lowdown on which stories will be grabbing the headlines in 2017, as Sienna continues to be a psycho and Diane O'Conor's niece joins the show.

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