Ask Lionel Richie a question!

Have you ever wanted to say 'Hello' to Lionel Richie? Well we can't quite arrange a meeting, but we have the next best thing. Our very own Alison Hammond is meeting the music legend and we want YOUR VOICE asking him that burning question you've always wanted to ask. Whether you want to confess your 'Endless Love' or just find out his favourite colour, this is 'Truly' a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Simply email in your question, including your name and contact telephone number to and if we decide to put your question to Lionel we will call you back to record it down the phone! Easy - Like Sunday Morning!

Closing time for applications is Midday on Friday 19th September.

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Denise does Downton: Part One

Denise tours the beautiful Highclere Castle, the real Downton Abbey, in the company of The Countess of Carnarvon. During the tour the Countess tells Denise how even with a staff of up to 120 required to manage the house, and 6000 acres of grounds, she can still never find anyone to do something when she needs them to!

She recounts the tale of the real-life Lord Grantham and Cora, as Lady Carnarvon tells us about her new book Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey; and hear about the disaster that nearly befell a priceless Van Dyck painting when they were filming the first series of Downton.

Downton Abbey is back for a fifth series, next Sunday 21 Sep 2014, 9.00pm - 10.30pm, ITV.

Visit the Downton Abbey website for an exclusive interview with cast and crew

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A Rixton surprise for Mr Richie

For yesterday's best bit, Phillip and Holly picked their interview with EastEnders and showbiz legend Shane Richie as their moment to remember following a great interview with the actor on his latest Walford story line.

However, juicy soap chit chat aside their favourite part came with a surprise for Mr Richie from none other than Rixton front man and Shane's son Jake!

Rixton take on Rylan's quiz in Rixton's Runaround with Rylan!

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Will Alfie's actions have consequences?

He's the cheeky chappy gone sour on the square, after losing his stall, having new twins with wife Kat and struggling to pay the bills, Alifie has given in to desperation and planned to burn down his house for the insurance money, but will his actions have deadly consequences?

Actor Shane Richie is here to talk about his explosive storyline, and why he taught his son, Rixton's Jake Roche, everything that he knows.

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Douglas and Sam are a Riot

One is a gorgeous, talented British actor and the other... is a gorgeous, talented British actor and it's fair to say that both Douglas Booth and Sam Claflin have taken Hollywood by storm lately.

With films under their belts like Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean and Romeo and Juliet between them, the boys have now teamed up alongside a plethora of young British talent in the new drama The Riot Club. Douglas and Sam both join us to talk toffs, ties and trumpets.

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