Denise Welch makes EastEnders debut

From carnage on the cobbles to bust-ups in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Denise has seen her fair share of drama during her 33 years in Showbiz.

Now she's back on our screens, joining the cast of Eastenders for a brief stint, playing the mother of Kyle Slater who is the first ever transgender actor in TV soap history.

She joins us to tell us what it was like filming in the iconic Albert Square.

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Is this the REAL truth behind the Kardashians?

The author of a new book claiming to uncover the real story behind America's most famous family, The Kardashian/Jenner clan, joins us from Miami.

In a book packed full of the salacious details behind the rise of their fame and fortune, author Ian Halperin claims to have the inside scoop - but should we trust what he says? And where does he start with putting a book like that together?

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Lock up your phones, Michael McIntyre's about

From man-drawer jokes to his impression of a spice cupboard, Michael McIntyre always finds the most obscure things to make us laugh. And since he's been given his own primetime TV show, Saturday nights in have never been more entertaining.

Michael tells us about sending prank texts from celebrity phones (often to our Phillip), what his children make of him as a TV star and why he thinks the box on the TM table is full of salt!

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