Shayne Ward: 'I cried about my final Corrie scenes'

He’s the X Factor winner turned Corrie star - but now Shayne Ward is about to say farewell to the Street and his role as Aidan Connor, who has been struggling after finding out he is the father of Eva’s baby. In shocking episodes to air on ITV next week, fans will see Aidan turn to suicide under the stress of the news.

Alongside the charity CALM, we shared our own shocking statistics of male suicide with our #Project84 campaign in March - symbolising the 84 men who take their own lives every week in the UK.

Shayne says he’s never felt so emotional filming the final scenes and joins us on the sofa alongside Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM as they prepare audiences for his exit storyline.

Mental health helplines

Suicide prevention helplines

Gemma and Arg: 'It isn't a showmance... it's love!'

You end up getting the guy you want to be with. You dream about living in the nice house with children all sitting round the table. I never thought I was going to get that, now I know I can have the children, it’s like let’s enjoy me and James first.

– Gemma Collins

Star-crossed lovers or the latest TV couple? Gemma Collins and James ‘Arg’ Argent’s relationship has kept TOWIE viewers on the edge of their seats. But after many rows, Candy moments and kisses under bushes they’re now officially loved up, living together and planning for a baby. Or is it just a set-up for the cameras?

The lovebirds join us to answer their critics.

Chanelle Hayes: The toughest year of my life

Back in June, Chanelle Hayes appeared on our show, claiming that her pregnant body made her miserable and that her weight gain made her look like a ‘fat whale.’ After the father of her child walked out on her weeks after the birth, Chanelle hit rock bottom. N

ow, having dropped two dress sizes, she's more determined than ever to get fighting fit after the ‘worst year of her life’, and share why she thinks some of today’s fitness DVDs are a sham.

Swapping Chelsea for cooking fried chicken - it's a Toff life!

I’m exhausted! My arms are tired, my brain is tired and I must say it’s hot and sweaty back here. I thought this would be fun but I’m running round like a headless chicken.

– Toff

It’s fair to say that our Toff is always 'up for a challenge'. So far she's swept the chimneys of Sussex and worked underground cleaning up the sewers in Manchester - both a million miles away from her glamorous life in Chelsea.

Today is more of a culinary experience as she dons a hair net, and gets personally acquainted with a deep-fat fryer. Can she handle the pressure of working in one of the country’s most popular fried chicken shops? You know what they say… it’s finger lickin’ good!

Zoe Ball: Tough challenges and new beginnings

It’s been a tough year for Zoe Ball, but last month she captured the hearts of people across the nation with her incredible, emotional and uplifting 350-mile cycling journey from Blackpool to Brighton to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Zoe's Sport Relief challenge raised over £1,000,000 and created unparalleled awareness about the devastating effects of suicide on family and friends

Today Zoe joins us to talk about getting on her bike, her new weekend ITV show, and her role as host of the BBC’s coverage of the Queen’s 92nd birthday bash.

Dynamo: 'Fighting my way back to health'

I try not to let myself be defined by my illness, and just get on with stuff

– Dynamo

From crafty card tricks to walking across the Thames, world famous magician Dynamo has been wowing crowds for years with his illusions of grandeur. But recently Dynamo shocked his fans when he took to Twitter to reveal the toll that Crohn’s disease had taken on his body.

Revealing that at its worst, a flare-up of the chronic disease meant that he couldn’t even shuffle a pack of cards, Dynamo joins us today to tell us how he’s fighting his way back to health. And not content with one fight on his hands, he’s also here to tell us why he’s getting behind a campaign to help children in war-torn Syria reclaim their right to education.

Shelley King on Corrie's kidnap drama: Can Yasmeen help save Rana?

Since first arriving on the Coronation Street cobbles in 2014, Yasmeen Nazir has had her fair share of drama. Not only has she tragically lost a son, but she’s watched her 45-year marriage collapse when her husband and best friend had an affair.

Now the devoted grandmother is about to be embroiled in yet another scandal when her grandson’s wife’s, Rana, is kidnapped because of her affair with a woman.

Actress Shelley King joins us to discuss this tense storyline, what’s in store for one of the Street’s most deserving characters and why Shelley’s own same-sex relationship has left her passionate about the unfolding saga onscreen.

MORE FROM CORRIE: Bhavna Limbachia on Rana's Struggle

Guess what happens next in This Morning's Fun Capsule...

Harry Hill is back on our screens with his Alien Fun Capsule, and one of his most popular games is What Happens Next…?, where celebrities guess what happens next in a selection of clips.

Harry is joining us on the day we move studios to host a special version of the game, as we pit Team Eamonn against Team Ruth as they attempt to guess what happened next in some classic This Morning clips.