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Ruth is styled by Eamonn - so how did he do?

Eight out of ten women say they wouldn’t trust their other halves to pick out an outfit for them, so today we’ve asked three brave ladies to do what most others won’t. We’re handing over the keys to our fashion cupboard to three real couples, to see if the fellas know a pencil from palazzos or their kimonos from a culotte.

Lisa Snowdon is here to put them to the test - and while we're there, does Eamonn have what it takes to pick Ruth the perfect ensemble?

Wear PINK, this season's hottest colour

It’s the day of love and what better time to embrace this season’s brightest colour - pink! Beyoncé, Fearne Cotton and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are all fans, so from pastel pinks to fabulous fuchsias Trinny is here to show us how to look pretty in pink with her top picks from the high street and online

And the best news is... pink makes you look younger too!