Know a fun-loving person that needs a makeover?

Do you know someone with a BIG personality in need of an even bigger image overhaul? We're looking for outgoing, fun-loving and infectiously happy people - but whose hair, make-up and wardrobe make you do anything but smile.

If you'd like to put someone forward for a surprise makeover on Friday's show, tell us what makes them such a character and why they're deserving of a top-to-toe transformation. And don't say a word to the nominee!

Email us at, including a contact telephone number. Both you and the nominee must be over 18, and we need to hear from you by 5pm on Tuesday 19 August. For terms and conditions please

Mum and son's surprise makeover morning

Thomas Lowson, 19, has turned his life around losing 10 stone in 10 months.

Having suffered bullying and health problems he eventually reached 24 stone in January 2013.

However, Thomas succeeded with a massive weight loss programme, changed 6th Form colleges, and he has just got the grades he needs to go to university.

Thomas is here with his mother, Jayne Lowson to talk about his weight loss and get a surprise makeover from our experts Bryony, Darren and Leo.