Weight Loss Wedding

Three brides-to-be, three big days... and a health kick to help them walk down that aisle in style. If you want to shape up this summer, get involved!

Weight Loss Wedding... the reveal!

We've seen them head to Bridal Bootcamp, race to the altar and even go head to head with an Olympic boxer in the Wedding Ring, but now our three blushing brides are facing their ultimate challenge!

Today we find out exactly how much weight Kat, Vicki and Lisa have managed to drop ahead of their big day. They join us together with mentor Jenni Faulkner, for the big reveal!

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Beautiful bridal make-up

Our lovely blushing brides have been working hard to shed the pounds, but have they thought about their make-up for the big day?

If there's something that every bride wants, it's a picture-perfect look that lasts from those first steps up the aisle right through to the wedding night!

This morning make-up artist Bryony Blake is here with our three Weight Loss Wedding brides - Vicki, Kat & Lisa, to give them - and every bride-to-be, tips to achieve a beautiful bridal look with staying power.

Do your own bridal make-up

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Alternative lunges

The toughest of the lot! This is an explosive move, and should only be attempted once you have mastered the other two exercises. This is a lot more demanding on the body, so results will come a lot faster! It also brings in a bigger cardiovascular challenge, burning more calories whilst getting those supermodel legs and bum!

Start by doing as many alternating lunge jumps as possible in 20s. Rest 40s, then repeat 4-5 times. Repeat that 2-3 times a week. As you get fitter and stronger, reduce the rest time by 10 seconds, and/or increase the number of sets. The finishing workout should be 20s of alternating lunges, with 10s of rest, repeated 8 times. Aim to build up to that over a couple of months.

A little tip here: The deeper you lunge, and the higher you jump, the harder the exercise will be. Start off by going as low and as high as you can, and as you tire, reduce both slightly so you can continue to complete the exercise for the time duration. The key to this workout is giving it 100% and nothing less.

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Front foot split squat

This is the perfect exercise if you’re just starting out on an exercise programme. It will help teach you how to engage your core and position your body correctly for the more advanced exercises. It will also help to lift and tighten your bum whilst strengthening and toning your legs. All essential points for a summer bikini body!

Start by doing 12 repetitions per leg. Make sure each repetition is slow and controlled, no points for being fast here! Complete a total of 3 sets per leg, and complete that 3 times a week. When you are able to do 4 or 5 sets relatively easily, you’re ready to progress onto the next exercise.

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Shape up for the first dance

In this week's instalment, the brides will be focussing on dancing and the perfect moves for the all-important first dance... plus they still have their other goal in mind - a dream wedding dress in their ideal size!

So how many pounds will our bride have shifted this week? And whose moves will get the dance floor shaking?

With thanks to our dance choreographers Michael Litke at ballroomcourses.co.uk and Gemma latinballroomlondon.co.uk

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