Frank Lampard and his Magic Football

Christine looked amazing… it went as well as we could’ve imagined

– Frank Lampard talks about his wedding

He’s the all-time leading goal scorer for Chelsea FC and is regarded by many as the best midfielder of his generation. However, despite continuing to dominate the pitch over the pond with New York City FC, Frank Lampard has found the time to swap his boots for the writing desk and pen a collection of popular children’s novels.

Frank joins us today to discuss his upcoming 15th book in the Frankie’s Magic Football collection, why he thinks it’s so important to get children into reading, and how he’s enjoying newly married life.

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Make your own cloud bread

It’s the latest wonder food to take the internet - and 2016 - by storm! Cloud bread is the low-carb, grain-free alternative that’s taken bread off the banned list and put it back on the menu for dieters and gluten-free fanatics everywhere.

We're joined by Lisa Faulkner, who’ll be showing us how to make this new version of a classic kitchen-cupboard staple.

How I Met My Son: A Journey Through Adoption

After four heartbreaking years of trying and failing to start a family, Rosalind Powell and her husband decided their only choice was to adopt a child.

Faced with the fear of whether they could love someone else's child - and whether that child would love them - Rosalind Powell joins us with her honest account of the leap of faith she took in adopting her son Gabriel, the rigours of dealing with social services, and what it means to be a parent of a child who isn't biologically your own.

BOOK: How I Met My Son: A Journey Through Adoption is out today

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Just how dangerous is The Jump?

Skiing is dangerous, and you need to be careful when you ski

– Dean Cain

It's been dubbed the most dangerous TV game show in the world. Channel 4's celebrity ski competition The Jump is only two episodes into its third series but so far eight celebrities have been injured, with one contestant breaking her neck.

As viewers call for the show to be axed before more are injured, we're joined by current contestant Dean Cain in Austria to discuss what it’s like taking part in the ill-fated series.

Also joining us in the studio are comedian Marcus Brigstocke and dancer Ola Jordan, who were both injured on the show in the past.

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Our dad died waiting for an ambulance

He had no dignity - he died alone

– Debbie Moore and Rita Cuthell

For five months straight, England has failed to meet the eight-minute minimum response target for at least 75% of emergency calls. As the latest call times for December are released today, Debbie Moore and Rita Cuthell, whose dad died while waiting nearly two hours for an ambulance on Bonfire Night last year, join us to share their story.

Ronald Volante, 74, died from massive heart failure in his sheltered flat, making headlines after it was revealed he wrote an ‘I Love You’ note saying goodbye to his daughters as he lay waiting for help.

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