BGT winner's inspiration Fergus shares WWII magic stories

As Richard Jones was crowned winner of Britain's Got Talent in front of 10 million people on Saturday night, he had a helping hand from a very special man, Fergus Anckorn.

Fergus was the youngest, and now the oldest member of the magic circle - and the war veteran credits magic for saving his life many times.

Fergus joins Richard on the sofa to share some of his amazing stories.

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Can fitness gadgets give you the motivation you need?

In a bid to get the nation active, we've enlisted the help of Gladiator turned GP Dr Zoe Williams. Today is all about motivation and results - but despite the fitness industry being saturated with gadgets that promise to help with both, we're wasting millions on them with no clue about how they work.

In the last year alone, experts have worked out we've spent over £249m on gym tech and gear we haven't used!

Dr Zoe tells us which ones are the best to get us moving, and how you could save a lot of money by simply sticking with your smartphone!

Was Harambe the gorilla's killing justified?

RIP Harambe! A zoo in America is facing a backlash after shooting dead Harambe the gorilla, after a four-year-old boy fell into his enclosure. Over 140,000 people have signed the Justice for Harambe petition, questioning why it was the animal who paid with his life.

Following the backlash we speak to Lee Durrell, the owner of a wildlife conservation park in Jersey where a similar incident occurred, some 30 years ago.

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