Lock up your phones, Michael McIntyre's about

From man-drawer jokes to his impression of a spice cupboard, Michael McIntyre always finds the most obscure things to make us laugh. And since he's been given his own primetime TV show, Saturday nights in have never been more entertaining.

Michael tells us about sending prank texts from celebrity phones (often to our Phillip), what his children make of him as a TV star and why he thinks the box on the TM table is full of salt!

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Should adult children withdraw from the Bank of Mum and Dad?

This week, an Italian court ordered a father to continue supporting his 28-year-old son through university, after he forced him to get a job.

Bamboccioni translates as spoilt big babies - adults in their 20s and 30s who refuse to leave home and continue to withdraw from the so-called Bank of Mum and Dad.

So is there anything wrong with grown-up children taking money from their parents? Or should they be more independent?

We're joined by Anna May Mangan - mother of four older children who believes they should stand on their own two feet and mum of two Sally Jones who regularly pays for her children's holidays and phone bills. Welcome both.

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