Extreme PND made me want to smother my baby

Postnatal depression affects as many as one in seven mums in the UK, however thousands of women try to ignore their symptoms for fear of being considered a bad mother.

Suzi Wood was one of these women, but as her depression worsened, she became so desperate that she made a plan to murder her three-week-old baby daughter Annabelle with a pillow.

Now, fully recovered from the postnatal depression and enjoying a healthy and loving relationship with her eight-month-old daughter, Suzi is speaking out about this crippling condition and why women shouldn't be ashamed to ask for help.

For advice and information see our postnatal depression helplines

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Are we still on air?

Many of us will never experience the stomach churning, cold sweat-inducing nerves that accompany the realisation you're going to appear on television.

Sat in front of a fleet of faceless cameras with hot studio lights casting their bright focus on you whilst you tell the nation your story must be utterly terrifying.

After seven of the longest minutes of your life, imagine the relief when the item comes to an end.

You've done it, the test is over, you're elated!

Unable to contain your excitement you rush to Eamonn Holmes, jump on his knee to share your jubilation and give our jolly presenter a great big hug!

Then you realise we're still on air. Fiddlesticks!

Eamonn and Ruth do Dallas in this moment from 2012

Peter Kay brings the big laughs in the hilarious clip from way back when

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At a crossroads? Look to celebs for hair inspiration

Today we meet three very different women who are each at a crossroads with their style - including Anne, whom we surprised this morning, on London's Southbank!

Leo Bancroft is on hand to create an entirely new look for each of our ladies, before delivering some top tips on how to keep their hair looking fab after they leave the studio.

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