Have a happier 2015

This January, we want to banish your New Year blues and show you how to live a happier life in 2015.

But first, we want to know what makes you unhappy. Maybe it’s your job, a family feud or problems with your love life, we want to know how we can make 2015 a Happy New Year for YOU.

If you're over 18 and ready for a change, we'd love to hear from you. In no more than 200 words, tell us what's making you miserable!

Email us at thismorning@itv.com and remember to include your name, address and contact telephone number. You must be 18 or over

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Want to try tousled tresses?

Relaxed tousled tresses are one of the most popular hairstyles amongst celebrities and a hot trend to learn how to do yourself.

But doing curls on your own hair can be quite a struggle if you don't adopt the right technique, or use the right equipment, especially trying to make the back look as nice as the front! But let's not pull our hair out with frustration, because our hair expert Leo Bancroft is here today to show us how to get the luscious look at home.

Len's Strictly Dancing Around Britain

Strictly is fantastic and I love it. So as long as I can keep going...

– Len denies rumours that he's quitting Strictly Come Dancing

In its tenth year, Len is still the at the helm of the judging panel on Strictly Come Dancing and as Head Judge, he has the final say on who goes and who stays.

Len joins us to share all the razzmatazz from this year's glittering line-up, but will he be giving up his seat to Anton Du Beke any time soon, and who is his favourite to win?

Plus we'll talk about Len's latest book Dancing Around Britain, and two TV shows, Holiday of My Lifetime and Dancing Cheek to Cheek: An Intimate History of Dance.

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