Seven Days with... Jake and Danielle

After leaving The X Factor three weeks into the live shows last year, Jake Quickenden was quickly whisked away into the I'm A Celebrity jungle - where he'd meet the man who'd introduce him to his new girlfriend!

Jake is here with Danielle Fogarty to talk about their fast-moving relationship, and their new documentary 'Seven Days With...'.

Jake was in the Celebrity jungle with Danielle's dad, Carl Fogarty. A picture of Danielle arrived for Carl in the jungle and Jake joked, "I said, 'the blondes really pretty and he said, take her... '"

The same couldn't be said for Danielle. She said, "they all had this really weird smell when they came out... I saw the inner beauty."

Carl joined us on the phone and said that Jake is now one of the family. He joked, "He's done me a favour... she's all his responsibility now!"

TV: Seven Days With... is on Monday at 9pm on ITVBe

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Showbiz news from the heart of Ryland HQ

Rylan has been bringing us the latest celebrity gossip week for weeks now - but today is extra special, as he's got the news from Ryland HQ.

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Are short skirts in school a distraction?

Parent's reactions have been mixed... 9 out of 10 have been in favour

– Dr Rowena Blencowe, headmistress of Trentham High School

In today’s papers it’s reported that Trentham High School, Stoke on Trent, announced that as of September, school skirts are banned, and all girls must wear ‘business like’ trousers instead. The reason being, that it is not pleasant for male members of staff, and acts as a complete distraction.

We ask if it’s right to ban skirts in school. Joining us to debate the subject, is Dr Rowena Blencowe, the headmistress of Trentham High School, who believes that banning skirts is the only suitable option, and former teacher, Richard Riddell, who thinks that a blanket ban on skirts is a cop out and shows lack of discipline!

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