How to do less... but get more!

Uh-oh! According to recent research from the Royal Economic Society, the majority of people are happiest before the age of 25 and then not again until after 65. That's 40 years in which millions of people are stuck in a state of making do, and are only moderately happy.

But there IS good news if you want to change your life, so happiness is not left to your retirement years.

If you're tired of being tired, and want drastic life improvement Shaa Wasmund thinks she has the answer with her new Book Do Less, Get More - which includes some controversial suggestions.

BOOK: Do Less, Get More is out this Thursday

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Congratulations are in store for Kimye!

This is going to make you feel old... today is the 25th anniversary of the UK release of Pretty Woman! Rylan was a teething one year old when it hit screens back in 1990.

He'll talk us through this showbiz nugget, Kimye's second baby announcement, Brooklyn Beckham's weekend, plus a little bit of Benidorm sunshine... only in Ryland!

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