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POLL: Is it okay to drug your children on planes?

Just picture it - you’ve made it through security, treated yourself to a drink in the bar, and now you’re ready to relax and dream of that beach that’s just a few hours away as you jet off on holiday - only for your peace and excitement to be interrupted by… the kicking and screaming of a young flyer.

So what lengths would you go to for an easier journey and life? Would you go as far as Shona Sibary - who says she's drugged her children to fly? She joins us on the sofa today alongside Nilufer Atik who thinks even considering that is wrong.

Could acupuncture take the sting out of life?

From tackling period pains to numbing migraines to increasing fertility to boosting mental health, acupuncture has long been credited with helping aid various ailments. But how can a series of tiny needles take the sting out of life?

Gerad Kite believes his five element technique, which he’s used on celebrity clients like Fearne Cotton, Chris Evans and Greg James could be the answer and he joins us in studio to explain more.

'Asked to move... because of my mobility scooter'

“Publicly humiliated” and left to “cry all the way home” - that’s the reaction from disabled comedian Tanyalee Davis who was asked to move her mobility scooter on a Great Western train so that a mother with a pram could come through.

Tanyalee, who has dwarfism, said the guard threatened to call the police if she did not leave a space for the buggy - announcing on the tannoy that she was causing problems and delaying the train.

Tanyalee was forced to vacate the disabled space and had to keep moving her mobility scooter to avoid blocking doorways. Credit:

Credit: Tanyalee David/Facebook

The whole incident, which took place on the 11am Sunday service from Plymouth to London, was all captured on a mobile phone. Great Western Trains have apologised and an investigation has been launched. Tanyalee joins us in studio as she takes us through what happened and how she’s feeling now.