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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofiel

Holly and Phillip are back on Monday, when they'll be joined by Gino who'll be cooking a delicious cannelloni alla margherita.

We speak to the adventurous couple who say swinging saved their marriage.

And will they say'I Do' in the Dales? Don't miss Sharon Marshall's sneaky look behind the scenes of Aaron and Rob's big day.

Join us from 10:30 for all this and more.

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Dr Chris saved my life

Just a few weeks ago, Valerie Thorpe was declared free of breast cancer - but says it could have been so different if it hadn’t been for Dr Chris.

In May 2015 she saw him talking about the disease on This Morning and, a few weeks later, discovered a small lump while in the shower.

Because of what she had heard on the programme, Valerie immediately booked in to see her GP, and within two weeks, she’d been diagnosed. Thanks to catching it early she made a full recovery, and now wants to pay tribute to our resident doctor.

Meet the real-life mermaids

Ever wondered if life really would be better under the sea? Well these women stopped wondering and took action - as they became real-life mermaids! By day they walk among us on land, but in their free-time they strip off their jeans, slip on silicone tails and transform into their magical mer alter-egos.

The mermaids have spent the last few weeks swimming across the ocean to join us live on the banks of the Thames, just outside our studio.

Piggybank warning - your £1 coins will soon be unspendable

£1 coin warning, don’t forget to book your travel insurance, free coke zero and ‘free’ Chessington tickets. These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

Is monogamy unnatural?

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson caused a stir this week after she revealed she doesn’t think it’s 'natural' to be monogamous, amid reports she has split with her second husband Romain Dauriac. So is she right? Or is it perfectly possible to spend your whole life with one person?

Journalist Helen Croydon thinks staying with someone forever is a 'fairytale ideal', while columnist Rebecca Reid insists monogamy brings true happiness.

Let us know what you think by voting our the poll below.

How to check your breasts

Following the news that Rio Ferdinand's wife Rebecca passed away following a short illness with breast cancer, Dr Chris is here with some advice including a reminder of how we all - women and men - should be self checking our breasts.

Breast cancer and mastectomy helplines

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