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Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend! On Tuesday's show - they've set a loose woman free in Albert Square! Denise Welch reveals all about her EastEnders debut.

We'll be stepping out in style as Trinny brings us the high street's most gorgeous summer shoes.

And in their first television interview, Lynda Bellingham's sons Robbie and Michael speak exclusively about the controversy surrounding their mother's legacy.

Tune in for all that and more from 10:30.

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Stop hiding behind baggy clothes Tracey, the Glam Squad are here!

Our Glam Squad are back and ready for the ultimate makeover on Tracey Paton, 54-year-old mum of two. Tracey has been nominated by her daughter Leah, who thinks her mum needs a complete overhaul.

Tracey never wears make-up and has let her long hair go grey. Leah thinks her mum is stuck in a style rut, hiding behind baggy clothes and leggings. It's over to the Glam Squad!

Tracey's Glam Squad makeover style

Dress Coast £95
Bag Monsoon £39
Shoes £30

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Out for a drive? Feeling peckish? Let's carbecue!

After sitting in a service station, Alfie Cary found himself faced with a tricky decision - burger and chips or an overpriced sandwich? With none of the processed options appealing in the slightest, it got him thinking; there must be a better way to eat hot food on the move! And with that simple thought, the carbecue was born.

Alfie started using the heat produced by his car engine to cook while he drives. But what will be under his bonnet when he pulls up at the studio today?

Is this the REAL truth behind the Kardashians?

The author of a new book claiming to uncover the real story behind America's most famous family, The Kardashian/Jenner clan, joins us from Miami.

In a book packed full of the salacious details behind the rise of their fame and fortune, author Ian Halperin claims to have the inside scoop - but should we trust what he says? And where does he start with putting a book like that together?

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