Your pet problems answered

Do you put your pet before your partner? Does your furry friend come between you and your other half? Maybe you need some help with your pet's wayward behaviour? Or have you spoilt your pet and you need help to change their demanding ways?

This morning psychologist Laverne Antrobus and vet Joe Inglis are teaming up to tackle all your pet problems.

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I'll always choose my cats over a man

Former glamour model Tabby Miles has everything that men fantasise about, long legs, great curves and a flawless face, but she also has two things they run from - her two spoilt cats Wolfie and Foxy.

Tabby has never had a long term relationship because men can't tolerate her obsession with her babies, which include sleeping with them, pampering them and even taking them on dates.

Tabby joins Phillip and Amanda to explain why she will always choose her cats over men and is even going into business with them...

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Reeva's cousin reacts to sentencing

No, we’re not happy… but what can you do? To me, sorry is not about words, or paying money, sorry is about actions.

– Kim Martin

This Morning has exclusive reaction to Oscar Pistorius' sentencing from Reeva Steenkamp's cousin Kim Martin, who gave evidence in the trial earlier in the week.

Oscar will have to live with what he's done, and the truth, for the rest of his life

– Kim Martin