Style along on Skype with Leo

Do you have a big event coming up but have no idea what to do with your hair? On Thursday's show Leo Bancroft will be inviting viewers to style along with Skype, so he can see you and show you what to do with your hair LIVE on the programme.

He won't be cutting hair, just giving restyling tips, advice and showing how to change the way you wear the hair you already have. So, if you want to take part email us some pictures of how your hair currently looks along with your name and phone number at by 4pm on Wednesday 22 April.

Here's the important bit: To be considered for the item you must have access to Skype and be free during Thursday morning (23 April) to participate. T&Cs at

Bring your boho back with Gok!

Take a look at some of Gok's top picks here

Phillip's getting into the trend. We're not sure he's nailed it though...

This season we are bringing our boho back with one of this seasons biggest trends. Gok is here to show us how to fashion our fringes and tussle our tassels.

Plus he's going to be showing you how you can customise your own clothes - DIY style!

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Gok's Masterclass in fringing

Are women to blame for not marrying?

Marriage in Britain is at its lowest level since 1895, today we'll be speaking to Peter Lloyd who argues in his new book that it is the fault of women, stating that whether it's a costly divorce or a loss of their social life - men simply have too much to risk by settling down.

This is the subject of our phone in today - do you think men are second-class citizens when it comes to marriage and parenthood? Do women get more rights than men? And is this fair? Perhaps you think women should be favoured in the courts when it comes to divorce and parenthood? Or perhaps you are a man who feels hard done by after your divorce and/or child custody settlement?

We want to hear from you. Call us on 08000 30 40 44 or e mail us at Calls are free from BT Landlines. Calls from some mobiles and other networks may be charged. Terms and conditions at We need your calls by 11.25am. Phone-in room lines staffed until 12.30pm. If you are under 18 you will need permission from your parent/guardian to take part.

Divorce and relationships

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Get ready for another adorable doggy duo...

Turner and Hooch, The Lady and the Tramp, Ashleigh and Pudsey, It's time to make room in your heart for another adorable doggy duo... Digby and Nero.

Plucky chihuahua Digby, and his nine stone guard dog Nero have become best friends after meeting at an RSPCA rescue centre, and the pair have given each other a new lease of life, proving that when it comes to the doggy world - opposites really do attract! They're with us, alongside Anna White, the Manager of the Rescue Centre, who will be telling us about how they got together.

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State of the art baby gadgets

The Royal Baby is due any day now so very shortly - even though they're royalty - William and Kate will have to deal with a crying, hungry, screaming, baby!

The typical new mother spends around £1,000 preparing for a baby - from buggies to cots and car seats, with one in 20 spending more than £3,000

Gadget girl, Ella Williamson, is here with the latest state-of-the-art baby products to help you through those difficult first few months

Amanda's BGT gossip really was the best!

I wouldn't like to take on David - he's a big chap!

– Amanda Holden on David Walliams

It was a great start to the week but unsurprisingly the best bit of the show was Amanda's backstage gossip from Britain's Got Talent at the weekend!

She shared her pictures and chatted about that slightly shaky relationship between Simon and David's - it's a love hate thing! But how many people do we think might have been injured by a sporran before? Watch Monday's Best Bits...

See Amanda's BGT gossip

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