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Coming up on Thursday's show

A world exclusive - we meet the biggest dog on the planet! He's a 7 foot Great Dane who's about to enter the record books.

She's the self-confessed plastic surgery addict and over the past twenty years Alicia Douvall has spent over a million pound on cosmetic procedures. She joins us today to explain why she regrets going under the knife and how she’s finally come to love herself.

Emmerdale star Gemma Atkinson joins us with all the latest gossip from the soap.

And Queen of the jungle, Vicky Pattison, sets the record straight on everything from her love life to what it's really like working with Eamonn!

Join us for all that and more from 10:30.

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Beware the Big Brother house!

I didn't know anything about the show... I had never seen it. I was in ignorant bliss and I think that played to my advantage as I did it the way I wanted to do it.

– 2005 Celebrity Big Brother winner Bez

Celebrity Big Brother is about to begin its 18th series, but should the celebrities be running scared or can you really survive with a game plan?

We're joined by The Happy Mondays star and former CBB champion Bez. He had no expectations before going in the house, and will be revealing all about how it's affected his life, and whether he'd ever dream of going back in.

The Three Day Nanny answers your calls

The Three Day Nanny returns to Channel 4 tonight and parenting expert Kathryn Mewes faces her toughest challenge to date! Tonight we see Kathryn tasked with helping a family in crisis, with a mum who has lost faith in her own parenting ability.

The real-life Mary Poppins joined us today to answer your calls, and offer her advice on restoring some calm and order in our own homes.