Will Alfie's actions have consequences?

He's the cheeky chappy gone sour on the square, after losing his stall, having new twins with wife Kat and struggling to pay the bills, Alifie has given in to desperation and planned to burn down his house for the insurance money, but will his actions have deadly consequences?

Actor Shane Richie is here to talk about his explosive storyline, and why he taught his son, Rixton's Jake Roche, everything that he knows.

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Our ladies get their smear results

Last Tuesday brave ladies came from across the UK to get their smear tests done at the This Morning Smear Test clinic - even Dr Dawn Harper took the fear out of smear by being tested live.

Normally results would take just two weeks to come back but luckily our ladies got theirs back in less than two days, and today we're joined by Sam Green from Hertfordshire, Sharon Yallop from Dagenham and Gina Kinson from Kent who'll discuss the impact of their results alongside Dr Dawn...#NoFearGoSmear!

Dr Dawn undergoes live smear test to show how easy it is

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With thanks to Mr Richard Smith at Harley Street and Neil Huband & Nick James

Douglas and Sam are a Riot

One is a gorgeous, talented British actor and the other... is a gorgeous, talented British actor and it's fair to say that both Douglas Booth and Sam Claflin have taken Hollywood by storm lately.

With films under their belts like Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean and Romeo and Juliet between them, the boys have now teamed up alongside a plethora of young British talent in the new drama The Riot Club. Douglas and Sam both join us to talk toffs, ties and trumpets.

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The dad who suffers with morning sickness

Last week father-to-be Harry Ashby made headlines when it was reported in the the tabloids that he'd been suffering from morning sickness. His fiancé Charlotte Allsopp is expecting a baby girl in January and since then his condition has mirrored her own: he's been suffering with sickness in the morning, has been feeling aches and pains, experienced odd cravings he's never experienced before and gained weight.

Whilst a novel condition it is edged in tragedy has they both believe Harry's diagnosis with Couvade Syndrome (also known as male pregnancy experience) is linked to the tragic circumstances surrounding the loss of their first baby. They join us today along Dr Ranj to share their truly remarkable story...

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