Loomin' marvellous

It's a craze that has swept the globe, with everyone from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to David Beckham and Harry Styles jumping on the loom band-wagon - but if you still don't know about these tiny multi-coloured plastic wonders, here's a quick lowdown.

And with barely a playground in the country not lit up with a rainbow of plastic, Eamonn and Ruth turned to mum and loom band fan Steph Hush to give them a beginner's lesson!

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'I'm selling tickets to the birth of my child'

Josie Cunningham first became known when it was revealed that she had had a £4,800 boob job on the NHS. She then publicly threatened to abort her unborn child so she could appear on Big Brother, and caused fury for reportedly taking taxpayer-funded taxi rides worth £6,000 a year - because she says that public transport gives her anxiety attacks.

But in her latest publicity stunt, she's selling tickets to the forthcoming birth of her child. Why is she doing it? What does she think about the public reaction to her? Josie joins us in the studio to try and defend her actions.

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What's new, Guvnor?

Actor Shaun Williamson is probably best known as the hapless Barry Evans in EastEnders, but since leaving the square, he's been an "extra" with Ricky Gervais, and appeared in Life's Too Short.

Shaun is now heading back to the stage and he's in the studio to tell us about his new run in One Man Two Guvnors.

From Barry to the boards - Shaun's heading back to the stage

Revenge porn: Your fears answered

Have you heard of the term revenge porn? It's used to describe the act of people posting explicit images of their ex-partner online to humiliate them following a break-up.

A new 'revenge porn' bill is currently being debated in the House of Lords, so Denise Robertson and internet safety expert, Laura Toogood, give advice to viewers who are worried about this latest internet phenomenon.

For more information and support, see our internet safety and sex and pornography helplines pages

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Make-up Masterclass

Scared of your eyelash extensions, or never able to get your tone of blusher just right? Fear not: make-up artist to the stars, Bryony Blake is here with her latest tips and techniques to beat the beauty problems you fear the most.

First up, Bryony's got a step-by-step guide for those amongst us who find applying individual false eyelashes a challenge!

Next, here's the best way to cover a blemish breakout without getting the 'caked on' look.

Finally Bryony tackles eyebrows, showing us how to create the ideal shape for every face.

Watch Darren Kennedy's guide to choosing the perfect summer dress

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