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Spot the (two-tonne) rhino on Schofe's South African Adventure

Last week we arrived at Founders Lodge Game Reserve and our lovely hosts Vicky and Wayne Nel, and their ranger Phillip, made a dream come true by taking my wife, Steph and I to see giraffes in the wild.

How could we top that? Well, knowing my fascination for another African animal - the rhino - Wayne took us to the Amakhala Game reserve to meet a remarkable man, Dr Will Fowlds.

Will is a vet and rhino expert and took us out on a game drive to try and find rhinos. So began a game of cat and mouse, although in this case the mouse was a two-tonne rhino.

Coming up on Monday's show...

Coming up, he's swapped Grantchester for Grand Slam Fishing - find out why Robson Green is chasing a World Record.

It's a game of hide and seek as Phillip goes searching for the elusive rhino in South Africa.

And there's been family feuds and an incriminating sex tape - we chat exclusively to world champion boxer Amir Khan and the wife who's standing by him.

Join us from 10:30 for all this and more.

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