We <3 Tuna

It's not often you get the chance to meet internet royalty. And it's not often you get to meet internet royalty that's a dog. But today, we had that opportunity.

Amassing over 1 million Instagram followers and with a celebrity list of followers guaranteed to make even the biggest of glossy mags sell out in an instant - Tuna the the Chihuahua-Daschund mix came to This Morning and melted our hearts.

Tuna meets Eamonn and Ruth with owner Courtney Dasher

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Get Ruth's Look

Tuesday 2 June: Ruth wears red dress from Diva Catwalk and nude shoes by Kurt Geiger. Eamonn wears a white shirt by Grosvenor, a navy suit by Souster and Hicks and black shoes from​ Oliver Sweeney

Phone-in: Do you have empty nest syndrome?

A new report out today says one in seven mums actually feel less upset about their children leaving home than they expected. But do you agree? Are you dreading the thought of your kids moving out? Maybe your children have moved back in and ruined your peace! Perhaps you feel guilty that you can’t wait for your grown up kids to fly the nest? Denise Robertson is here to take your calls.

Parenting helplines

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This Morning's Baby Face: Holly and Harrison

Last month we launched our Baby Face competition to find Britain’s bonniest baby! 9,000 of you sent in photos and now they’ve been whittled down to six semi-finalists who will compete for the prize of a two-year modelling contract. Today we meet two of our semi-finalists, Holly and Harrison, to find out how they coped with their first ever photo-shoot.

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