I'm scared of my own sleepwalking

My only fear is will she be there in the morning

– Mark Vickers

Gill Vickers' sleepwalking is so bad that husband of 36 years Mark has to stay up every night to keep his wife safe. So far, Gill has driven the car twice while asleep, crashing it into the garage wall once and has even drunk an entire bottle of vodka and broken her toe - all while asleep and unable to remember any of her actions in the morning.

Mark describes Gill as a Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde character when it comes to her sleepwalking, and has even found their kitchen knives stabbed into the chopping board come morning. But rather than being scared of his wife, he just wants to find her some help.

Gill told Holly and Phillip, "I wake up most mornings thinking 'have I done something? What have I done?'"

Mark has started cataloguing Gill's behaviour, so they can get a fix, but in the meantime he's not getting much sleep, "I stay up most nights till about four in the morning, because my wife comes back to me about four".

Coffee maker buyers' guide

With caffeine reported to improve hydration, heart health and reduce the risk of certain cancers and Type 2 diabetes, we’ll be showing you how to save a fortune buying posh coffees and instead brew ones just as good at home.

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'Leave your neighbours' wind chimes alone!'

Steph and Dom Parker found fame as the posh couple who enjoy a tipple or three from Channel 4's Gogglebox. They have won a cult following for being plummy and outspoken as they watch TV together in their luxury B&B in Sandwich, Kent where they regularly entertain celebrities, politicians and royalty.

Today they’re talking about their new book Steph and Dom's Guide To Life, sharing advice based on their own experiences, including this from Dom, "Leave your neighbours' wind chimes alone!"

What's Holly wearing?

Holly and Phillip's stylist shares details of our presenters' studio style with us...

Holly wears Wallis top with Banana Republic trousers and Gianvita Rossi heels

Phillip wears Massimo Dutti shirt with J.Crew trousers