Be A Best Seller... the winner!

Megan Hodson with Phillip and Amanda

All month, we've been searching for the next JK Rowling or EL James in our Be A Bestseller competition.

Over 4000 wannabe authors applied sending in the first 3,000 words of their novel. Our team sifted through the applications ending up at today's five finalists.

And it's an incredible prize. The winner will receive a six-month place on the Curtis Brown creative writing course and also representation for that novel with Curtis Brown.

Caroline Quentin reveals 21-year-old Megan Hodson as the winner!

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Be A Best Seller finalists

Picking the right Christmas tree for you

This weekend garden centres and nurseries across the country will receive their deliveries of fresh Christmas trees for the season! But how do you know which one to buy?

David Domoney talks us through how to choose the best live tree for our living rooms, and how to look after it once we've bought it. And if you don't fancy spending January picking up pine needles, then he's selected the most realistic artificial trees too.

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Throwback Thursday: The Godfathers

Emulating one of the most iconic roles in cinema history, on two separate occasions Phillip and Eamonn 'donned' their best Marlon Brando impersonations to become The Godfather.

We'll leave you to decide who did it best. We're too scared to say, lest we wake up with a horse's head in our beds.

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