Ice Bucket Challenge, done!

It’s safe to say I’ve looked better… I can feel my eyelash moving. I think what a great way to go out on our This Morning summer stint!

– Rochelle Humes

Marvin and Rochelle braved the cold on London's Southbank today and accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge from JLS bandmate and friend Aston Merrygold.

Before taking on the icy water, the couple nominated Rylan, Phillip and Harry Styles to take on the challenge next.

Luckily Rylan was on hand to pour the icy buckets of water over their heads - and he's got form, soaking Ruth earlier in the week!

Ruth gets wet for Ice Bucket Challenge - Eamonn stays dry

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Thumbs up from Rylan... he's next!

What's in store for Dr Who's companion Clara?

In the past fortnight Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman has travelled to five continents, taking in cities from Seoul to Sydney and New York to Rio - and all without the help of the Tardis!

Following a whirlwind promotional tour, the moment fans have been waiting for is almost upon us, with tomorrow bringing the show's much-anticipated return and the debut of a brand new doctor.

Bravely fighting jetlag, Jenna joins us now to tell us what's in store for Doctor's companion Clara. Is it true she'll be 'exterminated' at the end of this series?

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Your cosmetic surgery questions answered

Plastic surgery is the subject of today's open clinic. Are you thinking of having plastic surgery and want some advice? Or have you had plastic surgery that's gone wrong and want to know how to fix it? Maybe there's part of you you'd like to change but don't know where to start?

Plastic and cosmetic surgeon Alex Karidis is here to answer viewers' calls.

See our cosmetic surgery helplines

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50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy

Skydiving, shooting, riding crocodiles and drinking cocktails all night in Vegas sounds like the perfect lads' adventure holiday, but how about sharing those experiences with your own mother? Well that's exactly what Sky's brand new six part extreme bucket list series 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy is all about.

Stars of the show Baz and Nancy Ashmawy join us to discuss their adventures, their relationship and how close he came to killing his mammy!

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