Want to get fit the fun way?

If you want to lose weight but you're bored of jogging, tired of swimming and can't bear the gym then trampolining might be for you!

It's the new trend that burns twice the calories that running does and we want some ladies to try it out on Thursday morning! If you're free Thursday and want to get fit for summer please emailthismorning@itv.com by Wednesday 8 July at midday. You must include a daytime telephone number and say why you want to get fit!

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Showbiz news from the 3am Girls

I bruised my hand from playing on the bongo drums

– Amanda Holden had fun at Piers Morgan's party

It's been a wild weekend in the showbiz calendar with the Wireless festival, a racy performance from Little Mix on Saturday night and a star-studded Silverstone on Sunday!

Who better than the queens of showbiz gossip, the Daily Mirror's 3am Girls, to take us on a whistlestop tour of the glitziest stories. Ashleigh Rainbird, Hannah Hope and Halina Watts join us live.

And seeing as our own Amanda attended one of the showbiz bashes of the year on Saturday, Piers Morgan's 50th, we'd like to hear a little bit about that too, please!

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Quinoa and roasted veg salad and choc mousse

We busted the myths behind superfoods, so who better to step into the kitchen than the queens of eating well - the Hemsley sisters. Jasmine and Melissa have two delicious ideas to blow kale chips and goji berries out of the water. They've got a colourful quinoa, watercress and roasted veg salad with brazil nut pesto and something sweet, chocolate avocado mousse - packed full of everything you need to lift your Monday!

Are you feeling tattoo regret?

In life we all make mistakes, be it a dodgy tongue piercing or a bad hair dye. But while these are easily remedied, tattoos are very tricky (and costly) to get rid of.

However, although many people think a bad tattoo is for life, there are a growing number of tattoo artists who specialise in taking a bad tattoo and turning it into something beautiful.

Today we are joined by two men who do just that: Jay Hutton and Sketch from E4's Tattoo Fixers. Jay and Sketch will be transforming the terrible tattoos of two viewers live in the studio.

Got a summer money dilemma for Martin Lewis?

Are you considering splashing the cash on something big this summer but you're not sure if you can afford it? Do you want to know if you can afford to make a big summer purchase? Are you trying to decide if you can take your family away on holiday? If you have a question for which you a need a clear Yes or No answer then get in touch as Martin Lewis will be here this week to help you with your summer money dilemmas.

Email thismorning@itv.comwith your name, your number and your dilemma by 12pm on Wednesday the 8 July.

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Are solar panels worth it?

The sun's been beating down over the last week, meaning the 550,000 Brits with solar panels are smiling. Solar panels aren't just an environmental boon, they cut your electricity bills and pay you for generating energy too. However, the amount you can earn from them has just dropped, resulting in many asking 'are solar panels worth it?'.

Martin Lewis is here to put them in the spotlight.

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