Four-year-old Joanna donates hair to charity

Kate Woolley's daughter Joanna, four, has volunteered to donate her hair to charity to help children who have lost their own hair due to treatment for cancer and other illnesses. Joanna will have her hair cut live on the show today by Leo.

We're also joined by Lynne Evans and her daughter Bethan, seven, who was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer two years ago. Shortly after she started chemotherapy, her hair started to fall out, but thanks to one very generous child, Bethan was given a real-hair wig to wear, which not only transformed her appearance, it changed her whole life for the better.

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Gary Lucy goes Full Monty

It's an amazing opportunity to have a role from an amazing, iconic film with such a great character

– Gary Lucy

Gary Lucy is one of the most well-known faces on British TV, having starred in Hollyoaks, Footballer's Wives, The Bill and EastEnders. He's always had a reputation as a hunk and a bit of a ladies' man, so it's no shock he's decided to get his kit off for a living as he leads the cast in a new stage adaptation of The Full Monty!

The musical, based on the hit film starring Robert Carlyle, is his first time on stage, and Gary is here to talk about the challenges he's faced mastering a new discipline.

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Matt's in pole position

Never one to shirk a challenge, Matt Johnson became an exotic dancer for one very memorable This Morning moment back in 2011 when faced the task of performing a 30 second pole dancing routine...

The most worrying thing about all of this is the fact that he was actually quite good… see if you can spot a cheeky twerk in his routine…

Eamonn puts his best foot forward and nearly ends up in the back of the net!

Ruth and Eamonn meet the UK's only female sumo wrestler

Watch our presenters genius homage to Dallas!

No garden gardening

With autumn around the corner, David Domoney has advice on what to plant now to avoid the frost. Plus we have advice on the latest trend, living walls. According to David, you can even grow your own on vertical garden by using guttering, shelving and angle brackets...

Is an addiction dominating your life?

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Colostomy bag hasn't stopped bodybuilding dream

In 2003, aspiring fitness model Blake Beckford was training for a bodybuilding competition when he was diagnosed with a chronic bowel condition.

For ten years Blake battled the painful disease, which left him needing the toilet up to 20 times a day. By October last year, his health had deteriorated so much, that he needed surgery to remove his bowel. Blake was fitted with a colostomy bag and warned not to train, but so determined was he to realise his dream of modelling, that he ignored doctors advice and went back to the gym.

Now a personal trainer, he's just modelled for Men's Fitness, with his bag proudly on show! Blake joins us today to prove that having a bag doesn't change who you are.

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