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My body odour smells like fish

Kelly Fidoe-White has suffered from an embarrassing condition since she was a teenager, which makes her smell of fish. Despite obvious presumptions, Kelly's condition isn't caused by bad hygiene but a rare disorder called Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) which causes her sweat, breath and general odour to smell of 'fishy-onions'.

Because of this rare and misunderstood condition, Kelly has battled anxiety and frustration her entire life. She joins us today along with her husband Michael, to discuss the struggles she faces both at home and work and the desperate efforts she goes to, to live a normal life.

How to look stylish in sports luxe

Get set for sports luxe and earn your stripes this season. As seen on Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker, it’s a top trend that isn’t going away anytime fast.

Trinny is here to show us how we can pull off ‘athleisure’ at any age with her top picks from the high street and online, and with our best of the rest, we’ve got your sports luxe look covered from top to toe.