Scams that target the elderly - and how to stop them

Why target the elderly?

Elderly people have savings, time and trust - three reasons why scam artists will relentlessly prey on them. They are vulnerable and often alone in the house without a voice of reason or second opinion. They are grateful that the "nice man" has time to talk to them. It has also been found that women are twice as likely to fall for elderly financial abuse than men, possibly because many women of that generation were not used to making financial decisions. They are especially vulnerable after major stress in their life - particularly such as the loss of a spouse, change of housing or health problems.

Will true love run smoothly for Kerry and Dan?

She's the wild mother with a chequered past, while he's a cheeky chap who has already notched up two failed marriages, but despite their dysfunctional ways Emmerdale's Kerry Wyatt, played by Laura Norton, and Dan Spencer, played by Liam Fox, tied the knot in a lavish wedding this week.

As is to be expected in the Dales, their big day doesn't exactly run smoothly and they join us to discuss what the future holds for their characters' marriage