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Sit back and relax, as we Wish Upon a Sri Lankan Spa

We've been all around the world with some deserving This Morning viewers - from Malaysia to Crete to St Lucia, and today, it’s the final episode of our spa series, as we’re headed to Sri Lanka with two grandmothers.

Fiona and Gail have been best friends since their teens and deserve a bit of respite from their stressful lives at home with both caring for their elderly relatives. It's time to Wish Upon a Spa!

Early-onset Alzheimer's won't stop me living life to the full

There are around 850,000 people diagnosed with Alzheimer's in the UK - 40,000 of these are young people, some who have inherited the deadly PSEN1 gene. 40-year-old Chris Graham, a former soldier and father is one of these people - having been diagnosed with the condition in 2010 after losing his dad and auntie to the disease - and also watching his older brother battle it too.

Chris hasn't let the diagnosis get him down though, recently cycling 16,000 miles around North America for the cause. And he joins us now alongside his wife Vicky as he releases his story, Five Minutes Of Amazing: My Journey Through Dementia.

Alzheimer's, dementia and carer's helplines

We're not clowning around - but how scared are you?

The fear of clowns, or coulrophobia, is no laughing matter with a fifth of adults admitting to being petrified of the make-up clad figure. In the state of Tennessee, the Highway Patrol have even issued warnings of ‘creepy clowns luring children into the woods’.

We want to find out how scared you are, so why not have your say in our poll above?

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Warning: this programme may contain clowns...

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