Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya

I came out feeling like 'I can!'

– Nadiya Hussain

The Prime Minister backed her to win and when she did, it reduced Mary Berry to tears. 14.5 million people tuned in to see Nadiya Hussain crowned as winner of this year’s Great British Bake Off and she’s all the papers have talked about since.

So what does she make of her new found fame and the fact her husband has been hailed as a dreamboat? And what will she go on to do next?

I'm not just a Muslim. I'm a mum, I'm a wife. If someone out there can relate to any of those things and call me a role model, then great.

– Nadiya Hussain

What will you be wearing this Halloween?

We know Halloween is huge in the States but in the UK it's always been a quieter affair... until now! This year it's promising to be bigger and better than ever with a huge range of outfits available both online and in stores.

With so much costume choice, Natalie Anderson is here to tell us what to wear and how to wear it, and Bryony Blake will be making sure the look is as fabulously fiendish as ever with a few tricks to make your make-up look a treat!

Born in the wrong body

Born a girl named Ana, Alfie is now in his last year of school, with his final exams just around the corner. Although born a girl, Alfie grew up a tomboy, and now lives as a male with the support of his family and school.

Alfie is desperate to take the next giant step in his transition: commencing the powerful hormone testosterone to irreversibly turn his body male. At 18, he is too young to get testosterone on the NHS, but has decided to go private to begin the permanent physical changes. Alfie’s made the brave to not only go public, but also to allow documentary makers to follow his progress. He joins us alongside his supportive parents Andy and Cathy.

Gender reassignment helplines

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From labourer to labour - meet the male midwife

Looking at Mark Harris, you might think he's a security guard, a builder or even a butcher, however Mark is actually one of just 122 male midwives in the UK.

Having delivered more than 500 babies over his 20-year career, Mark has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the birthing process; in particular how it feels for the father-to-be.

Mark has founded Birthing for Blokes, which runs birthing workshops for new fathers, and published his advice and teachings for fathers-to-be in his new book Men, Love & Birth.

Dads and pregnancy helplines

Pregnancy and childbirth helplines

Attack of former soldier Tommy Ward

On October 1, 80-year-old former soldier Tommy Ward was brutally attacked in his own home by thieves who robbed him of his life savings. Yesterday his children made the brave decision to release a shocking picture of their beloved father; frail and badly bruised in his hospital bed, fighting for his life. So shocking is the photo, that we have decided not to show it on this page.

Today Tommy's daughter Jackie Perry will be on the phone and we'll be joined in the studio by Former Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Superintendent Sue Hill and Denise Robertson, who was burgled while she slept.

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