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The dark side of the Street: No more comedy on the cobbles? Corrie boss speaks out

Millions of us watched Coronation Street on Friday night as David Platt was drugged by his friend, mechanic Josh Tucker and taken into a bedroom to be sexually assaulted.

The scenes have prompted a huge response from viewers, many have applauded Corrie for tackling such a tough storyline but with recent storylines including child grooming, a heroin addicted vicar and Pat Phelan’s ongoing reign of terror, some viewers have said they think this is just one dark storyline too far.

Corrie Series Producer Kate Oates will be joining us to tell us why she's pleased the soap is taking on such a serious subject and to reassure us that comedy will always be at the heart of life in Weatherfield.

A living nightmare: 'I woke up on the operating table'

It sounds like a nightmare - waking up in the middle of an operation, able to feel everything but unable to tell doctors. But that’s just what happened to Fenn Settle who woke up and felt a sharp stabbing pain in his abdomen during the operation for a ruptured appendix - he was on the operating table and had no way to tell surgeons he was awake.

Fenn joins us alongside Dr Richard Marks to tell us about his harrowing ordeal.