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Sex with strangers makes me a better mum

Gracie and husband Oz have a rather unique way to keep the spark alive in their marriage. They have an open-relationship and both regularly have sex with strangers. They believe that their arrangement has brought them closer together and only made things more exciting in the marital bed.

Gracie also believes that their diverse sex lives has made her a better mother to their two children and made their family happier.

Gracie and Oz join us down-the-line from Oakland, California.

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Beat the heat with Steve's cool gadgets

Prepare yourself for sleepless nights, humidity levels are set to top the charts throughout the UK. But don't sweat it, Steve Wilson's here to help us chill out! He's the man with a plan and will be sharing all the tips and gadgets you need to keep cool and survive the night without having to prop open that window.

It's time to get breezy and properly chill out for the summer.

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Wanda the wonky pup is looking for a home

Wanda is all kinds of cuteness, but she's just a little bit wonky. The five-month-old cocker spaniel has had a wobbly start to life; she was born with deformed front legs, which caused her to walk wonkily. After being abandoned at a rescue centre, her carers were given the advice to put her to sleep, but they didn't give up on her. They found a specialist vet who operated on her and she's now made a remarkable recovery.

Wonky Wanda will be strutting into our studio with pride so we can marvel at her recovery and see how far she's come. Her carers Eileen and Kerri will be with us to chat about the phenomenal operation and discuss Wanda's next big challenge: finding a family.

Wanda lives at Cinque Ports Rescue

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Is flaunting your cleavage really the key to getting your dream job?

A recent study found women stand a much greater chance of earning job interviews by wearing more revealing clothing like low-cut tops than conservative attire. But should the way you dress impact your success?

2013's The Apprentice winner Leah Totton believes there is a time and a place to be revealing. But Emiliana Silvestri thinks if you've got it, flaunt it!

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Want to know how to get some shut eye in the heat? Tune in for our #SummerSleep gadgets

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