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Meet Tiny Taylor Swift!

Credit: ABS-CBN Broadcast Center

It's the video that's gone viral, and divided opinions across the globe - seven year old Xia Vigor's performance of Taylor Swift's hit "You Belong With Me" which the little girl performed on a TV talent show in the Philippines.

Some thought the performance was a bit of harmless fun, while others were outraged by her adult costume and equally grown-up dance moves. But what do you think?

From the noise in Holly's head... to unicorn poo 🦄

Unicorns, we love them! And we're even fonder of the mythical creatures than ever after seeing Phillip turn a unicorn cake into an Angry Birds piggy, and Holly reveal exactly where the pattern on her top comes from.

It's not nice, and we're not surprised Phillip declined to sniff it.

Enjoy today's #BestBits!

I'm 39... and I've got dementia

I've always loved America, and I had this mad idea to travel across America, to do something that is going to stick with me ... and to raise money, for research for other people

– Laura Borrell

At the age of just 39, Laura Borrell is one of the youngest people to be diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, a condition that usually affects pensioners.

Since her diagnosis five years ago, Laura’s been forced to give up her beloved law degree and come to grips with her life-changing condition. Her story hit the headlines after her mum created a GoFundMe page so that Laura and her husband Phil could go on a trip of a lifetime to make new memories - before her memories are taken away.

Laura on her wedding day

Whilst I can be an ambassador and get the word out, that's what I want to do

– Laura Borrell

Having raised over £2,900 the couple join us on the sofa before they embark on their road trip around America - and Holly and Phillip have got a surprise lined up for the couple in Boston.