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Your ultimate capsule wardrobe, chosen by Gok

It's time to get your winter wardrobe sorted! Gok’s here with the ten capsule pieces that will give you a different look every day (and night!) of the week. So whether it’s the school run or dinner with the girls, Gok’s ultimate capsule wardrobe has got you covered!

'Where can I sign up', asks Holly as we meet the real-life merpeople!

If you think mermaids are a work of fiction, then we’re about to make you think again! This year's first ever UK Mermaid Convention in London has inspired even more people to shed their inhibitions and don their own tail.

To find out more about the world of mermaids and mermen, we're joined by former Miss Mermaid UK Grace Page, Jessica Pennington, founder of the British mermaid community and merman Siki Red.

I'm persecuted for being a gypsy

I keep telling myself that every time someone is prejudiced… that if I can change the way they think so that no one has to go through what I’ve gone through

– Ben Bennett

Brand new series Gypsy Kids: Our Secret World looks at the lives of young travellers and the daily struggles they experience for not fitting in with the crowd. And one person in particular, 13-year-old Ben Bennett, knows all about being treated differently.

Ever since he entered mainstream education, Ben has been persecuted and suffered at the hands of bullies for being a Romany gypsy, and as a result has been forced out of 11 different schools.

Fearing for his safety, Ben's parents reluctantly made the decision to homeschool their son. Ben and his mum Nathalie join us to tell us how they're working to change attitudes towards the travelling community - and how they want to end the persecution that gypsies face every day.

The Mate Escape... in Portugal

Cheryl and Hayley are two amazing women. Not only do they foster children - but they foster whole families who need help too, taking them into their homes and getting them back on track. While both women love what they do, their busy lives mean there’s very little time for themselves.

To give them a break from their amazing work - we’re giving them a luxury holiday to Portugal! It’s particularly exciting for Hayley who hasn’t been abroad in 20 years!

Legal highs killed my son Aaron

If you have walked into any city park this summer you may have noticed dozens of metal canisters lying around. But do you know what they are? Well they were probably nitrous oxide, also known as 'laughing gas' or 'hippy crack' and used by people to 'get high'. Although recent laws have banned the use of legal highs for human consumption, they are still readily available and many people still take the risk.

Zoe Dunford is one mother who knows only too well the potentially fatal consequences of these kind of drugs after her son Aaron, 22, was found dead, surrounded by 200 empty canisters of nitrous oxide.

Aaron Dunford

Zoe joins us now to raise awareness of these kinds of drugs and to tell us how she's urging people not to take a chance on their life for a few minutes of fun. Dr Zoe is also here to give us the medical facts about these so-called legal highs.

Drug addiction helplines