What now for Only One Direction's fake Zayn?

Only One Direction have been a band since 2012, have played to over 250,000 people and bill themselves as the original and best One Direction tribute band in the world.

But after Zayn Malik's departure from the real One Direction, will fake Zayn continue, or is he heading for a solo career? The boys join us for a quick chat and performance of Story of Our Life.

Which way is this tribute band going? Only One Direction of course!

Stuck in a style time-warp? Gok's here to help!

The clocks change this Sunday, but does your style need to spring forward too?

Debbie Millington and Ellie Marshall have both found themselves stuck in a style time-warp. Desperate for help to fast-forward their wardrobe to 2015, Gok, Bryony and Leo will be springing their style forward and transforming their whole look.