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We gatecrash the I'm a Celebrity wrap party!

You've interrupted the party - I'm not going to lie - we're halfway through it.

– Adam and Joel let loose after 23 days in the jungle

Last night Scarlett was crowned Queen of the I'm a Celebrity Jungle for 2016 - but she was closely followed in 2nd and 3rd place by her Royal subjects Joel and Adam.

After 23 days down under, they join us to tell us about their time in the camp - and it seems we may have interrupted the wrap party!

Know your consumer rights this Christmas!

Is a shop telling you porkies? Is it acceptable for one to say ‘we can only give a credit note for returns’ or ‘you can’t bring back faulty knickers’? Right now we’re in the run up to Christmas but according to our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis most people and worse, many shop staff, don’t know their consumer rights.

So today a quick test. If a shop told you this, which of these are consumer rights, and which are consumer wrongs…