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My son was killed during a knife attack: Former TM security guard on his campaign for change

You may recognise our next guest, Paul Hayden was in charge of security at This Morning for many years. In September 2016 Paul’s son Ricky (a celebrity bodyguard) was attacked with a machete outside his home. Ricky, a beloved son, brother and uncle, died from his injuries in hospital and earlier this month his attacker was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Devastated by their loss, Ricky’s family are now campaigning to change the laws for buying, selling and carrying knives. Paul joins us alongside Alison Cope whose 18 year old son was stabbed to death, and former Met Detective Sue Hill to talk about the rising rates of knife crime and what should be done.

The Ryanair scandal: We take a stand

It seems the Ryanair crisis is only getting worse. With over 2,000 flights now axed and 400,000 passengers now without seats, claims that pilots are now planning mass sick days things are getting worse. And with reports of long premium rate phone calls to the helpline, customers are more furious than ever.

Travel expert Simon Calder says he’s never seen anything like it, and our consumer editor Alice Beer is ready to fight for you! We’re joined by two people caught up in the crisis who want answers from Ryanair. We’ve got the latest, and lots of help and advice.

POLL: Should children be allowed to wear make-up to school?

With news that a 15 year old girl has been suspended from school for wearing makeup to class, we’re asking if school pupils should ever be allowed to wear make up.

Headteacher Christine Cunniffee says makeup should never be allowed at school, whilst mum Jenna Ward regularly let’s her 14 year old go to school with a face full of it- despite being regularly kicked out of class for doing so!

But what do you think?

Your ultimate capsule wardrobe, chosen by Gok

It's time to get your winter wardrobe sorted! Gok’s here with the ten capsule pieces that will give you a different look every day (and night!) of the week. So whether it’s the school run or dinner with the girls, Gok’s ultimate capsule wardrobe has got you covered!

'Where can I sign up', asks Holly as we meet the real-life merpeople!

If you think mermaids are a work of fiction, then we’re about to make you think again! This year's first ever UK Mermaid Convention in London has inspired even more people to shed their inhibitions and don their own tail.

To find out more about the world of mermaids and mermen, we're joined by former Miss Mermaid UK Grace Page, Jessica Pennington, founder of the British mermaid community and merman Siki Red.

I'm persecuted for being a gypsy

I keep telling myself that every time someone is prejudiced… that if I can change the way they think so that no one has to go through what I’ve gone through

– Ben Bennett

Brand new series Gypsy Kids: Our Secret World looks at the lives of young travellers and the daily struggles they experience for not fitting in with the crowd. And one person in particular, 13-year-old Ben Bennett, knows all about being treated differently.

Ever since he entered mainstream education, Ben has been persecuted and suffered at the hands of bullies for being a Romany gypsy, and as a result has been forced out of 11 different schools.

Fearing for his safety, Ben's parents reluctantly made the decision to homeschool their son. Ben and his mum Nathalie join us to tell us how they're working to change attitudes towards the travelling community - and how they want to end the persecution that gypsies face every day.

The Mate Escape... in Portugal

Cheryl and Hayley are two amazing women. Not only do they foster children - but they foster whole families who need help too, taking them into their homes and getting them back on track. While both women love what they do, their busy lives mean there’s very little time for themselves.

To give them a break from their amazing work - we’re giving them a luxury holiday to Portugal! It’s particularly exciting for Hayley who hasn’t been abroad in 20 years!