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Is your home assistant speaker spying on you?

Have you inadvertently let a spy into your home? They were some of the biggest-selling gadgets this Christmas - but could your Echo, Google or Apple be eavesdropping on you? And could your personal life and data have been shared with some of the richest and most powerful companies in the world?

Alice Beer investigates whether your home assistant has a more sinister side than playing music and turning on the lights. Sitting alongside her is technology expert, Nate Lanxon. But is it a load of paranoid nonsense - or should we really be taking note of the Trojan Horse in your home?

Dr Rupy's one-pot Mediterranean cod

Dr Rupy Aujila is the doctor on a mission to change the medical system for the better! It's no secret that poor diet is the top cause of ill health in the UK right now, so we've invited him back to shake up our midweek eating with a tasty meal using nothing but ingredients from the supermarket aisles.

Here's how you can whip up an easy dinner that's exactly what the doctor ordered.

UKIP couple say sorry for model's racist comments

Henry Bolton is officially back together with his girlfriend Jo Marney after being voted out as UKIP leader last weekend - just five months into the job. The 25-year-old model’s shockingly racist messages were sent to a friend, and were leaked online. They included slurs made against Prince Harry’s fiancée in which she said Ms Markle's "seed" would "taint the Royal Family" and described black people as "ugly".

The leak resulted in her immediate suspension from UKIP - and her 54-year-old love Henry was soon forced out of his job as leader. Jo has since apologised for her remarks.

Today they join us exclusively in their first interview together.

Holly vs Phillip: Guess the Gadget is back!

It’s a big day for This Morning as we celebrate the return of the legendary Guess the Gadget. In the past, Phillip and Holly have gone head to head in an attempt to decipher the strangest of inventions.

From a pet water fountain to an egg yolk separator, we’ll take a look back at their finest moments over the years and of course - give them some of the latest and strangest gadgets to play with too.

Emmerdale's Danny Miller on the Robron reunion

On again… off again… they’re the Ross and Rachel of the Dales and we’ve all been waiting patiently for a romantic reunion between Robron (that’s Aaron and Robert for those not in the know) and last week, they spent a rather romantic Valentine’s Day together - albeit they were cooking a meal for Aaron’s boyfriend Alex.

This week, it becomes clear that they can’t stay away from one another - but will Aaron break it off with Alex to be with his one true love, Robert?

We know producers are already planning a summer wedding, and so we’ve asked Danny Miller who plays Aaron to join us on the sofa to share more of the romantic details.

Is a compound in cannabis the key to flawless skin?

From hemp to plant oils to turmeric, the world of beauty has started to embrace the natural ingredients which promise to be kinder to your skin.

So what super-powers do they hold? And which should we be going for?

Good Housekeeping’s Beauty Director Eve Cameron is here with her top picks for 2018.

Eve's pick of natural beauty products


MGC Derma from £40
Carun hemp range from £4.99
Perricone MD CBx for Men range from £29
The Body Shop Hemp range from £4.50
Hempz Herbal Body Moisturiser £19.99


Elemis Superfood Skincare range from £25
Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream £65
Kiehl’s Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask £44 for a pack of 4
Sister & Co Super Seed Facial Formula £30


Clarins Double Serum £57
Aveda Invati Hair and Scalp range from £25
This Works Stress Check Face Mask £32