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TM Wedding - one day to go and still more surprises in store!

It has been a whirlwind six weeks since we chose our 2017 wedding couple. From the dress and the venue to the table plan and the catering, we've planned every moment of Sonya and Paul’s wedding with them, plus a few little surprises along the way.

Today we catch up with the couple with just one day to go before the big day, and in true This Morning style, we have just time to fit in one more surprise for the groom… and it’s one he’s been wishing for!

Skincare SOS with dermatologist Dr Murad

We all know that sun damage is the biggest factor in ageing but did you know that the blue light from your laptop, mobile and digital devices are also silently ageing our skin?

American dermatologist to the stars Dr Murad is back live in the studio to talk about how we can protect our skin, how we can get the largest organ of our body in tip top condition and how we might just put a stopper on ageing.

Being polyamorous spices up our marriage... and makes it stronger too

Have we been doing it wrong all along? Society says we grow up, find a partner, settle down together, have kids and grow old - the end. Or is it? Meet the couple who decided to open up their relationship while they were expecting their first child, and who say being in a polyamorous relationship actually improves their marriage!

Maya and Ed Leishman join us to talk about their unconventional relationship.

'Please don't bye him' pleads boy over £15 toy panda

Ten-year-old Leon fell in love with a cuddly toy Panda when he saw it in a supermarket, however, in a sad turn of events, it was the last toy on the shelf, and his mum said he couldn't have it as she couldn't afford it until her next pay day.

So Leon found an empty box, and hid the panda inside, hoping he would still be there when he next visited. He wrote a message on the box, which said:

Pandy the Panda and Leon's handwritten plea

‘My mum doesnt have anuff money, so she’s byeng me Pandy next week 15 June. So please don’t bye him it will make me cry – thank you so much from his hopeful future owner. Pandas name is Pandy.’

Luckily, his note was later spotted by some kind-hearted staff members, who decided to buy the toy for him - later putting an appeal out to try and track down Pandy's 'future owner'.

Leon's mum Debbie said: 'As he was walking out, he said to me ‘this is the best day of my life’. It meant the world to him!'

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