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Catfishing led me to the love of my life

It was one of the best moments. To see him on the screen, it was like - you're real!

– Emma Perrier

They say that never does the course of true love run smoothly - an adage 35-year-old Emma Perrier knows this all to well. On the search for love, the restaurant manager joined an online dating website and fell in love with Ronnie. But little did she know she was speaking to a fake profile - and Ronnie was actually a 55-year-old man named Alan.

Emma and Adem

Not to be beaten, Emma tracked down the real man in the pictures and is now living with Turkish-born model Adem! The couple join us on the sofa to talk about finding love, their future together - and why they don't hold any grudges towards the man who scammed them.

Steal Holly's Monday style

Holly and Phillip's stylist shares details of our presenters' studio looks with us.

Holly wears skirt from Jigsaw with Very UK knitwear and boots from Topshop

Phillip wears NN07 shirt with Spoke chinos and Massimo Dutti boots

'I've split up with my calculator, now I plan to marry my Tetris game'

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for Fractal ‘Tetris’ Huracan, her Tetris computer game is all that she dreams of in a partner.

Fractal has fallen head over heels with her Tetris cartridge and even hopes to marry him one day. In the past she’s had relationships with a calculator and even had romantic feelings for a GPS, monorails and an iPod. But at the moment, Tetris is the one for her.

Fractal joins us live from Florida to tell us about her love of objects - and how she’d pick them over a human relationship any day!

Do these five things NOW and save you money on your 2018 holidays

It’s cold, dark and the weather’s bad, so no surprise January is the biggest booking month by far for holidays. So if you’ve booked yours already, or are about to our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here with the five key things you must do now, that’ll save you money when you go…

Paramedics at breaking point - Dr Ranj spends 12 hours with an ambulance crew

They’re overworked, underpaid and frequently subjected to abuse and attacks. So who would choose to be a paramedic in 2018? With nearly 2,500 paramedics in England signed off work due to stress, we wanted to see how hard a shift on the frontline of emergency care really is.

Dr Ranj talks to a paramedic from the North West Ambulance Service

We sent Dr Ranj to spend 12 hours with the North West Ambulance Service. During the shift Dr Ranj hears about the abuse staff face from people they’re trying to help, witnesses the queues outside A&E and gives CPR to an 85-year-old woman in cardiac arrest.

Dr Ranj joins us in the studio to tell us more about life at the coalface of emergency care.

Ching He Huang's Chinese chicken curry

It's Friday and if you're in the mood for a takeaway this weekend but are still trying to stick to those new year's resolutions then look no further. Ching's in the kitchen with a DIY takeaway alternative, and it’s a classic. Chinese chicken curry - made in minutes, with a fraction of the calories - it’s the ultimate fake-away.