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Can a new plus-size range revive Marks and Spencer?

It’s been a stalwart of the British High Street since 1884 but in recent years has struggled in a competitive market. Numerous relaunches of their clothing brands have failed but this Christmas they saw an overturn on sales.

Today Marks & Spencer launch their first-ever plus-size clothing range. But will it reverse the fortunes of the ailing retailer? Heat’s Style Editor Laura Puddy gives us her view, and three viewers model some of the range and give us their thoughts.

Human Ken doll: 'I've had four ribs removed - now I'm taking a break from surgery'

I am very happy. Plastic surgery has changed my life, from water to wine. I have a reality show coming up. I feel very proud and blessed.

– Rodrigo Alves

Earlier this month, Real-life Ken doll Rodrigo Alves took his love of plastic surgery to new extremes by becoming what is believed to be the first male to have four of his ribs removed.

Rodrigo Alves

It was Rodrigo's 60th cosmetic procedure - to date he has spent £508,000 on cosmetic surgery. Will he ever stop? Rodrigo joins us to discuss what the future holds alongside Dr Chris, who will be providing his professional opinion on Rodrigo's procedures.

Why missing a smear test can have life-changing consequences

A third of young women are missing smear tests because they are embarrassed about their bodies. New research reveals women's fears over the look and smell of their genitals are preventing them from attending.

Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35, and a smear test can prevent 75% of cervical cancers.

Dr Zoe joins us now to talk about the importance of smear tests, and in Manchester we're joined by Jo's Trust supporter Laura Flaherty, whose avoidance of smear tests lead to life-changing consequences.