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What's your Summer Style?

We've all been loving the warmer weather, but the new season always presents one dilemma - what to wear! Fear not, our quiz is here to help you find your ultimate summer style in an instant...

Watch the video below to find the must-have pieces for your signature style!

Chanelle Hayes: The toughest year of my life

Back in June, Chanelle Hayes appeared on our show, claiming that her pregnant body made her miserable and that her weight gain made her look like a ‘fat whale.’ After the father of her child walked out on her weeks after the birth, Chanelle hit rock bottom. N

ow, having dropped two dress sizes, she's more determined than ever to get fighting fit after the ‘worst year of her life’, and share why she thinks some of today’s fitness DVDs are a sham.

'Thrown in a Thai prison for trying to bring my son home'

He flew 6000 miles, shelled out thousands of pounds and enlisted the help of a leading expert to bring his son back home after he was taken to Thailand by his ex-wife. But for dad Jodie Smith the nightmare of losing 10-year-old Joleon didn’t end when they were reunited in a remote village in rural Thailand. Instead, Jodie found himself locked up in a Thai prison, sharing a cramped cell with violent criminals who had him fearing for his life.

Jodie was freed earlier this month and he joins us today to describe his traumatic experience.

POLL: Would you give your teenage daughter a vibrator?

When it comes to talking about what goes on in the bedroom, are sex toys, female pleasure and masturbation the final taboo?

Well, after a recent article by a sex-expert claims we need to tackle the ‘pleasure gap’ between men and women by giving all teenage girls a vibrator, we’re asking is this too much too young? Or simply the best way to banish the stigma surrounding women’s sexual pleasure and to encourage girls to learn about their own bodies?

One woman who is disgusted by this suggestion is comedian and qualified social worker Judi Love who feels that such ideas are stripping young girls of their innocence. She joins us to discuss alongside relationship expert Annabelle Knight who thinks it’s a great idea! But what do you think? Have your say in our poll!