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Hairy Bikers' Dave Myers: 'I thought I had a hangover, but I was going blind'

During an eye check-up seven years ago, Dave Myers - best-known as one half of The Hairy Bikers - was told by an optician he might have glaucoma. Brushing it off, he put it down to a heavy night and hangover. But a referral to hospital showed glaucoma was indeed setting in - a condition which could have led to Dave going blind.

As we approach National Eye Health Week, the chef joins us to talk about his secret health condition, also known as the silent thief of sight, alongside optician Dr Josie Forte, who’ll be telling you what signs and symptoms really mean when it comes to your eyes.

Ask Dr Ranj... the truth about the MMR injection

Latest figures from NHS Digital have revealed the number of children under two being vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella has fallen for the fourth year - and are at their lowest since 2011-12. Whether you’re worried about making your child a danger to others if you don't get them immunised or are unsure about the risks involved if you do, Dr Ranj is on hand to answer your questions.

BOOK: On Immunity: An Inoculation by Eula Biss

Help us name Woburn's newborn baby giraffe!

What will this beautiful baby giraffe be called?

Our poll has now closed, thank you for voting!

Giraffes are one of the world’s rarest mammals - continually under threat from habitat loss and poaching. With around 1,600 of the Rothschild's species remaining in the wild, we can celebrate the birth of a new calf. Woburn Safari Park welcomed a six-foot baby giraffe last week, who took her first steps alongside her 20-year-old mum Savannah and 15-year-old dad Casper.

Now, though, she needs a name, and that’s where you come in. We need your help choosing between these five names: Sahara, Sophie, Sakari, Sandy and Simba!

Vote in our poll before 12pm today. Participation terms at itv.com/terms.

'I've finally had sex using my bionic penis'

Mo Abad last spoke to us in 2015 when he had a £70,000 bionic eight-inch penis fitted, after losing his own during a childhood accident. Now he’s lost his virginity at the age of 44 to Charlotte Rose, a sex worker and campaigner who has raved about her sexual experience with Mo - referring to his designer manhood as ‘a work of art’.

The two join us on the sofa as they reflect on their “slow, sensual and erotic” time together.

Get your garden prepped for winter

Winter is coming, and while we’re buying our warm wooly coats and cranking up the central heating, our plants need some protection from the upcoming cold blast too.

Kelly Brook is here with her guide to prepping them for the season ahead - plus, she’ll explain why this is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs.