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Bryony battles her fear of heights with help from the Speakmans

We’re used to seeing her giving beauty tips on the show - but today Bryony is tackling her crippling fear of heights. Last year it was so bad - she couldn’t sit with the rest of the This Morning family at the wedding on top of The Shard. It affects her holidays and even her relationship.

Today, the Speakmans ambush Bryony while she’s in our studio before taking her to top of the O2 roof to see if they can fix her fear.

Racist bullies tormented my son, now he's afraid to leave the house

Initially I saw the front of the shirt and it had well wishes and I was quite pleased. As he walked through the door that’s when I saw the back of the shirt. He had no clue what was written on the back. He was speechless. He started shaking his head and saying, ‘Why would they do this to me?’

– Juliet Ryan

Juliet Ryan’s teenage son returned home after his last day of school, wearing a shirt, which in typical Year 11 tradition, had been signed by his classmates. But as she looked closer at the scribbling, Juliet was horrified to find racial slurs emblazoned on her son’s back.

Juliet has decided to speak out about her son’s experience of racial bullying, in the hope she can stop any other child feeling as marginalised and victimised.

POLL: Should parents pay for things their children damage?

Following the story of a couple in America who are facing a $132,000 bill for an art sculpture that their child knocked over, we're asking - should parents pay for things their children damage?

Having your child break something that doesn’t belong to them is every parent's nightmare, but for Sarah Goodman that nightmare became a reality when her five-year-old son damaged an art sculpture worth $132,000 whilst attending a friend’s wedding.

Although the incident happened in Kansas last month, the parents are still living with the consequences after being sent a bill for the 'destroyed' sculpture. Sarah says that she’ll never pay up as long as she lives, but the insurance company say something different. Who’s in the right? Sarah joins us live from Kansas.