Look after your ears, and they'll look after you

Summer ear infections can be quite common, as Prime Minister David Cameron found out earlier this month when his holiday in Portugal was interrupted by a case of swimmer's ear.

Our ears are an important part of our communication system and it is important to care for them, just as we care for any other part of our body.

Consultant ENT surgeon Nick Eynon Lewis joins us to discuss some of the most common ear infections, how to clean our ears and his top tips for good ear health.

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Coming up on your Friday This Morning, is your foundation or lipstick out of date? Recent lab tests have revealed using old make-up can seriously damage your health.

And with roast dinners deemed too expensive and time-consuming, Lorraine Pascal has a quick and easy recipe for us.

All that and more from 10:30!

Roast chicken with garlic, rosemary and thyme

The nation has fallen out of love with the roast because it takes too long! Lorraine Pascale’s will be on the table in half the time.

Lorraine's recipe for simple roast chicken pieces with forty cloves of garlic, rosemary and thyme has all the flavours of a classic roast in the time it takes you to make a cuppa and watch an episode of Coronation Street, meaning you can eat well very easily - even with a roast dinner!

How old are the products in your make-up bag?

Are we applying deadly bacteria directly to our faces every day? New lab tests have revealed that out-of-date cosmetics are a breeding ground for the lethal bacteria that causes meningitis and septicaemia. Sean O’Brien from Escentual.com and skin care expert to the stars Dr Frances Prenner Jones will be telling us what the dangers are and how we can avoid them.

Let us know the average age of your make-up bag by voting in our poll below before 11am on Friday 28 August.

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Mum and daughter spend £60k for Katie Price look

I just love the fake look! I love Katie Price, Josie Cunningham. I just love the fake look!

– Mum Georgina Clarke

What lengths would you go to to look like your favourite celebrity? Maybe you'd get the same haircut or shop for the same style of clothes?

But for 38-year-old Georgina Clarke and her 20-year-old daughter Kayla Morris that wasn’t enough, as the pair have spent almost £60,000 on plastic surgery to look like their idol Katie Price. Georgina likes Katie’s current look while her daughter is a fan of the Jordan look!

Kayla and Georgina have transformed themselves... but they plan to go further