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Amazon Music trick, £1 kids’ books and TAX RETURN!

Amazon Music trick, £1 kids’ books, get paid to borrow, self-assessment deadline warning. These are our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ Quick Deals.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

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On Friday's show - hhe's braving the elements for his latest role. Hollywood star Dennis Quaid joins Eamonn and Ruth for an exclusive chat about the brand new series of Fortitude.

And she's the woman Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian turn to in a crisis. Celebrity make-up artist Lisa Eldridge will be here solving your beauty dilemmas.

Join us from 10:30 for all this and more.

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Feed your family for £5 a day

Thrifty mum of three Danielle Ross from Colchester has clocked up up over 22,000 followers online for her family-friendly money-saving tips after sharing her secrets to feeding the whole family (including the dog) for just £38 a week.

Not being one to shy away from a bit of a competition, we sent Phil Vickery on a secret mission to the supermarket to beat the self-proclaimed budget queen’s weekly shop. Never one to disappoint he’s bought it in under budget and he’s here with two delicious thrifty recipes.