Miracle cure for migraines?

Could an ear piercing cure a migraine?

For people who don't get migraines, it's hard to understand that they're not just really bad headaches. Lasting anywhere between four and 72 hours, migraines can cause extremely painful sensitivity to light and even nausea and vomiting.

Received wisdom is that there's no cure for migraines, but Natalie Thompson says her migraines stopped ever since she had her inner-ear pierced - known as daith piercings.

Dr Bal Athwal is here to explain whether there is any truth behind this new and unexpected treatment.

Judge Rinder lays down the law in new book

These are authentic cases, the rulings are real and final

– Judge Rinder

Since the first series aired on ITV last year, Judge Rinder has become known for his flamboyant turn of phrase, biting quips and no-nonsense handling of small-claims quarrels involving everything from flea-ridden dogs to undesirable mobility scooters.

Now on its third series, the outspoken barrister has turned his talents to writing - Robert Rinder is here to talk 'Rinder's Rules', his new book to help ordinary people with their everyday legal dilemmas.

John Goodman in festive family film

I've always had a little bit of a crush on Diane Keaton

– John Goodman

John Goodman is one of America's best-loved character actors and a household name.

For almost a decade, from 1988 until 1997, he was the blue-collar husband and father in the hugely popular sitcom Roseanne. And since then his credits have stretched from Stephen Poliakoff dramas to big-budget studio blockbusters.

John has played cavemen and monarchs, presidents and monsters and many of his movies have been Oscar winners.

Now, this acting legend is starring as head of the household, 'Sam Cooper' in festive family movie 'Christmas with the Coopers', starring alongside the wonderful Diane Keaton.

Michaela Strachan on why lion hunting should stop

Canned hunting is breeding lions in captivity to be sold to the hunting industry to be shot for trophies

– Michaela Strachan

On the 1st July, millions around the world were shocked by the death of Cecil the Lion who was brutally hunted by an illegal party of big game hunters.

Since then, lion conservationists have campaigned to expose the savage world of trophy hunting of lions.

Now, in a new documentary film Blood Lions, Michaela Strachan's husband, Nick Chevallier, goes undercover to reveal what really goes on at these hunting lodges.

Roll up, roll up for La Soiree

Roll up, roll up... the circus is back in town!

Winners of Best Entertainment at this year's Olivier Awards, La Soiree has returned for a festive anniversary run at the Spiegeltent on the Southbank Centre, London, putting on a racy, grown-up alternative to the traditional Christmas panto.

An irresistible global theatrical phenomenon, La Soiree has seen more than 75 artists take their place on the iconic red stage across five continents, with over 150 acts.

Back in London for a festive run, La Soiree lured Ruth and Eamonn into their magical tent to check out their sizzling circus skills...