Things are still Ab Fab for Joanna Lumley

It was a journey of a lifetime! At one point I looked at the temperature outside and it was minus 33!

– Joanna Lumley

While most 69 year olds take a slower pace in life, Joanna Lumley has never been busier.

Fresh from her Trans Siberian adventures for ITV, she is gearing up to film for the much anticipated Absolutely Fabulous comeback as well as several other projects including a new initiative called Spark Something Good to help us realise the good we can do in our own communities, without having to spend a penny.

Born Free Supporter Joanna also talks about the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.

It's going to be ravishingly funny.

– Joanna Lumley on the Absolutey Fabulous film

The ultimate Elton John lookalike!

It's wonderful! People open doors for me and I get into the best restaurants.

– Paul Bacon on being confused with Elton

Paul Bacon has made a career for himself performing as one the music industry's most successful musicians, Sir Elton John. He's even performed for Sir Elton's mum Sheila, at her 90th birthday party in March this year! But Paul admits receiving emails from the real Elton's mum is "quite surreal".

He joins us today along with his band for a chat about his friendship with Sheila and to perform Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting with his band.

He says: "Elton's mum saw a video of ours and was quite impressed. Then she came to a gig and got the idea in her head to perform at her birthday party.

"We've stayed in touch and she's taken a keen interest in us and the band."

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Fighting Islamic extremism

Isis are very cult like, they are trying to brainwash people. It's about breaking through that propaganda and showing that it's a lie.

– Sara Khan

Earlier this month a family of 12 from Luton became the latest in a long line of Muslims to leave the UK to live in Syria under the Isis regime.

This has spurred campaigner Sara Khan to set up a drive urging Muslims (particularly young females) to resist the temptation to flee the UK despite the sophisticated rhetoric used by Isis.

Sara joins us today to explain why she believes now is the time to stand up and fight extremism.

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Outrage at Cecil the lion killing

It is barbaric, it's stupid, there is nothing macho about it. People are genuinely surprised this is still legal in some countries

– Philip Mansbridge

Philip Mansbridge, the UK director for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, talks about the fatal killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.

US dentist Walter Palmer paid £35,000 to kill the beloved 13 year old male who lived in the protected Hwange National Park.

The dad of two shot Cecil with a crossbow and arrow and the animal was later found beheaded and skinned.

Two Zimbabwean men who accompanied him on the hunt have been charged with poaching offences and could face up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.

Philip says: "I don't know what makes these people tick. We should be teaching our young people to care for animals."

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Sam Bailey's set to conquer the West End

I would love to do a West End musical. They are a passion of mine.

– Sam Bailey

From prison guard to pop stardom, Sam Bailey was the unlikely superstar who stormed to X Factor victory in 2013, after wowing viewers and judges alike with her spine-tingling performances.

A No. 1 single and album followed, (not to mention a new baby!) and now she's planning to conquer the West End, with a one off show planned for October 12th.

Sam gave us an idea of what we can expect, telling the show: "It'll be me singing musical stuff, I'll be out of my comfort zone but it's exciting.

"My favourite show is Les Mis but I saw The Book Of Mormon last night and it was fantastic. Musicals are my passion."

Get your glow on!

Celebrities everywhere are getting their glow on! The red carpets are awash with dewy radiant skin and this anti-ageing fresh look is perfect for a lighter alternative for the beach or for those long summer evenings.

Today Bryony Blake shows us how to get the look at a fraction of the price in just a few easy steps.