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On Wednesday's show with Holly and Phillip, Danielle Lloyd joins us exclusively to set the record straight about being a "gold digger" and her bitter divorce with Celebrity Big Brother housemate Jamie O'Hara.

Charlotte Tilbury shares the make-up look she created for Jennifer Aniston, which she promises will make you look younger.

And unicorns do exist! We tap in to this year's magical baking trend.

Join us from 10:30 for all this and more.

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Schofe meets the real-life Crocodile Dundee, and a tower of giraffes

After two weeks of high-octane adventure, diving with great whites, completing the world’s highest commercial abseil, and haggling - very badly - in Cape Town; this week it’s time to take things just a little bit easy.

So with my wife Steph and the This Morning crew, we left Cape Town on a flight to Port Elizabeth; from there it was an hour's drive to Founders Lodge.

Winter Survival Guide: Why we should wear a balaclava in bed

As our unpredictable weather continues, more and more of us are feeling a little run down. But whilst most of us can battle through and shake it off, the effects of the cold can be more dangerous for others, especially the elderly.

With research suggesting that each winter one person dies needlessly every seven minutes, Dr Chris is here to tell us exactly how to look after ourselves, our relatives and our friends this winter.

The act of kindness that changed my life

After the first night, he wasn't Joey the homeless guy, he was Joey, our friend

– Charlotte Ellis

Charlotte Ellis and her boyfriend Taylor Waldon were on their way home from a night out in Covent Garden when they realised their train station was shut and they had missed their chance to get home.

They were about to face a freezing night's wait on the streets of London when a complete stranger, a homeless man named Joey, offered to lend them his coat and duvet. One random act of kindness led to another and the pair took Joey home with them to Essex.

Now Joey has turned his life around got a home and a has a new job. The trio join us today to tell their amazing story of kindness and friendship.

Charlotte, Taylor and Joey - Team Joey have faith - are now raising money on JustGiving to tackle homelessness.

Breaking the silence on men's mental health

It’s been one of the biggest storylines of the past year, with millions of viewers watching as EastEnders' Lee Carter contemplated suicide.

The actor who plays Lee, Danny-Boy Hatchard, says it’s time we asked why so many men are at risk of taking their own life, and whether we’re doing enough to prevent the underlying mental health issues that lead to too many tragic ends.

Suicide prevention helplines

Mental health helplines