Know someone who needs a beard makeover?

Have you had enough of your man's overgrown beard? Would you like him to have a beard makeover?

Or are you a man with a big beard and want it shaved off? Maybe it just needs a good trim? We're looking for people willing to have a shave or beard trim on the This Morning show tomorrow, so if this sounds like you, or someone you know, email by 6pm today, Tuesday 31 March. You must be 18 or over, terms at

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What's happening in Soapworld?

Sharon's been sneaking around Soapland this week to bring us all the latest gossip and stories, and it's a week of new arrivals as faces old and new turn up in the soaps.

The British Soap Awards

The British Soap Awards are back! You can vote for your soap favourites in three categories: Best Actor, Best Actress and of course Best Soap at until midday on 21 April.

CORRIE: Sarah Platt - back on the cobbles!

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Are you a stressed out parent?

A report out today reveals the top 10 things that stress parents out. They include being woken up early in the morning by your kids, bedtime, and tidying up after them.

This is the subject of our phone-in. Are you a stressed out parent? Perhaps you're at your wits end. Do you find putting your kids to bed a nightly struggle? Maybe there's a daily disaster at the dinner table, or is it dropping them off at the school gates that becomes an ordeal? Whatever your issue, we want to hear from you.

Broadcaster, family writer and mum-of-three Liz Fraser is here to take your calls.

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