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A new nose... a new love... a new me

When Andrea Hollingsworth first appeared on This Morning in 2013 after losing her nose to cancer, she explained that stares from strangers upset her so much she hardly went out without her sunglasses on.

Despite being given just a 20% chance of survival, Andrea has now been cancer-free for five years, feels totally transformed thanks to a new nose - and she's also married the love of her life!

Andrea joins us alongside her daughter Gemma, who praises her mother's courage and amazing fight throughout the painful process.

The bikers riding to the rescue of bullied children

Last week the mother of Megan Evans - who was driven to suicide after being taunted by cyber bullies - appeared on This Morning, and the response to her story was overwhelming, with millions of people watching and sharing the video online.

Deidre will talk us through the incredible reaction to that heartbreaking interview and we're also meeting 12-year-old Amy Paton, who was continually taunted at school. That was until support group, Bikes Against Bullies, quite literally rode to her rescue!

Amy and her mum Gemma will be joined on the sofa by Bikes Against Bullies founder, Chris Cooper, who started the group after his own children were bullied. And we'll also have some bikers riding into ITV to show their support.