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Should 'upskirting' be made a sexual offence?

'Upskirting' is the term used to describe the practise of taking a picture or a video up a woman's skirt - without her consent - and often posting it online.

Without a doubt it's immoral, distasteful and a shocking violation of any woman's privacy - but is it regarded as a sexual offence? Actually no. Well one woman campaigning to change that is Gina Martin, who has been a victim of upskirting herself when a man took an upskirt photograph of her at a music festival last summer.

After the police told her there was nothing they could do, Gina began a petition and is now lobbying for a change in the law to make it a crime under the Sexual Offences Act 2003. She joins us to share her story.

Pixi Woo's spring make-up trends

From top tips on achieving this season’s must have ‘glass skin’ to the colour we should all be wearing on our lips, Pixi Woo are back with their guide to giving your look a spring clean with this season’s hottest new trends.

Parents who try to be their children’s best friends are 'doing more harm than good'

Parents who try to be their children’s best friends are doing more harm than good, a leading headmaster has said.

Mothers and Fathers are increasingly succumbing to “buddy syndrome”, according to Dr Martin Stephen, the principal of The National Mathematics and Science College.

The imposition of clear parent-child boundaries is crucial for a child’s development, he argues.

He joined us today to defend his views.

Simple steps to getting a good night's sleep

We’re in the midst of a 'sleep loss epidemic' says Professor Matthew Walker, and it’s 'the greatest public health challenge' we currently face.

Matthew's bestselling book, Why We Sleep, argues that we’re starving ourselves of adequate kip, contributing to a range of serious physical, mental and neurological problems including obesity, depression and dementia.

Sleep is the 'bedrock' of a healthy and long life says Matthew, and he joins us today to explain how we can all get a good night’s kip.