Ask Lionel Richie a question!

Have you ever wanted to say 'Hello' to Lionel Richie? Well we can't quite arrange a meeting, but we have the next best thing. Our very own Alison Hammond is meeting the music legend and we want YOUR VOICE asking him that burning question you've always wanted to ask. Whether you want to confess your 'Endless Love' or just find out his favourite colour, this is 'Truly' a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Simply email in your question, including your name and contact telephone number to and if we decide to put your question to Lionel we will call you back to record it down the phone! Easy - Like Sunday Morning!

Closing time for applications is Midday on Friday 19th September.

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Will Lady Edith keep her secret?

The award-winning drama watched by 150 million fans world-wide is back on our screens for a fifth series. It's 1924 and the Crawley family are forced to adjust to the changes in modern-day Britain as a new government threatens the power of the aristocracy. Similarly, Lady Edith is having to deal with her own trauma after giving birth to a secret daughter, Marigold.

How will she cope? Will her newspaper beau return from Germany? And will she finally get some kind of happy ending? Probably not, judging by the tears in the series trailer, not to mention the blazing fire. Actress Laura Carmichael joins us live.

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Denise does Downton: Part Two

Denise is back at Downton Abbey exploring the beautiful grounds of Highclere Castle, once again the company of the real life chatelaine, The Countess of Carnarvon.

Filming on a typical day at the castle when it is open to the public, The Countess shows Denise, The Secret Garden, which doubles for Dame Maggie Smith’s in the programme and discovers the Count and Countess’ passion for gardening and some fascinating history of the previous Counts.

Downton Abbey is back for a fifth series, next Sunday 21 Sep 2014, 9.00pm - 10.30pm, ITV.

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Katy Hill offers top tips to busy mums

With the Duchess of Cambridge announcing she is pregnant for the second time and Holly about to have her third it's fair to say they're both going to have their hands full.

Research has revealed that the average mother in Britain juggles 42 never-ending jobs, such as washing clothes, vacuuming, getting the children out of bed and planning evening meals, each day.

Today we are going to sort out your life once and for all with some incredible tips and tricks to make your day less stressful. Mum of two Katy Hill is here with some amazing ways to save time and cut down on those jobs.

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Katy Hill shares her laundry tips for busy mums!