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I finally married my first love... after finding out he wasn't dead

They say love conquers all and that was definitely the case for childhood sweethearts Gill Turner (née Smith) and Barry Turner. When the couple met as teenagers they fell in love and were engaged to be married two years later. Sadly life got in the way, the couple split and Gill was told Barry had died in a horrific motor bike accident.

Gill and Barry as teenage sweethearts

But 52 years after they set eyes on each other, the couple’s flame was reignited. So how did they find each other after such a long time and why did it take 52 years for them to get their happy ending?

Gill and Barry join us now to share their love story.

How to get beautiful berry lips

Bryony shows us how to master the berry lip trend that had us all in a frenzy following the Great British Bake Off episode which saw contestant Candice Brown show off her flawless dark plum lips.

If you're feeling brave and want to learn how to pack a punch with your lips, then Bryony's got all the tips you need to get the look, from subtle berry lipglosses for beginners to full-on dark lips for those who want to wear the trend to the max.

Who should pay on a first date?

On Monday night's episode of First Dates, Mary was left 'fuming' after her date Brian said they would split the bill 50/50. Some viewers said that women fought for equality and should not expect a man to pay. But should a gentleman always pay, or is it only fair for it to be split 50/50? Let's get this debate started!

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