Smoked salmon - from Scotland to your plate... via the East End!

We're celebrating family-run British businesses and taking a look at what makes them such a success story.

This week we meet H. Forman and son - Britain's oldest salmon smokers. Based in the hustle and bustle of London’s East End, the family firm supplies salmon to some of the world’s most renowned restaurants.

Here’s what happened when Claudia went to meet them.

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My secret life as a human pup

It's not sexual at all, it's escapism

– Tom Peters

A quarter of British households have a dog. But some people don't just want to own a dog, they want to be one.

Channel 4's one-off documentary The Secret Life of Human Pups explores the hidden world of ordinary men who lead extraordinary double lives. But what makes these grown men want doggy treats, belly rubs and squeaky toys?

We're joined by human puppy Tom Peters along with his ex-fiancée Rachael Watson.

TV: The Secret Life of the Human Pups is on Channel 4 at 10pm on Wednesday 25 May

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