Soapland's broken and blossoming loves

Emmerdale's Robert tells Katie he's going to wreck her life like she tried to with his

It's a week of broken and blossoming love in Soapland - with Emmerdale's Robert potentially about to find himself in hot water and the sound of wedding bells tolling for Ian Beal in Albert Square. As ever, our eyes and ears on the ground, Sharon Marshall, is on hand to give us all the goss from our favourite soaps.

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The menopause made me out of control

At least four million women in the UK go through the menopause each year, experiencing severe symptoms such as mood swings, hot sweats and memory loss.

In 2009, at the age of 47, Christina Robert began suffering with panic attacks and night terrors and was so scared she refused to leave the house. She was diagnosed with depression and put on anti-depressants - but really she was going through the menopause.

She joins us to tell her story, along with Dr Dawn who will be taking calls on the menopause and hormones later.

Menopause helplines

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Have you heard of doga? It's yoga... for dogs!

Health and fitness has long been the preserve of the Hollywood A-lister, so it was only a matter of time before their dogs started doing yoga!

This week fitness fanatic Hugh Jackman caught his French Bulldog Dali doing what looked like a yoga position first thing in the morning. And it looks like Dali isn't the only one as a Doggy Yoga, or Doga centre in London has been enjoying a steady rise in membership over the last couple of years.

Today we are joined by chief Yogi Mahny Djahanguiri and her Dogi Robbie the Maltese Terrier who will be leading a unique class in which we will see five owners working with their dogs to stretch and tone using techniques designed with dogs and their owners in mind.

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Age-gap love... spanning 57 years

Does age difference really matter in a relationship? Some of us might worry about someone being too old or too young for you - but for some people age is no barrier to romance.

Channel 5 is about to show us the world of the lovers from the UK and beyond who don't worry about age difference, in the return of Age Gap Love. Joining us to talk about the series, and the ups and downs of their own age-gap relationship are newly weds, 82-year-old Austrian multimillionaire Richard Lungar and his wife, 57 years his junior, the former German Playboy Bunny, Cathy.

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