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Hollywood dominatrix confesses she 'flogged' an A-list client

I had one client where he was famous enough that I was star-struck. He wanted some things I can’t say on TV, but mostly to be flogged and be led around by a leash from a piercing that’s in a naughty place

– Jenny on whether any of her clients have been famous faces

Fresh out of college, Jenny Nordbak had a 9-5 office job and a steady boyfriend. But when she saw an ad for a vacancy at al Los Angeles 'bondage dungeon', she was quickly sucked into a secret double life.

As dominatrix Mistress Scarlett, Jenny treated Hollywood superstars and elite musicians to full-on Fifty Shades sessions. But juggling paperwork by day with late-night bottom whipping eventually proved too much for Jenny. Now a happily married mum of one, she's written an X-rated memoir about her days as a 'domme'.

Jenny Nordbak at her book signing

The cast of Hollyoaks make their bid to win a coveted Soap Award

From family feuds to fisticuffs, sham marriages to secret liaisons, there's never a dull moment in Soapland. And with the Soap Awards fast approaching, this week, we're celebrating a fabulous year in Soap.

This week we'll be catching up with the residents of the Street, the Square, the Dales and the Doctors' Surgery - but kicking it all off, Sharon's taken a trip to Chester to hang out with the cast of Hollyoaks.

Vote for your favourite soap in the Soap Awards here

We had a great time at This Morning Live!

Thank you to everyone who came to see us at This Morning Live in Birmingham!

We enjoyed every minute, and today we're looking back at our highlights of the four-day event, including a few items we came away with - papier mâché unicorn, anyone?

Take a look at the view from the stage - what a crowd! Can you spot yourself?

A couple of things we brought back with us!

Toilet brush from novauk.com

Unicorn from mindfulcrafts.co.uk

A stranger helped me to take my first steps

When they explained to me what the difference can be - from a wheelchair to him running - it obviously melted my heart straight away

– Billericay Town FC manager Glenn Tamplin was thrilled he could help

Seven-year-old Harry Parker was born with a rare form of cerebral palsy. In and out of hospital his whole life, he has never been able to walk, and his greatest wish - to play football with his friends - seemed like an unattainable dream. Harry was offered some hope when he was accepted for pioneering surgery, but after NHS funding was suddenly cut, the surgery was cancelled, leaving Harry and his family more desperate than ever.

However, a chance meeting a with football club owner Glenn Tamplin changed everything for Harry when he offered to pay for the surgery. Now able to take a few steps, and growing stronger every day, Harry joins us alongside Glenn and his parents to tell his incredible story.

Want to get toned arms like Pippa?

The world watched yesterday as Pippa Middleton tied the knot with James Matthews. The bride dazzled in her floor-length Giles Deacon dress, but while the dress was beautiful it was Pippa's incredible toned arms which have caused a buzz!

So would you like to banish the bingo wings and tone up like Pippa? Or is there another part of your body that's far from beach ready?

Our personal trainer Faisal is here on Monday and he'll be making some how-to videos showing us how to tackle our problem areas. So whether it's a stubborn 'mummy tummy', wobbly thighs or a less-than-toned bottom let us know - and we'll get Faisal on the case!

Leave a comment for Faisal on our Facebook page here