'I get 15 percent, Mr Tumble...'

Mr Tumble? He's a god in our house...

– Amanda Holden

On today’s show, children’s TV favourite Justin Fletcher MBE - more commonly known as Mr Tumble - admitted that his huge success could be all down to Phillip!

The three-time Children’s BAFTA winner - who has also sold out Wembley stadium - confessed, “I was inspired by Phillip!”

But how did Schofe react to Mr Tumble's tale? Watch today's Best Bits to find out...

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Justin Fletcher answers YOUR questions

Well we asked, and you certainly answered... in your masses! We offered you the chance to put your question to the universally adored Justin Fletcher and you certainly didn't disappoint.

From wanting to know the inspiration behind Mr Tumble to what Justin would be doing if he wasn't entertaining our younger audience, and even if he has a dog, we received so many questions for the man behind Justin and Friends!

Grab your kids quick! Justin has a special trick for them in our online video

Justin reveals how Phillip inspired him to start a career in children's TV

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What's next for Corrie's Bonnie and Clyde?

It's a plotline that could be straight out of a Shakespearean comedy. There's deception, bribery, threats, a staged mugging and two people called Gavin!

This week a tumultuous storyline has crescendoed in Coronation Street. Andy, played by Oli Farnworth, has been impersonating Gavin. When the real Gavin returns, Andy is petrified he's going to expose his secret.

Oli and Tisha Merry, who plays Andy's girlfriend Steph, are here today to explain more!

Want a new Cheryl-style do?

Breaking news! Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has cut her hair! The first lady of The X Factor has swapped her luscious locks in favour of a 70s chop, so today, we meet the man behind the haircut.

Percy tells us about the dramatic decision and then we let him loose on three of our viewers who want a version of The Cheryl that will suit them.

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