What's it like to be deaf for the day?

One in six people in the UK suffer with some form of deafness, with more than 800,000 people classed as severely or profoundly deaf. On top of this, deafness is on the rise in the UK, and it's estimated that 14.5 million people will suffer with hearing loss by 2031.

We are joined by Lisa Dower, whose life has been transformed by her guide dog, Kelly. We also asked our runner Anthony, to experience going deaf for the day, in order to understand the difficulties and challenges that deaf people face every day.

Hearing loss helplines

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The Chez-Bot stars in The X Factor's return

The Daily Mirror's very own 3am Girls are here with the latest salacious stories from the world of showbiz - including a look at the return of The X Factor and the campaign to get the late, great Cilla Black to No 1 in the charts.

And there's news for Foo Fighters fans too, as Dave Grohl proves that he really is the nicest man in rock, and staying with music, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announce they are getting divorced.

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Should children be banned from flights?

We've got business class, we've got first class - why can't we have a family-only section?

– Kelly-Rose Bradford

As thousands of us head off on our holidays, could a screaming child on a flight ruin the whole experience?

Mum and journalist Kelly-Rose Bradford joins us today calling for child-free flights and child-free zones on planes, while mum and journalist Emma Taylor says banning children or segregating them is 'Victorian' and 'discriminatory'.

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Sarah Harding's Snap Happy

In our latest addition of the video series that takes a peek at celebrities' photos (with their consent of course!) the latest star to unlock their phone is the fantastic Sarah Harding!

Revealing a love for Ibiza, cookery and her adorable little canine companion Claude - the pop star turned actress also lets us in on some behind-the-scenes snaps of her latest music video shoot!