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My husband is 71, but I'm determined to have his baby

In all honesty I don't care what people think - it's not their relationship to worry about

– Samantha Delmege

We are often told that true love knows no boundaries and this is certainly the case for newlyweds Max, 71, and Samantha Delmege, 32. Their nearly 40-year age gap didn’t stop the couple tying the knot last year and now they are trying desperately for a baby.

Despite Max already being a grandfather twice over, and being old enough to be Samantha’s grandad, the couple have begun gruelling IVF treatment to achieve their dream of becoming parents. Max and Samantha now join us live from Australia.

Should the burkini be banned on the beach?

Images of French armed police officers ordering a Muslim woman to remove her burkini on a packed Nice beach has further fuelled a debate over the banning of the full-body Islamic swimsuit because of its alleged links to terrorism.

Critics claim the clothing is provocative in the current climate of fear, while those opposed to the ban say the beachwear does not cover the face, and is popular with non-Muslims seeking protection from the sun.

But should the burkini be banned on popular holiday beaches or does a woman have a right to dress as she wishes without being intimidated and asked to publicly remove items of clothing? We’re joined by practising Muslim Lauren Booth and broadcaster James Whale to discuss.

Alex Lewis on Greenland kayaking challenge

Alex Lewis bravely battled a streptococcal infection that resulted in him having his arms and legs amputated in a desperate bid to save his life.

Almost three years on, Alex joins us ahead of his upcoming challenge for The Pilgrim Bandits charity, which will see him kayak 210 miles through the freezing waters of Greenland.

Hoping to raise money for military personnel who have lost limbs at war, Alex joins us alongside son Sam to talk about his wedding plans, hopes for the future and how the support of our very own James Martin has meant everything to him.

Wow, Nicole does a mean impression of Shakira!

Yes the wait it finally over - The X Factor is back, and we sent Alison Hammond along to see an exclusive preview of the first episode (it's a double whammy of TWO episodes this Saturday and Sunday on ITV) featuring an X Factor classic judging panel of Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh.

The first episode is (and we aren't just being polite here) AMAZING; funny, emotional and definitely appointment-to-view TV.

Alison then sat down to chat with Louis and Nicole and another returning face, host Dermot O'Leary to talk about the (lucky for some) 13th series. They talked about having fun; how Louis wanted Sharon back more than Nicole and Dermot; Sharon's 'new' face; Simon's timekeeping (we gave them a little gift to help with that); Nicole's amazing Shakira impression; and of course a chat about some of the highlights in store in the series.

It truly is an interview with The X Factor!

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